Why do some protests turn violent?

George Floyd death: Why do some protests turn violent?

6/1/2020 4:49:00 AM

George Floyd death: Why do some protests turn violent?

In the US, peaceful protests over police violence have escalated into widespread riots and looting.

Protests spread when there's a shared identityImage copyrightImage captionMany of the daytime protests were peacefulIncidents like Mr Floyd's death can"become a trigger moment because it symbolises a broader experience, amongst much larger numbers of people, about the relationship between police and the black community", says Prof Clifford Stott, an expert in crowd behaviour and public order policing at Keele University.

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Confrontations are particularly likely when there are structural inequalities, he adds.Prof Stott studied the 2011 England riots extensively, and found that the riots there spread because protesters in different cities identified with each other - either because of their ethnicity, or because they shared a dislike of the police.

This meant that, when the police appeared to be overwhelmed, rioters in different districts felt empowered to mobilise.How one night in the riots changed my lifeHow the police respond mattersViolent protests are less likely when police have a good relationship with the local community - but how they react to demonstrations on the day also matters, experts say.

Image copyrightImage captionProtesters squared off against police in Los Angeles on Saturday"Riots are a product of interactions - largely to do with the nature of the way police treats crowds," says Prof Stott.For example, he says, in a large crowd of protesters, tensions may begin with just a few people confronting the police.

However,"police often react towards the crowd as a whole" - and if people feel that the police use of force against them is unjustified, this increases their"us versus them" mentality.This"can change the way people feel about violence and confrontation - for example, they may start feeling that violence is legitimate given the circumstances."

Darnell Hunt, dean of social sciences at UCLA, believes police in the US"ramped up their aggressiveness" over the weekend."Deploying the national guard, using rubber bullets, tear gas, and pepper spray - these are a range of police tactics that can exacerbate an already-tense situation."

Media playback is unsupported on your deviceMedia captionMinneapolis voices: ‘As a black American I am terrified’It's a pattern that has been seen in other protests around the world too. For example, in 2019, Hong Kong saw seven months of anti-government protests, that began as mostly peaceful and ended up increasingly violent.

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Experts highlight a series of police tactics that were seen as heavy-handed - including the firing of large amounts of tear gas at young protesters - as moves that galvanised protesters and made them more confrontational. Read more: BBC News (UK) »

I don't understand either. George Soros Funds Protesters Because Trump. 在政治和利益面前,民主就是个屁。 GEORGESOROS Because it is in the interests of others to make the protesters appear to be violent. Because there are powerful, manipulative forces out there in this world who are fundamentally racist and will stop at nothing to fool YOU into thinking like them. BLACK_LIVES_MATTER

Because f**kin “Rent-a-Mob” turn up, to commit their criminality on the backs of Peaceful Genuine Protesters... Police. Because they are not protests, they are orchestrated left wing looting idiots trying to overthrow a democratically elected Gov. You must know that BBC..... Why is anyone protesting is the question it was an accidental death.

Simple.. because they are idiots Just check social contract theory. When people realized that when they choose to stick to social rules but only being hurt all the time, they choose to break rules. It’s all out of frustration. No one is listening Desperation? Savages. It's an excuse for wronguns to get pissed, steal from shops and pretend they care. Why wont the BBC report on the peadophile gangs that are rife in this country? Report the real issues

Because of racism, oppression greed, hate, capitalism the list is endless. There will always be those who will seek to exploit situations such as this. Our duty is to stand with those who seek to end injustice, if we are not careful the newspapers with have us hating the oppressed and loving those who are oppressing

It’s a duty to resist tyranny. Their rage is apt and required. Unfortunately there’s a minority who use protest as a cover to cause trouble and try and steal a pair of AF1s, which the media love to focus on. Because of media outlets like the BBC, stoking up hated, adding fuel to the fire, empowering the feral scum who do their bidding.

It's not protesting, its domestic terrorism. Dont support it or you are as guilty as they are The reason is their scumbag leader! The protests turn violent because of the respond or remarks from the president Because some opportunistic hooligans will always ride the protest and turn into a riot. Looks like it is the police out of control and escaping justice, and black and whit have had enough. Watched a documentary recently about an entire precinct run by the mafia! The FBI eventually (took a long time) brought them down.

