What is Black Lives Matter and what are the aims?

What is Black Lives Matter and what are the aims?

6/13/2021 2:31:00 AM

What is Black Lives Matter and what are the aims?

Black Lives Matter has become one of the most influential movements in the world.

The Black Lives Matter organisation often provided materials and guidance for protesters,, but the group did not orchestrate all the marches. She said new activists then took to social media to reach a wide audience.Supporters have noted that most marches have been peaceful, but conservative US politicians and TV pundits suggested

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Black Lives Matter contributed to the deaths of police officers.The BLM organisation said this was untrue: "We're targeting the brutal system of policing, not individual police."In the UK, although there is an official BLM organisation, events are often organised by a number of smaller groups or individuals coming together under the banner of "Black Lives Matter".

Supporters of Black Lives Matter have also argued that critics who say "all lives matter" or "white lives matter" are dismissing the impact of slavery and racial inequalities.They say the phrase is a demand for equal treatment and an end to racism - because the lives of black people are just as important as those of others. headtopics.com

What has Black Lives Matter achieved?In the US, steps have been taken to tackle police violence and change the way laws are applied.Following the death of Mr Floyd, the term "defund the police" made headlines. Cities including Minneapolis, Portland, Philadelphia and Seattle have started shifting budgets away from police and into areas like schools and housing.

In the UK, demonstrations drew attention to the UK's colonial past and saw statues of people linked to the slave trade removed.image copyrightPA Mediaimage captionA toppled bronze memorial to the 17th Century slave merchant Edward Colston is on display at a museum in Bristol

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What is the BBC and what is its aims? Money for nothing and chicks for free I expect you are going to tell us in your usual watered down fashion in a 'balanced' manner asking a few racists for their views. Why are you asking this now BBC where have you been for the last few years?!?!? Marxism, the same as the bbc

It is a racist organisation that I would never kneel down to BLM is Marxist. Yet one if the founders just purchased several $$ million in real estate. The players and management have told you their reasons for taking a knee and you still try and paint it as something else 🤷‍♂️ Interesting. At this point, in my mind, BLM is entirely a political movement, rather than a general statement on equality, and their core political beliefs differ substantially from those of the UK.

The aim is to look like dickheads. All lives matter

Government backs England players taking the knee – but not for Black Lives Matter‘Only right that we back our team,’ says Nadhim Zahawi I suppose the England team will simply have to accept that the cost of their protest is support. So long as they accept it, then there is no issue really. What I don't want to see is more moralising about how people should just accept having this forced down their throats. So does that mean, the government only regonises racism in football?

All lives matter. It doesn't matter what colour of skin BLM aims, make as much money as possible, keep it all to themselves buy loads of houses, give nothing to the black communities they pretend to be there for, oh and then one has to step down due to fraud, does that sum it up for you. Why can't they form another jesture like standing with heads bowed if they think there really s a problem in football. But I think they may be bowing their heads for many years because football is supported by meatheads. Who think nomore about black people than they do vandalism.

Do you ever wonder why there's so much divisive 'us vs them' stuff floating around the internet the past few years? Getting people 'triggered' etc? Who's peddling this stuff is the real question. People stared coming together due to the pandemic, its been used since to divide us In every sport it has become a must. If you did not participate the knee down, you would probably be labelled as racist or outsiders. Have those high profiled celebrities thought about many children and families not even able to feed themselves?

FS! The MSM and Southgate are more concerned about the ‘taking the knee’ than winning the fuckin tournament! 🤨 And why are they SILENT about Qatar2022 where slave labour is being used and H&S is non existent. Hypocrites the lot of them. So wait… Are they kneeling for BLM or not? Or are they simply trying to muddy the waters enough they can escape any sort of publicity backlash for supporting such a racially divisive movement for so long? Stand up to racism. Don’t kneel in support of it.

It's kneeling apart from BLM the group or not? I keep being told it isn't? I would never kneel for a political group..are we kneeling for them or not? Why does the BBC keep promoting them?

Second teen charged over shooting of Black Lives Matter activist left criticalSasha Johnson, 27, remains in a critical condition in hospital after being shot in the head at a party in Peckham, south London, almost three weeks ago A peace loving political organisation hoping for societal change... Oh... Defund the police... wait I've been shot someone call the police! 👏👏👏😂 Second black teen charged over shooting of Black Lives Matter activist left critical.

