When did activism become so performative and competitive, and stop being about making the world a better place?

Something needs to change.

9/27/2021 7:39:00 PM

It's perhaps no wonder that the producers behind the show The Activist thought pitting activists (and their chosen social causes) against one another, “with their success measured via online engagement, social metrics, and hosts’ input,” was a good idea.

Something needs to change.

London field organiser, having previously volunteered in Northern Syria helping to build the women’s revolution during the war with ISIS, to find out how we can engage in activism in a meaningful way (that isn't measured by likes). Here are Emily's tips:

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Get out and talk to people:By talking to people you find out about their lives, their stories, and everyone has a story to tell. You also find out about the issues most important to them and local information around which to build a meaningful campaign that could drastically change people’s lives for the better.

Read MoreThe actress viewed sharing her story as her responsibility.ByCharley RossListen to people:Truly listen to people. Most people are facing hard battles: the current housing crisis, prices going up, unemployment, council tax increases, lack of youth provisions, increase in serious crime. Most people don’t feel listened to, so listening – really listening – and using active listening skills such as reflecting and empathising, makes a huge impact and you may be the first person to truly do so for many.

Follow ‘the golden thread’ by asking questions:[Activists can fall into] the habit of telling people what is wrong in our communities, but really, people know themselves! By talking and listening to them about what matters most to them, you can ‘follow the golden thread’ by asking questions to get to the heart of their issue.

One of our ACORN members – a really amazing single mum of five – mentioned she was upset about the state of her temporary accommodation of four years. We chatted and got to the heart of the issue: because she was in social housing (and on disability benefits) her landlord didn’t care enough to make her house nice and liveable for her and her children. We then got onto the question, “What could we do to change this?”

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