Because they experienced the same brutality at hands of cops and instinct jumps in and recalls their incidents and then they protest and to retailate A long history of black deaths at the hands of the police, obvious to see police brutality as a norm, corrupt police forces where even good cops are afraid of their colleagues and endemic racism in the US. They want justice in the courts - hardly any if any police ever go to jail

Because they’re stupid. The violence and looting is just making the people who have an actual purpose and point look bad. I don’t get the mindset. Sure protest that’s totally fine, but there is no reason you need to be besting people up or stealing shit. They are just fueling the hate and racism more not helping at all

The death was appalling and that police officer should be dealt with in accordance with the law. The overall scale of damage and looting is not a protest it's just pure criminal damage and anarchy. Terrorism isn’t justice Because peaceful doesn't work? I don't know why isn't this article about why in 2020 do black people still get treated differently in America. Why don't we talk about why we are best friends with trump when he still treats his people with no respect.

Because enough is enough! It was only 2 days ago the R.A.F. sent in drones to kill 3 people. People that had not been tried and convicted. A country that kills is just? racistAmerica RacistInChief The same reasons the roots in England occured, because of inequality of most poor ppl. As soon as protesters get the free trainers from looted sports retailers they almost always go straight home without further violence. This alternative retail therapy needs violence to work but quickly subsides.

Because people are angry. Next. Why does the BBC write complete crap? some protestors feel like their rights are being removed by law enforcement that feel like their authority is being challenged plus add on top opportunist thieves and complete idiots that have no interest in the protests motive Well ... basically it's FUN ...and all that free booty !!

Creo que la gente está muy estresadlas por la pandemia ,e están usando cualquier excusa para usar la violencia ,siento mucho lo sucedido con Mr Floyd eso no puede suceder jamás a nadie más ,pero esa violencia no lo trará de vuelta a la vida 🙏🙏🌹🌹😪😪😪 Rent a mob Police going OTT but also opportunists who just use things as an excuse to steal.

40 million out of workhave TIME to demand justice across the board in a broken hand to mouth credit debt society. Where millions suffer while trillions hoard wealth.Evil stuff. Nobody talking about it. Justice for all won't happen until the powerful and greedy are scared shitless why.... because NO ONE IS FUCKING LISTENING.

It’s an excuse for some free shopping Why is the RAF bombing on Iraq , to make things better? The justice the black issue and anger also integrated with poverty opioid epidemic broken health care and prison systems evil gap in wealth a hand to mouth credit debt economy that can't stop to fix a global disaster and trillions exist but hoarded.

You won’t find the answer in MSM. “In order for non violence to work, your opponent must have a conscience” ? Why do the police hardly ever get prosecuted for police brutality? I’ll bet it’s someone else’s fault. George Soros Excuse to loot! Nobody rioted in YK when that poor white girl was savaged by a Somali! Apparently that’s ok?

Can't people just be kind? I am an atheist but something I've taken from the Bible is to treat people how you wish to be treated; and that's how I live my life. Shall I kneel on this mans neck? No. Shall I kill this man? No. It's far easier to be kind than an evil shit. Lunatic fringe incite the emotional mass. Plus there is talk of being paid to incite!

Because it’s organised violence They are leftists taking advantage of the situation and plundering vandalism and want to charge governments something and this is more violent than the police want to make protests that they do with wisdom and respect Police and security are on extra pay and overtime, so some of them may want to keep it going for the money. The criminal element taking love civil unrest promote violence and rioting to loot shops and the best way to cover your tracks set fire to it. Or am I wrong.

Dear God... what a bloody stupid question. Isn't it obvious? I think the seeds of this violence were sown when the first slaver docked and the first capitalist bought a man and woman to make his fortune, don't you? they've sown the wind now reap the whirlwind. as the man said. If you have to ask that you shouldn’t be calling yourselves a news program

Better question: why do some policemen turn violent? Maybe Mr Trump wants violent protests to show how tough he is...don’t give Donald what he wants..FIND ANOTHER WAY! Because like in every situation, there are always those who are in it for the wrong reasons. Blind ignorance and selfishness. Unfortunately stoking division creates clicks and views for media - it enables idiots like Trump to be elected because it creates polarisation. Then media continues to spread distrust and hatred. Add to that the echo chambers on social media filled with hated of other people.

