We seriously need to talk about ‘yassification’, the extreme selfie-editing trend that's sweeping across social media

What is 'yassification'?

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12/3/2021 7:25:00 AM

What is 'yassification'?

Satire or something more sinister?

, they said, “All it is, is just me putting it into FaceApp and putting as many of the beauty filters on — or, I guess, what FaceApp deems to be beauty — onto these images and cranking it up to 100.”They added, “I don’t know if there’s a deeper meaning behind this meme trend, but if I had to theorize it, it would be that it’s kind of making light of how ridiculous this AI technology is, how smart it is, how it’s able to read faces and completely retouch them into something so artificial with a click of a button.”

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They also discussed racism in the context of image-editing software and Eurocentric beauty standards, explaining that, “I know what techno-racism looks like in facial recognition technology, and it is definitely a very serious issue," with regard to the fact that yassification almost always lightens the subject's skin.

Read MoreIs this going too far?ByLucy MorganGLAMOUR spoke to Dr. Nilufar Ahmed, a Psychotherapist and Psychologist at the University of Bristol, who highlighted the importance of questioning how we engage with filters that seriously alter our appearance. headtopics.com

Dr. Nilu explained, "There is increasing evidence that applying filters while they can feel fun at the time, can make us feel worse about ourselves including lower levels of self-esteem and self-confidence.“For all users, they present an unreal version of beauty – the type that only exists with airbrushing or in cartoons – flawless, poreless, ultra smooth skin that no one has in real life. Yet as we spend more and more time on social media, it can feel like everyone else has that perfect skin except us.”

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For Dr. Nilu, it's vital to consider how these filters can actually make us feel, as “People who apply filters in pictures they post can begin to experience social anxiety about going out in public, which can lead to increased isolation which in turn leads to more time spent looking at and posting on social media thus fuelling the negative cycle.”

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