Booooo Hold on a minute 🤷‍♂️ Gareth Southgate said publicly on TV they weren’t kneeling for BLM but for equality for all 🤔 can someone please clarify what these millionaire morons are kneeling for please . It’s ramming it down the throat that’s the problem. the black KKK. BLM are a far right political movement from the USA. The black lives matter slogan used in the UK is used to end racism. There is a very big difference. However the BLM slogan or aim will never have the credibility it should have because of the BLM movement.

The woman Adina Campbell adinacampbell who has written this propaga is a black activist, so much for BBC non bias. An extremist political group with extreme views. The knee is designed to tar everyone as racist. You're either for it or racist. As a white person myself could someone please tell me what rights I have in the UK that a black person doesn't and what laws they must obey that I don't, I'd be very interested to know as I get the feeling I'm being short changed on my so called white privilege.

The players and manager have made it abundantly clear, the 10 second gesture they make before games is not related to BLM, therefore I wonder why the BBC have opted for this headline and image. Could it be so gammon believe booing the gesture is justified later today

Drop Covid vaccine patent rules to save lives in world’s poorest countries, Britain and Germany toldG7 summit hears move would slash the cost of jabs and accelerate the rollout of programmes across the developing world Spot on, as ever the Pharma companies just want to make as much money as they can out of this. AstraZeneca make much of selling at cost. What they don't publicise is that Oxford Uni demand this. But will charge full price later on If the parents were free the poorest countries still do not have the infrastructure, technology,trained staff , manufacturing etc to manufacture vaccines - the patents issues is just being used shamelessly by the usual quarters . If it wasn’t for the western countries fronting the costs and their scientists and pharmaceuticals developing the vaccines; there would be no vaccines. It shouldn’t boil down to stopping vaccinating the young so you can vaccinate Africa. It should be about ramping up production

Really BBC? As journalists u cld hv simply printed BLM manifesto, leaders quotes & lectures - it all on BLM web/info. Sasha Johnson stated 'we not want equality we was white men as OUR slaves' & called a black gentleman 'a coon' when he challenged her. U KNOW what BLM are. I wonder if the players will boycott the World Cup in Solidarity with the migrant workers sacrificed so they could play or are their careers more important?

BLM is a black supremacist Marxist organisation. Its aims are to destroy western capitalism, defund the police and get rid of the nuclear family. Read about it on their website. I m tired of demos and protest .... Certainly the BBC will go down as one of the most divisive organisations of recent times. The people who now run it are a disgrace to their predecessors

That whole article & no mention that PoC are treated terribly by the police in the UK too. Now. Unbelievable. All lives matter I will be booing BLM is an extreme left wing movement that wants to destroy the family unit and defund the police. BLM is black supremacist movement. They are KKK in black dresses and hoods. Simple.

Here is UKBLM. They state their aims clearly. In their own words.

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Real estate accumulation at last check... A HOAX… This has been discussed for months. Why is the UK only addressing this now? There needs to be an understanding between campaigning for racial injustice and that black lives matter, and recognising there is a political group in the US called Black Lives Matter.

To all the players on extortionate wages makes me laugh 😂 Keep on stirring the pot bbc BLM to me is a divisive organisation that openly wanrs to defund the police, tear down the UK political system, labels all white people as privileged, all black people oppressed and white UK as racist. I disagree Let’s DefundTheBBC the sooner you are gone the better.

What a pointless soft soap article. BBC is getting like Pravda. A BBC explainer. 🤪 And Southgate has fallen for it

Face masks now essential part of lives - do you follow rules or should they goFace masks have become an essential part of our lives for last 18 months - but with the vaccination programme roaring along, we want to know your thoughts on covering up Go! Apparently on here they dont work you dont need them if you are fully vaccinated or if you come from another country to the G7 so will somebody tell the shops and supermarkets please there has been a massive decrease in cases of common colds and flu due to mask wearing in public. Why wouldn't you want to continue that trend and make peoples lives better?

Still after they conned y'all asses and bought houses worth 3.2m dollars? BLM is a a Marxist, anti British political agitator group, which is why everyone with a brain opposes them. I see the conservatives lead has been extended again in the polls, don’t you ever wonder why? Maybe BBC should stop trying to traverse neutrality .Maybe you should stop trying to placate the people who don’t understand it, and embrace the people who do!