Because some people will use any excuse to be violent and loot, the problem is then that it takes the focus away from the real issue. MLK, Nelson Mandela, Gandhi all non violent people, still got the job done Because they are ignited by the terrorist group Antifa What the police officer did was wrong , very wrong but all these people causing this violence and abuse is also extremely wrong. It doesn't make it right them been like this in my opinion

Because peaceful protests are infiltrated by anarchists and far left agitators, some of which are spurred on by the media to ensure a ‘good story’. Add to the mix the criminal element there to loot and burn and there you have your answer. Legitimate protest gets hijacked. I can understand why they turn violent, I just don't get the looting

This is part of making America great again!!! Question should be how could police killed a man? Because they are trailer trash with nothing. Maybe they have been reading the Anonymous or OpDeathEaters tweets about Epstein , which are not being reported by mainstream media? 🤔 Nothing but trouble makers! That's all they know

These aren’t really protests, just criminals, savages and terrorists seizing an opportunity. All the videos I’ve seen feature black people living up to the stereotype unfortunately. Because of rentamob revolutionaries like Antifa. Because violent scumbags join them. it's their style to protest that way as they can never hv a proper protesting then it's followed by burning cars, tyres, destroying innocent ppl shops n looting

Police violence I have seen on videosthis weekend have been appalling. The stupidity of a media that asks why people without power occasionally lose control is part of the reason that this happens . The BBC should concentrate on injustices and their perpetrators... Because humans forget that we are animals. For all of our so-called humanity, we are still an angry, vicious, and warring species.

The reason must be Trump calling all of them looters and needed to be shot at. because they get high jacked but those that want the chance to cause as much damage as they want, and they know that there is only a slim chance of getting arrested Because they are not protests. Because of woke, lying organisations like your’s? ScumMedia.

As an excuse, that and to get the latest iPhone for nothing. BBC getting it all wrong again. On purpose. Some people are violent Infiltrators. Simples. Has ALWAYS been so. Because this has been happening for years Because there’s a feral underclass just waiting for an excuse to rob and loot. Noting to do with the initial cause of the protest.

A power is organising both sides, it looks like what happened in Turkey 2013 at taksim square. İf you look how it started and how it is now the stuation when compared, you will see a hidden hand behind. Upgrade to the latest TV's and trainers Because half the protestors are thieves looking for an excuse to loot stores. Scumbags.

Strangely Nancy Pelosi said something about HK protesters one year ago. A beautiful sight to behold. Karma is real, folks. A piece of advice. Don’t said something you may regret later. Learn from the wise man. Just saying They aren’t protestors. The protestors are being peaceful.. Antifa and opportunistic thugs/looters are the violent ones

They turn violent so they can rob and steal and use the protest as an excuse Are you serious? News organisations like the BBC have been appeasing minority groups for decades telling them how hard they are done by while hiding how vicious they have been. Now you wonder why they think they can get away with anything?

An excuse for looting! The last place you will find a reliable explanation of this is BBC News. Black lives matter, that the most racist thing I've ever heard. All life matters. and just like that, the BBC forgot about Covid-19 It's just a minority of people whom join in turning the protest into a wanton violencefest

It was a killing that caused the death Starts of with good intentions then the morons get involved and hey presto.....total carnage After trying peaceful protests and nobody cares. Only the when there is unrest people start to bat an eyelid! Because they are thick as. They have nothing constructive to be able to talk sensibly to the authorities.

It’s called antifa Some people go there not to protest but to cause problems. The same type people who would normally swear and spit at the police, steal cars, commit violent crimes. The outcome will be dead police officers and protesters: because presstitutes like the agitate Because police turn up dressed as space marines, and start firing rubber bullets at the protestors?

Because Antifa Because the thugs criminals and activists seize the chance to loot and cause anarchy no one wins Why do most police turn violent? Protests? Because they are freedom fighters , according to BBC they Hong Kongese version were last week Because of this twat👇 when a peaceful rebellion faild, a violent one is unavoidable.

Still much better than HK thugs who beat innocent citizens and even burn an old man alive. Protestors hv no reason - mob hs no brains ! Juz indulge in letting of steam . The trigger fr violence & arson is what law enforcers must bear in mind always ! Left wing scum. Violent people will always find excuses for their irrational, unhealthy and anti-social behaviour! They will always play the victim instead of doing something productive, creative and constructive with their lives.

因为没人信任警察了,秩序就会崩溃。 Because this citizens live under a murderous regime. Sanction the United States like you sanctioned Venezuela. Why do police murder black people? Every time you see a video or picture of people being brutally beaten or killed in these riots. Remember these celebrities encourage violence by offering to pay $millions to anyone arrested. SteveCarell JanelleMonae CynthiaNixon Sethrogen jtimberlake chrissyteigen

because of this Never seen such questions ever asked by BBC for riots in Iran, Hong Kong, China, Russia , Venezuela etc. In fact its always encouraged to overthrow those evil regimes.. What is different? White supremacists Think you know the reason Respect. It creates waves. It creates change. portlandpolice tedwheelerpdx oregongovbrown Portland, Oregon

Think before Tweeting. Police killed him in broad daylight. When people protested, they only fired him. Protesters wanted all of the officers involved to be charged with murder. Trump incited violence. Young white guys looking for excitement, angry young black guys looking for revenge against the oppressors, False Flag Operations. Take your pick....

