What December has in store for your star sign

Your December horoscopes are here

11/30/2020 7:16:00 PM

Your December horoscopes are here

Our tarot reader gives her verdict.

ARIES(Three of Coins, The High Priestess, Four of Wands)Cosmopolitan UKIf you think long and hard, you are going to drum up some great ideas about how you can make progress in your career, and more progress than you currently think is possible. The Three of Coins and Four of Wands are both ~promotion cards~, promising your efforts will be rewarded and you are headed onwards and upwards, people have noticed your skills. The High Priestess shows that you need to come up with a plan to make this happen faster, and it’s all there, in your subconscious. Rest and relax, meditate and meander, and let these insights come forth.

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TAURUS(The Chariot, Knight of Swords, Queen of Wands)Cosmopolitan UKThis month ahead, you’re more like the ~raging bull~ than your usual gentle, laid-back, chewing-the-cud self. The Knight of Swords has you pushing to get more territory or recognition or reward. The Queen of Wands sees you adopting a dynamic, fast-paced and direct approach here. You are not playing games, pussy-footing around the issue, or waiting to see what happens. You are MAKING it happen. The Chariot reveals you will get what it is you seek, with focussed intent. So, the harder you work on this, the sooner it will all come about.

GEMINI(The Moon, The Hermit, Three of Swords)Cosmopolitan UKSomething has wounded you recently, and you never saw it coming. The Moon and the Three of Swords reveal that this betrayal or rejection struck you deeply, and you’re still pondering the whys and wherefores of it. There IS more to be revealed, and it will help put this in context. So, keep asking questions and taking note. You will feel vindicated soon enough. The Hermit shows you need some ~time out~ to process your emotions, let your feelings catch up with events, and heal. Slow down, rest, do things which comfort and soothe you. Take your emotional wellbeing seriously, and do everything you can to rejuvenate your spirits. This troubled chapter will pass. headtopics.com

CANCER(The Hierophant, Page of Wands, Strength)Cosmopolitan UKThere’s a whiff of rebellion and challenge around you this month ahead, Cancer, but it’s character-building and life-affirming, so stick with your campaign! The Page of Wands sees you changing it up, asking difficult questions, resisting the path of least resistance (maybe even being a pain in the arse to someone, but hey, maybe it’s necessary). The Hierophant shows this is a crisis of faith in something, or someone, you believed in. Things are changing and you are changing your mind as a result. Strength is a promise that this is a process you need to go through. Keep challenging, it’s all taking you someplace better and more authentic.

LEO(Seven of Cups, The Tower, Eight of Swords)Cosmopolitan UKThere’s a daydream or fantasy you often escape to in your mind’s eye that is actually a self-limiting exercise, and you need to deconstruct why you do it, and then stop it. The Seven of Cups and Eight of Swords show that this fantasy has actually become a little ~mental prison~. It keeps you in place, and stops you from recognising or facing the reality of what you endure IRL. The fantasy kicks in as a protective measure, but it’s actually buffering you from the truth you need to face. The Tower shows this collapse is going to come this month, and it’s necessary. You will feel enlightened, empowered, and relieved to have released this pattern. Don’t resist identifying false promises, hollow dreams or fading hopes in your life. Spot them, stop them.

VIRGO(Knight of Wands, Ace of Wands, The Hanged Man)Cosmopolitan UKA huge setback and obstacle you’ve faced this year will be removed this month, enabling you to blast ahead with gusto and optimism once more - hooray! The Hanged Man shows the limbo you’ve been enduring recently. Things have stalled, plans have gone awry, it has been frustrating and disappointing. Well, maybe it was for a good reason because the Knight and Ace of Wands sweep in much-needed, timely, fresh energy and opportunity. Be ready to say yes, be ready to respond positively to new news, be ready to be super busy and in demand. It’s going to be great!

LIBRA(The Fool, The Magician, King of Wands)Cosmopolitan UKPowerful cards of manifestation and creativity this month for you, Libra, so get busy living and making a living - because you’re ~on fire~ (in a good way). The King of Wands sees you leading the way, forging ahead, taking risks, being brilliant and bold. The Fool is the first card of the tarot and prompts all new beginnings. You want to do something new, and you feel so inspired and excited about it. Get to it! The Magician is about creativity, utilising your unique strengths and skills to make a living. You are crafting a new role, job, side venture, project or enterprise which is going to be very successful and fulfilling. Power to you, Libra! headtopics.com

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SCORPIO(Ace of Cups, Nine of Coins, The Lovers)Cosmopolitan UKThe Lovers and the Ace of Cups put your love life in the spotlight this December, in a good way too. A new love is going to enter your life with a big bang, or an existing one is going to rekindle back to the roaring flames it started off with. You are an intense and loyal person in relationships, and you need your feelings reciprocated in full. Rest assured that they will be. The Nine of Coins is a great omen for the long term too, and hints that whatever blossoms this month has got strong potential for the future. Things are looking up. Thank you, Cupid!

SAGITTARIUS(Queen of Swords, Nine of Wands, King of Swords)Cosmopolitan UKWhatever you’ve got on your plate that you’re worrying about privately (with that anxious Nine of Wands, overblowing the issues and focussing hard on the negatives), please know that it’s NOT going to be HALF as bad as you think. The King and Queen of Swords are walking with you throughout December, lending you their strength, intellectual agility, foresight, intuition, and boldness. They are a power couple of the zodiac, and both of them are backing you all the way. Run at your obstacles, Sag, because you’ve got the dynamite to blast through them!

CAPRICORN(The Moon, Ace of Cups, Three of Coins)Cosmopolitan UKSomeone is crushing on you, Cap, and why wouldn’t they (you’re smart, a natural beaut, self-assured and secretly very funny). The Moon shows there are secrets and illusions swirling around you, and the Three of Coins shows it’s related to someone admiring you from a distance. They have for a long time, but they’ve never expressed it. Well, the Ace of Cups shows that the time is nigh! Expect to receive some flattery or attention from an unexpected source this month and, honestly, I think you should reciprocate and go with it. This could be a big love.

AQUARIUS(The High Priestess, King of Wands, Ace of Swords)Cosmopolitan UKYou know that there’s a truth, deep down, that you need to express, but have been reluctant to do so. The High Priestess is your intuition or sub conscious, preparing to voice something important to you, and bring forth an insight that could change everything. Let it come. The King of Wands sees you using it to make changes and impacting on your life in a positive way. Maybe even making a bold leap or taking a big chance. Nothing is ever guaranteed anyway, and fortune favours the brave! The Ace of Swords shows that this will all come to light and happen in the coming month, and there may be some tough conversations ahead. Have them, it’s important to express yourself AND to hear what other people think. Be calm and compassionate, but don’t back down. headtopics.com

PISCES(Seven of Cups, Six of Cups, Six of Swords)Cosmopolitan UKI feel like you’re heading back to something (or someone) in your past this month. Seasonal celebrations often stir up the sands of Memory Lane, and old connections resurface. The Six and Seven of Cups reveal that this is something you once had enormous affection about, and still even daydream about, or fantasise about rekindling. Well, the opportunity will arise. It may, however, entail leaving something in your present behind. The Six of Swords is a departure card, and signals the end of something, in order to make way for something else.

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