In a word: priority… Why not post the video of one of the organisers. We’ve all seen it. Why take in the organisations name when football has ‘Show racism the card’? Dress it up as you will - there’s no denying that taking the knee is aligned to the organisation. Truth are Lies Department of the BBC Human lives matter.

Is an imported American racist black supremacy ideology. That should be shoved back up our former colonies arse This article is such high quality double-think, it's almost art.

White boys with black neighbors are more likely to become DemocratsScientists have found that young white boys who lived next door to people from different backgrounds in the 1940s became more liberal-minded in adulthood. American's..... please spell our English language properly Ty 👍 (it's neighbours) sorry not sorry How on earth they concluded this , it's BS

Well the girl who got shot in London posted her aims ! And looking at video from the US which isn’t shown on MSN it’s theirs as well BLM The saying is self explanatory, the organisation is more complex, with all its founders are of the lgbtqp machinery. Defunding of police, indoctrination of school age children by forcing bullshit critical race theory be taught, it’s all in their web site. BLM is an anti white, anti establishment, racist ideology.

World domination. Destruction of the white race. Enslavement of non blacks. What is the BBC,and what are it's aims? Would be a more pertinent question. Why is it that some Caucasians feel offended by the mention of BLM. It's like they feel targeted somehow. If you're not a racist, there's nothing to be upset about.

Don't want to know about this crazy Marxist group 😡 Respect the black race and allow them to exist. Stop treating them worse than dogs just because you once enslaved and colonized them. If you don’t want them to live in your countries stop funding African zombie dictators to kill them for your benefits. Stop exploiting them.

It’s another racists organization. No different than the KKK. Blm is a political movement and should be kept out of sport NOT to stand up for black people. To destabilise the UK to decry our real history which nobody is pretending is whiter than white. And to make money for BLM bosses to spend. Okay. What is Black Lives Matter and what are the aims? 'Just do the Salute, Bigot.' via YouTube

Though the start of this conversation was football players taking the knee you have made no mention of the racist abuse many players receive both on the pitch and on social media. Racism is sadly a daily experience for many black people not just in their dealings with the police You are trying to project a real US problem to the rest of the world. The UK has more non-black minorities than blacks. The same is also the case for the rest of Europe. You are doing a disservice to these minorities when you focus exclusively on blacks. The world is not the US.

Certainly not to care about black lives or any other lives. It's purpose is purely for temporary political and financial gain. Clearly the BBC didn’t get the memo about BLM. 😂 But the players kneeling have nothing to do with the BLM movement apparently?

BBCWorld questions a demand for equality not state racism that it has supported since its founding Obviously the BBC hasn't read the statement put out by the FA today... Another reason for this newly acquired right wing organisation to dissappear It's a movement to address discrimination and inequalities. It's aim is to level the playing field.

When the squad have come out and said why they are kneeling (to protest and call attention to racial discrimination). Why then choose to focus on it as being linked to BLM? Nobody genuinely believes Kane et al are Marxists. You are feeding the claims made by racists. Marxists that wants to ruin the Country

British people shouldn't involve the whole continent and sport particularly in their sudden arrival of conscience.🤪 They are crazy communist EndNigeria BorisJohnson EU UN cnnbrk dwnews TheDailyShow jack FoxNews JoeBiden FOXTV FOX17Erik POTUS FoxBusiness FoxNews espn ESPNPR ABC AriseTVAmerica UN NYDailyNews nypost AlJazeera AljazeeraDoc cnnbrk bbcquestiontime cnni GOVUK G7

Stop lying - this article is an utter disgrace!!! It’s in the name - think !

Well they’ve removed quite a bit of the extreme left propaganda from their website since the money rolled in , & real estate was purchased ,so who knows ? The 'aims' of BLM are clear as day. Google what it's all about and read multiple articles from various sources. DON'T read the opinions of mainstream media that are pushing a fake narrative. Be smarter and actively search for the truth rather than expecting the truth from BBC.

F... Millions of Jews life matters...There has been no total of elimination of blacks...So shut up... Opression of black ppl does not continue to this day from 'age of slavery'. Presumably you mean in America before it became USA Lol you're asking this now . You've been promoting them for a year Taking a sip of fine port and settling in to savour the not-at-all unhinged replies of divorced racist ham-men

The aims are not and can not be defined by England football players. BLM is an ideology for racial justice. Antifa is an ideology opposing fascism. American Republicans think they are groups, yo know, like NRA and KKK.