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WHO hails 'goodwill ambassador' Peng Liyuan, wife of China's President

WHO fails to mention its 'goodwill ambassador' Peng Liyuan is the wife of China's President

5/24/2020 12:49:00 AM

WHO fails to mention its 'goodwill ambassador' Peng Liyuan is the wife of China 's President

Peng Liyuan is listed on WHO's website alongside former Liberian president Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and Liverpool goalkeeper Alisson Becker as one of nine 'goodwill ambassadors'.

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Post WWII global organizations such as WHO badly needs reorganization from top to bottom. WHO = Wuhan Health Organization Because nothing from China is true anymore, if I was the president of my country, I'll make sure that before I finished my tenure, I'll slash down imports from China, to 1.3% I'll make more allies with India, US, Germany etc. China is a danger to man and animal.

IS CANADA’S DR TAM A COUSIN they should cancel this organization AHA!! covered up 👍 AnywhereButChina Use someone like Pang who has no Goodwill at all to promote the goodwill of WHO. That is why WHO has no goodwill! Also failed to mention something about a virus in December Well well.... ccp who CCPLiedPeopleDied

Now the game is getting messier. What else did the Chinese do with this organization called WHO? Can WHO be another FIFA? Somebody save mankind before they give us wrong vaccine And how much does this GOOD WILL cost us taxpayers? She is frosting on top of a Sh!+ cake. China's first lady, Jinping's wife, is paid help for the WHO?

China weird place. Wirkd better off without them...says Chris antoniou cousin of the late George Michael. Dangerous bizarre culture Dont eat too much dog Ahem! They can run but they can't hide. Time for a clear out fifa style. I still don’t understand why ppls still will donated either money or materials to Goodwill ? They markup over price all the donated stuffs and feed the money to the most expensive executives and now the most horrendous Murderer Dictator’s wife! God save America!

Interesting 🥱S H O C K 🤦‍♂️ Brilliant! And b4 her DrTedros tried to appoint Mugabe! AJEnglish BBCWorld itvnews SkyNews and no media channel is holding him to account! It's a family business for WHO Aha!!! 🤔 no PR nothing for her but if it was flotus every country in the world would have known. Ah yes more Chinese backed lies of the WHO. What a surprise.

If anyone mentions bat soup I'm going to scream WHO IS CORRUPT AF I thought he liked Ladyboys

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