Ukraine war latest: 'It looks like Russia is planning some quite big air attacks,' warns Michael Clarke

11/29/2022 5:57:00 PM

'It shows us what the Russians are worried about.' Defence and security analyst Professor Michael Clarke updates us with the latest on the war in Ukraine. 📺 Sky 501, Virgin 602, Freeview 233 and YouTube

'It shows us what the Russians are worried about.' Defence and security analyst Professor Michael Clarke updates us with the latest on the war in Ukraine. 📺 Sky 501, Virgin 602, Freeview 233 and YouTube

Ukrainian first lady Olena Zelenska says sexual violence is being perpetrated 'systematically and openly' by Russian troops; NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg is set to call for more winter aid for Kyiv; listen to the latest episode of Ukraine War Diaries while you scroll.

Live reporting by Olive Enokido-Lineham and Emily Mee.Deborah Haynes: Live reporting by Olive Enokido-Lineham.By Elsa Maishman BBC News Russia has hit out at comments from the Pope that some minority groups of soldiers have behaved worse than others in the invasion of Ukraine.Dr Nigel Clarke warned that the world is enduring “significant upheaval and change” CARIBBEAN COUNTRIES need to “collaborate and coordinate” with each other in order to protect their finances amid rapid global change, the Jamaican Finance Minister has urged.

Updates from Deborah Haynes in Ukraine and Diana Magnay in Moscow 15:03:46 Region shelled 30 times in less than two hours Russian forces have shelled Ukraine's Sumy region nearly 30 times in less than two hours, according to the Ukrainian military.No Ukrainian soldiers were killed in the attacks and there was no loss of equipment, it said.An article by the Washington Post looks at how Ukrainian forces have been destroying Russia's Iranian-built fleet and collecting the debris to analyse it.Dmytro Zhivytsky, the head of the Sumy regional state administration, said at least six homes were damaged and another four have been almost destroyed on two streets in Vorozhbyan.Russia called the remarks a "perversion", and said national groups were "one family".Residents were able to hide in shelters, he said.Drone hunters told The Washington Post that the Shaheds were originally shot down in daylight and so now, most of them are flown between midnight and dawn.14:52:41 Ukraine detains Kherson official suspected of aiding Russian occupiers Ukraine has detained a deputy head of newly liberated Kherson's city council on suspicion of aiding Russian occupation forces that seized control of the city in March, Ukraine's state prosecutor has said.Clarke, who is the Minister of Finance and Public Service, said that countries around the world are witnessing a “significant upheaval and change”.

The Kherson official, who was not named in the statement, allegedly cooperated with the occupation authorities and helped with the functioning of public services under the Russians, the prosecutor said.The drone hunters come from a range of backgrounds including former Ukrainian police officers, soldiers and farmers."Generally, the cruellest are perhaps those who are of Russia but are not of the Russian tradition, such as the Chechens, the Buryats and so on," he said.The official, who could not be reached for comment, faces up to 12 years in prison under the allegations if prosecuted and found guilty.They are in custody but could post bail, the prosecutor said.The drones are identified by noise and are then shot down by machine guns.Ukraine liberated the city of Kherson on 11 November after Russian forces withdrew.Buryats, a Mongol ethnic group indigenous to Buryatia, in eastern Siberia, traditionally follow Buddhist and shamanic belief systems.Moscow had previously controlled the city since early in the war.Iran has acknowledged that it has supplied Moscow with drones but said they were sent before the war in Ukraine.If so, let us be proactive and update and not find ourselves in a position where this inconsistency is brought to our attention by the threat of sanction.

