Wallace and Gromit to be honoured with statue in creator Nick Park's home town

Wallace and Gromit to be honoured with statue in creator Nick Park's home town

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Wallace and Gromit to be honoured with statue in creator Nick Park's home town

Nick Park says it is 'such a great honour for me to see my characters cast in bronze and given pride of place in my home town'.

It is hoped it will be installed in August.The sculptures of the comedy duo, whose films also include A Grand Day Out and A Close Shave, are being funded by money Preston received from the government's national towns fund initiative.AdvertisementThe idea of the fund is to encourage people back into town and city centres following the

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coronaviruspandemic.Park said:"It is such a great honour for me, as a proud Prestonian, to see my characters Wallace and Gromit cast in bronze and given pride of place in my home town."Image:The late actor Peter Sallis was the voice of Wallace

John Chesworth, chair of the Preston Partnership and the Preston Towns Fund Board, said:"Nick is one of our most famous living Prestonians and it's great that we can celebrate his achievements with this new sculpture."Wallace and Gromit are familiar to millions and the films are hugely popular with all age groups. headtopics.com

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Wallace and Gromit to re-create popular image of Peter Griffin frying in daughter Meg's face FamilyGuy Racist! Tear it down! Ahem Preston is now a City 👍😜 If they put it in Bristol it would get graffiti daubed over it ,city is a disgrace I'm sure the left of will find something offensive about Wallace and campaign against it.

We love Wallace and Gromit. A lot of good laughs and worries, but they always prevail! Slow news day

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It’s a cracking statue, Gromit: Preston unveils ‘wrong trousers’ benchHometown honours Nick Park for his Oscar-winning animated duo with a thumbs-up from Wallace

Wallace and Gromit: Comedy duo set for Preston statueThe much-loved animated characters will be cast in bronze in their creator's birthplace of Preston. CANADA US CIA EUGENICS CHURCH. CIVILIZED? THE GREAT DARKNESS THE CHILDREN SACRIFICED It will be racist; torn down as does not reflect the local foreigners community. They will replace it by George Floyd's statue to reflect diversity. Boris 'That's the spirit; now we are united'. woodg31 Hope nobody pulls it down….