What Black Women Saw at Judge Jackson's Confirmation Hearings

3/25/2022 8:33:00 PM

What Black women saw at Ketanji Brown Jackson's confirmation hearings

What Black women saw at Ketanji Brown Jackson's confirmation hearings

'It was maddening to watch, and yet I know that Jackson cannot express her frustrations outwardly.'

own inability to tell the difference between it and the Declaration of Independence.Republicans also made sure to center themselves, by calling back to current justice Brett Kavanaugh’s contentious 2018 hearings and “assuring” Brown Jackson that she wouldn’t get the same treatment.What We Learned During Ketanji Brown Jackson’s Supreme Court Confirmation Hearings What We Learned During Ketanji Brown Jackson’s Supreme Court Confirmation Hearings By March 23, 2022 8:08 PM EDT T Ketanji Brown Jackson were marked by tense exchanges between Senators, the airing of grievances over confirmations past, and inflammatory descriptions of gruesome child porn cases that Jackson once ruled on.Here’s what’s in store for Ms Jackson in the days ahead: Will she face any more public hearings? Not likely.

Meanwhile, other Senators repeatedly pressed Jackson on her sentencing of sex offenders, suggesting that this Black women would be soft on crime and maybe even put children at risk.It was maddening to watch, and yet I know that Jackson cannot express her frustrations outwardly.“Most of us couldn’t go back to our offices during Kavanaugh without getting spit on.She’s going to be expected to eat this indignity with a smile and never speak of it publicly after her confirmation.C.She knows, as does any Black woman in America, that if she gets upset, displays anger, or reacts with outrage, she will be immediately labeled an Angry Black Woman and all her credentials and hard work will not matter.The pushback here is obvious – Brown Jackson hasn’t been credibly accused of sexual misconduct, so why would she be queried in the same way? Still, it’s impossible to overstate just how terrible the optics of this are.The hearings made plain that what so many of us already know — that even the politicians who are supposed to represent everyone have been conditioned to expect Black women to be less than them.As such, the next step for Ms Jackson is likely a vote by the Judiciary panel to advance her nomination.

In this way, they are like many Americans.But as Paul Waldman notes in the Washington Post , the move wasn’t just an embarrassing new low for the party, it was another intentional gesture.She served four years as the vice chair of the bipartisan Sentencing Commission, when it waded into controversial issues like the difficult topic of child porn sentencing.They expect Black women to work hard, but not be too successful, or to acknowledge the obstacles they’ve overcome in their pursuit of success.It’s an expectation that hearkens back to Mammy, the stereotype of a happily disenfranchised Black woman devoted to caring for the family that enslaved her no matter the personal cost, and to , which prescribed that Black people refrain from showing too much emotion in public as it might make white people uncomfortable, and it is still present in workplaces and schools today.All of it – the bad faith questions, the baseless accusations, the time wasting – makes it clear that Brown Jackson’s interrogators do not see her as an equal, and are determined to undermine her however they can.Read More: I’m a Black Woman Who’s Met All the Standards for Promotion.She also debated with lawmakers over whether she has a “judicial philosophy,” and was asked questions about controversial topics ranging from abortion to adding seats to the Supreme Court.I’m Not Waiting to Reward Myself Black women in American society are effectively expected to fill two roles at work, the one they were hired to do and another role of making their coworkers comfortable at their own expense.Still, the hearings are just one small part of this.Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Dick Durbin (Copyright 2022 The Associated Press.

It’s not enough to be educated, accomplished, and professional.To navigate the obstacles created by racist stereotypes, they must also hide their emotions.Tayo Bero is a Guardian US columnist Topics.The case alleges Harvard University’s admissions process discriminates against Asian American applicants, and Jackson sits on the Board of Overseers of the school.They cannot be too talented or assertive, lest they be perceived as a threat.Like Jackson, they are in a no-win situation and must simply persevere as she has.Politics will be held up as an excuse for the atrocious behaviors on display in these hearings, but one of the reasons so many Republican senators have turned to this toolbox of bigotry is that they know there will be no consequences.Wade as settled law Jackson was repeatedly asked about abortion by Senators on both sides of the aisle.The White House and Democrats have still insisted that they are seeking bipartisan support for Ms Jackson’s nomination, citing her credentials and endorsements from a wide range of organisations including the Fraternal Order of Police.

Many of their constituents will laud this behavior, and even those who don’t are likely to celebrate Jackson’s strength and never consider what these hearings have cost her emotionally.There is a saying in the Black American community that we must work twice as hard to get half as far.Senator Cory Booker spoke to this idea in his emotional tribute to Jackson when he told her, “You got here how every Black woman in America who’s gotten anywhere has done, by being, like Ginger Rogers said, ‘I did everything Fred Astaire did but backwards in heels.” The Supreme Court may decide the fate of Roe in the coming months—before Jackson would take the bench—after hearing a major challenge to the decision this term in.'” What we do not often say out loud is that for those of us who reach great heights, we have not only worked twice as hard, but we have also been hurt twice as much, and probably more.For Jackson to reach this place, she has had to weather a lifetime of this treatment and not let it stop her.

Partisan pundits will continue to try to dehumanize her, scrutinizing her every decision despite having absolutely no idea of what it feels like to walk this singular path to the highest court in the land as a Black woman.“All Supreme Court cases are precedential, they’re binding and their principles and their rulings have to be followed,” Jackson said.She is the first, she will not be the last, and as with all trailblazers, her impact will be seen in the Black girls and women who too will learn to share their feelings in private and present a calm, composed face in public.Booker told her, “It is so good to see you here.” And it was.” Senator Marsha Blackburn, a Republican from Tennessee, also asked about the possibility of Roe being overturned, asking: “Do you commit to respecting the court’s decision if it rules that Roe “Whatever the Supreme Court decides in Dobbs will be the president of the Supreme Court,” Jackson responded.I just wish she were given the welcome she deserves.

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Everything they've seen before. About the only question Judge Jackson didn't get was if they could touch her hair. Black women (BW) know that the politicians who swear to represent all Americans have been indoctrinated by societal preferences. These 'faulty-thinking' individuals expect BW to be less than them and expect their abusive behavior to be acceptable to BW.

What? Who is the biologist at Time magazine? You should apply at the Dems party, they need you... White men doing what white men do... that's what I saw. There were no shocks or surprises in their behavior. They talked over her, attempted to belittle her, and asked stupid off-topic questions trying to elicit an 'emotional response' so they could say she was unworthy.

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Ketanji Brown Jackson’s confirmation hearing is a disgrace to her qualifications | Tayo BeroThe bad faith questions, the baseless accusations, the time wasting – Brown Jackson’s interrogators do not see her as an equal UK/ Brit** BOTING JHONSON eating too much🤔🧇🍟🍔🥓🍗🍢🍬🍷🍾🍹🍵🍲🥩 beware Boris getting too FAT🙃😱 not good for your health 🙃🤔 Achats de gaz russe en roubles : Vladimir Poutine impose sa monnaie pour... via YouTube In light of the Kavanaugh and Barrett hearings, your hypocrisy is glaring!


What We Learned During Ketanji Brown Jackson’s HearingsToday's Daily Spotlight: What we've learned during Ketanji Brown Jackson’s Supreme Court confirmation hearings so far What we've learned is that because of her intelligence and skin color, republicans don't want her on the bench. We’ve learned that republican men are terrified of women especially black women. He have zero intellect and so have made fools of themselves. I remember back in 2016 when Hillary use the term deplorables .. (R)s had their panties in a twist. What has been proven true since 2016 especially in the last few days during the KBJ confirmation hearings, is that Hillary was being too damn nice ..

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