Ukraine has legislation criminalising the act of collaboration, but the Kherson city council official is suspected of the slightly different crime of"assisting an aggressor state".14:48:37 Russia angered by Pope's condemnation of atrocities in Ukraine Russia has lodged a formal protest with the Vatican over Pope Francis's latest condemnation of atrocities in Ukraine.Former Chief of the General Staff Lord Dannatt said:"The Russians know they are on the back foot and they know they cannot afford any further reverses, and therefore, particularly with winter putting Ukraine in its grip, they're very much digging in.Chechen leader vows to send teenage sons to front line The Pope said he had spoken to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky several times by phone, and communicated with Russian President Vladimir Putin through the ambassador to the Holy See.The Pope blamed most of the cruelty on Chechens and other minorities in an apparent effort to spare ethnic Russian troops from criticism, in an interview with the Jesuit magazine America.The Kremlin's ambassador to the Holy See, Alexander Avdeev, told the RIA Novosti agency that he met a Vatican official on Monday to express his"indignation" over Pope Francis's comments.Lord Dannatt emphasised the importance of Ukrainian forces pushing Russia back from Kherson city, as they are currently"still in Russian artillery range".In the interview, Pope Francis said while it was the Russian state that invaded Ukraine,"generally, the cruellest are perhaps those who are of Russia but are not of the Russian tradition, such as the Chechens, the Buryats and so on"." Later in the interview the Pope added: "Everyone knows my stance, with Putin or without Putin, without naming him.

He defended his usual reluctance to call out Vladimir Putin by name, saying it is clear that Ukraine is the"martyred" victim in the war.Lord Dannatt added that the West"absolutely needs to continue supporting Ukraine" and that allies will have to consider how much more military equipment they are willing to supply.The Pope's apparent distinction between the mostly Muslim Chechens and Buddhist Buryats on the one hand, and ethnic Russian fighters on the other, angered Moscow.RIA Novosti quoted Mr Avdeev as saying:"I expressed indignation at such insinuations and noted that nothing can shake the cohesion and unity of the multinational Russian people.It marked a significant setback for Russia, which seized the city early in the war."We are one family with Buryats, Chechens and other representatives of our multinational and multi-confessional country," Ms Zakharova later wrote on Telegram." Throughout the war, the Pope has avoided direct condemnation of Moscow for fear of angering the Russian Orthodox Church - which supports Mr Putin's invasion on religious grounds.In his new comments, he was likely trying to draw a line between those who follow"the Russian tradition" and allegedly more brutal Chechens and Buryats, when in fact Russian troops have been accused of war crimes regardless of their ethnicity.More than two weeks after the Russians retreated from the city, investigators say five torture rooms have been found in Kherson and at least four more in the wider region.

While it was not entirely clear what he meant by people who follow the"Russian tradition", it could be a reference to the predominantly Russian Orthodox Christian roots of an estimated 68% of the population.You may also be interested in: Media caption, WATCH: The founder of Russia's Council of Wives and Mothers accuses the Kremlin of handpicking attendees to meet President Putin More on this story.14:27:18 Ukraine's first lady joins Queen Consort at Buckingham Palace Olena Zelenska has joined Camilla at a reception to raise awareness of violence against women and girls.The Ukrainian national police say more than 460 war crimes have been committed by Russian soldiers in recently occupied areas of Kherson.It's part of the United Nations' 16 days of activism against gender-based violence, and is being attended by around 300 people including survivors and their families.Speaking through a translator, Mrs Zelenska said:"It means a lot to be here".He turned his gun over to the soldiers, and they dragged him from his home in the southern village of Chornobaivka to a prison in the nearby regional capital of Kherson."We now face a huge amount of rapes of Ukrainian women and children by Russian soldiers".

Celebrities including former Spice Girl Melanie Brown and television presenter Lorraine Kelly will also be at the Buckingham Palace reception."It was like hell all over my body," he recalled.They will be joined by Queen Mathilde of Belgium, Queen Rania of Jordan and the Crown Princess Mary of Denmark as well as the First Lady of Sierra Leone.14:08:06 Russia warns US against increasing involvement in Ukraine Increasing US involvement in the war in Ukraine will bring growing risks, Russian deputy foreign minister Sergei Ryabkov has said..He added there was no dialogue between Russia and the US over Ukraine as the two sides have"radically different positions".The US has ploughed billions of dollars into aid for Ukraine, including providing high-tech weapons.I just wanted it to stop.