There “THUGS” expect nothing’s less they are drug dealers’ thieves murderers’ sexual predators expect nothing less from them. Sorry if the truth hurts. Obama said the best there a bunch of thug’s Because the cops are unhinged Try reading Inventing the Enemy by Umberto Eco Just who might benefit more from a wave of violence or an outpouring of grief? What would Dolald want?

Because of the THUGS (POLICE) Its called godlessness. The more godless the society and especially the media and education then the more you raise up confused youth with no moral compass because they have no understanding and fear of God and lack the respect for parents and authority which are bible commands.

We need a revolution that destroys institutions of power and corruption, not a revolution that destroys shopping malls and stores. We need to loot Wall Street and take back all that was stolen from us, not loot Main Street and small businesses. Take down the top 1% not ourselves. They are not protesters they are thugs

Hey wiggy, how's your presidency going? 🙄 More and more evidence seems to be coming out that alt-right are infiltrating peaceful protests and stirring things up in all the wrong ways. Because they always blame the others for their misery. यही कारण है कि हिन्दुस्तान बैठे अर्बन नक्सली खुश हो रहे हैं Because local governments believe in tolerance and the group rioting isn’t tolerant.

A lot of emotions and the police don’t exactly help. Saw a post saying they look like the avengers ! It sparks a reaction which results in riots. Then there’s the small group who start looting. Completely overshadowing the main purpose. Because hatred is in hearts, and they got an 'excuse' at the right time!

A uniform attracts the wrong sort of people Why do they turn violent? 1) Scum far leftist agitators from orgs like Antifa inciting people to riot 2) Scum metro-leftist bigots from orgs like the BBC peddling propaganda masquerading as journalism On the whole, the 1st lot are easier to combat I don't think racism is that bad in Europe

People tried peacefully protesting for years. Footballers kneeled as protest and got fired. People are realising enough is enough and actions need to be taken. People need to stop acting like this is only a POC thing to riot. Actions≥ words. Suffragettes rioted too. Twenty years of the MSM evangelising Marxist ideology to the young under the guise of news and entertainment has certainly exacerbated the problem.

Desperation Because Democrats Mayor allow this. Police antagonism... maybe? They turn violent because they are infiltrated by Antifa who care nothing about the protest issue, its all about anarchy for them, it's their sole purpose. Trump was right to call them a terrorist organization Because I fund them! Simple.

paid by Soros. “You do not have to give people reasons to be violent, because they already have plenty of reasons. All you have to do is take away their reasons to restrain themselves.” - Roy F. Baumeister Because your mates Antifa, supported by your sister station CNN go in and cause insurrection and then black people suffer the consequences GeorgeFloydProtests Washington Trump BlackLivesMatter

because it's no longer a protest. It's at best a tantrum about Trump and at worst left-wing terrorism. There are so many videos of people instigating violence and looting at peaceful protests, probably for political reasons. Why is there no mention of this in the article? They’re paid Boredom, ignorance, an opportunity to commit more crime. Black Lives Matter are nowhere to be seen in relation to Hong Kong, Brazil etc. Just rant at our unarmed police 'when am I next' to get more followers.

Because to be heard you sometimes need to do things to force people in power to listen. And in this case police are starting most of the violence.

Call for inquiry into why senior Tory helped donor avoid £40m taxCabinet Office asked to investigate Robert Jenrick’s unlawful approval of property project *Spoiler alert* because they didn't want to pay it and arrogantly thought they'd get away with it. I think I can save them some time on this one Good.

This is why the royals have an unusual waveYou know the one 👋🏼

Why I quit working on Boris Johnson's ‘world-beating' test-and-tracing system | AnonymousThis programme is not fit to bring Britain out of lockdown, says an anonymous customer service adviser Shcoking & worrying news! According to SAGE experts, at least 40,000 excess deaths from Covid19 in the U.K. were avoidable! Shortage of PPE, not testing people when they needed to, delay in lockdown & neglect of nursing homes! So many bad decisions Boris made caused deaths! People keep telling me Boris is more intelligent than he looks, that's not hard. Poor trees producing oxygen for him, he owes them an apology. I love to shop, but I wouldn't buy a thing Boris says. People like Boris are the reason God doesn't talk to us anymore. Sentient ham...

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