However, like other NATO countries, it has been reluctant to get involved in the war directly to avoid getting dragged into the conflict.14:06:00 What are BTGs and what do they tell us about Russia's military strategy? Battalion Tactical Group (BTG) concepts are used by Russian forces.Human rights experts warn these allegations made so far are only the beginning.But what are they and what do they tell us about Russia's strategy? Security and defence analyst Professor Michael Clarke describes them as a"battalion of infantry with around 500-600 men with all the other bits you need - artillery, engineers, etc".He said size wise these groups are small with around 700 people in total, giving Russia flexibility.In an update on developments on the front line, it added that areas in the Kharkiv region, in the northeast, were hit by mortar and rocket artillery fire.However, they might not be the best option for fighting a war like the one in Ukraine.

Mr Clarke adds that to fight this sort of war you need"brigade strengths" - meaning units of 5,000 with more concentration of artillery and tanks.Sky News is unable to independently verify these claims."If the West was fighting the war, we would not fight this with our battle groups - the sort of things we send to Afghanistan and Iraq.If we were fighting this war, we would fight it with brigades," he said.Residents are pictured in the town of Siversk, where shelling continues on a daily basis leaving people without power and water.Why does this matter? Well, earlier we reported that the UK Ministry of Defence said it is likely that Russian forces have largely stopped deploying BTGs (see post at 7.09am).In September, the region was illegally annexed by Moscow following referenda described as a"sham" by the West.

Mr Clarke explains that this move makes it look like Russia is"stripping down the whole BTG concept that they started with and are moving towards something more appropriate to all-out war fighting".He adds that this also signals that when the Russians come back after Christmas with their"second offensive", he expects to see them with big brigades, not BTGs.07:09:39 MoD: Russian forces likely to have largely stopped deploying Battalion Tactical Groups The UK Ministry of Defence has said it is likely that over the past three months Russian forces have largely stopped being deployed as Battalion Tactical Groups (BTGs).13:42:01 Russian opposition figure goes on trial over Ukraine war criticism The trial of a prominent Russian opposition figure who faces charges stemming from his criticism of the Kremlin's action in Ukraine has opened in Moscow.Ilya Yashin is one of the few Kremlin critics to have remained in the country amid an intensifying crackdown on dissent.According to the Royal United Services Institute for Defence and Security Studies, BTGs are part of Russia's tiered combat readiness system.He has been in custody since his arrest in July.

Mr Yashin was charged with spreading false information about the military - a new offence added to the country's criminal law after Vladimir Putin sent troops into Ukraine.As BTGs were the main Russian formation for the invasion, the indication that they are stopping using them suggests this kind of formation has not worked.If convicted, he faces 10 years in prison.His charges relate to a YouTube live stream video where he spoke about Ukrainians being killed in the Kyiv suburb, Bucha.In his nightly address, Volodymyr Zelenskyy described Russian shelling in liberated Kherson, saying that in the space of a week Moscow fired 258 times on 30 settlements in the region.He rejects the charges as politically motivated.During his trial at Moscow's Meshchansky District Court on Tuesday, Mr Yashin said that his case has been fabricated and"has all the markings of illegal political persecution".Ukraine will never accept orders from these 'comrades' from Moscow.

He noted that in the video he cited Russian official sources along with Ukrainian statements to give his audience an objective view.Kyiv has accused Russia of committing a"massacre" in Bucha after images from after Russian forces withdrew in March showed dead bodies with their hands tied behind their backs - seemingly shot at close range." He added that Russia had damaged a pumping station that supplies water to Mykolaiv.13:21:22 In pictures: Russian shells, cruise and ballistic missile remains collected in Kharkiv Striking images from Kharkiv show a collection of the remains of Russian shells, cruise and ballistic missiles.Multiple Launch Rocket Systems (MLRS) and the other remains, were used by Russian troops for military strikes on the city.The attacks follow a series of battlefield setbacks for Moscow that have included a pullout of Russian forces from the strategically important southern city of Kherson.Located in the northeast of Ukraine, Kharkiv has faced repeated Russian shelling - most recently on its energy infrastructure.

Damage to facilities left the city without power in recent weeks.The bloc's chief Jens Stoltenberg will call on allies to pledge more winter aid for Kyiv, after Ukraine's president told residents to brace for another week of cold and darkness due to Russian attacks on energy infrastructure.13:09:13 China announces 'closer energy partnership' with Russia Now more on energy, and China has said it is willing to forge a closer partnership with Russia on energy issues to ensure global energy security.President Xi Jinping made the announcement just as the G7 grouping of nations prepares to impose new measures on Russia's oil exports."It is going to be a terrible winter for Ukraine, so we are working to strengthen our support for it to be resilient," a senior European diplomat said.State broadcaster CCTV reported his comments, made in a message to the Fourth China-Russia energy forum."China is willing to work with Russia to forge a closer energy partnership, promote clean and green energy development and jointly maintain international energy security and the stability of industry supply chains," Mr Xi reportedly said.While Russia acknowledges targeting Ukraine's energy infrastructure, it denies its intent to hurt civilians.

The statement may represent a disappointment to those who harbour hopes that China may seek to distance itself from Vladimir Putin's troubled invasion of Ukraine.However, it is possible the remarks are largely symbolic and do not reflect any significant development in the relationship between the allied countries.The capital area's millions of residents suffer through blackouts due to Russian attacks, but this year trees will be displayed without their lights to save electricity.12:58:06 Ukraine's largest steel company says operations restored after power outages Ukraine's largest steel company has said all of its Ukrainian plants, apart from one, have resumed operations following disruptions triggered by power outages after Russian strikes.Metinvest, which had not previously announced the stoppages, said production had last week been halted for the first time since Russia's invasion in February."No one is going to cancel the New Year and Christmas, and the atmosphere of the New Year should be there".It did not say exactly when the stoppages began and warned that there are still"significant risks" around the power supply.

In a statement, the company said: "For the first time since the beginning of the full-scale military invasion of Ukraine, production at the Ukrainian enterprises of the group was stopped in an emergency procedure due to the lack of power supply".The mayor said there will be no mass gatherings or concerts - a tradition to welcome the New Year.The Kametstal plant in central Ukraine is the only facility which has not resumed operations.Metinvest belongs to Ukrainian businessman Rinat Akhmetov, who is the country's richest man despite significant wartime asset losses.Russia has been carrying out consistent missile attacks on Ukraine's energy infrastructure since early October.The company also owns the Azovstal and Illich steel works in the southeastern port city of Mariupol, now controlled by Russia following a months-long siege and fierce battles.Amid consistent disruption to power supplies in Ukraine, due to Russian attacks, state grid operator Ukrenergo said today that electricity producers were able to meet only 70% of demand.06:12:06 Rape of Ukrainian women is 'systematic and open' Ukraine's first lady has accused Russian forces of using rape as a weapon of war in her country as she called for a"global response".

Due to your consent preferences, you’re not able to view this..Last week, an international criminal lawyer helping Kyiv's war crimes investigations claimed there was evidence that Russian commanders were aware of sexual violence by military personnel in Ukraine"and in some cases, (were) encouraging it or even ordering it".

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You’re all being played by the so called elite. Time to say no more Russia 🇷🇺 have already completed all their original aims,the Western Empire of Lies is just forcing them into further conflict they never wanted. They were will to concede so much in the April Peace Deal,but that was Sabotaged by the West,Military industrial complex & CIA/mossad

Western media and politicians lied to you about Iraq so why do you now believe them on Ukraine? Ukraine & NATO started this by massing for the last ten years NATO troops & nukes on the border to face Russia endangering us all in this NATO proxy war? I don't believe in war & love both sides! ✝️

Ukraine war latest: Ukraine set for 'terrible winter'; Russian troops 'openly' raping womenUkrainian first lady Olena Zelenska says sexual violence is being perpetrated 'systematically and openly' by Russian troops; NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg is set to call for more winter aid for Kyiv; listen to the latest episode of Ukraine War Diaries while you scroll.

Ukraine war: Russia hits out as Pope labels minority ethnic soldiers 'cruel'Chechens and Buryat soldiers are generally 'crueller' than other Russians in Ukraine, the pontiff says. - “When the people fear the government, there is tyranny. But when the government fears the people, there is liberty.' Says the head of an organization that raped thousands of poor innocent boys and murdered thousands of innocent children. Zelensky parece que busca dinero. Porque no acepta un acuerdo de paz? Putin si lo hizo y Zelensky siguió atacando!

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