UK sees highest Covid cases since mass tests began

UK sees highest number of coronavirus cases since mass tests began

9/24/2020 10:15:00 PM

UK sees highest number of coronavirus cases since mass tests began

Latest figures show 6,634 new coronavirus cases across the UK, taking the total to 416,363.

.They include a 22:00 closing time for all pubs, restaurants and hospitality venues, which comes into force from Thursday. The sector will also be restricted by law to table service only.The official records may show that the UK has just seen the highest number of new cases on a single day.

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But it is, of course, nothing of the sort. At the peak of the pandemic in the spring we had such limited testing capacity that it was largely only hospital patients who were being checked.It meant we were identifying just the tip of the iceberg.Estimates have suggested there may have been as many 100,000 cases a day at the peak.

We are clearly not capturing all the infections - even now with the mass testing that is available.Surveillance data last week suggested we may only be identifying around a half of cases.But that still puts the infection levels well below what they were in the spring.

Hospital admissions and deaths have also started creeping up, but are still very low.Health experts have been clear we are now on the upwards path so we should expect this trend to continue.Crucial will be how quickly figures rise for all three measures, with the hospital cases and deaths the most important.

Evidence from Spain and France, which started seeing rises a few weeks before us, offer some hope.Cases have been climbing gradually - at least more gradually than the trajectory government scientists warned could lead the UK to 50,000 cases a day by mid October.

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said on Twitter that no countries would be added to the travel corridor list this week.Singapore and Thailand wererecently added to England and Scotland's lists of safe countries.The Department for Transport said the decision covers the whole of the UK and has been agreed with the devolved administrations.

Writing on Twitter, Mr Shapps said:"Data shows we need to remove Denmark, Slovakia, Iceland, and Curacao from the Travel Corridor list."He reminded passengers they were required by law to fill in a passenger locator form.The form asks travellers to provide their contact details and UK address. Passengers can be fined up to £3,200 in England if they do not provide accurate contact details, or £1,920 in Wales.

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COVID-19: Number of UK coronavirus deaths passes 50,000, government figures show

It marks a significant moment in the pandemic for the UK, which has been one of the countries hardest hit by the virus.

The more you test, the higher the figures. Are you people report this shite, a bunch of idiots? The level of wilful ignorance, malicious trolling and/or downright stupidity in these comments is fairly depressing, if all too predictable. “Mass tests”? Nobody can get one! 7% of tests Observing from afar here in Australia- UK’s death rate (40) is still relatively low compared to your increasing daily case numbers, now 6,000+. Why? Stay safe 🙏

People who refuse to follow the rules are making this whole thing very long and painful for all of us. Some of us just need to grow up BorisJohnson CMO_England MattHancock The more you drink, the drunker you become...... There’s no mass test ffs BBC doing propaganda yet again if there was this vast amount of testing the entire country would have been tested by now with Matt wankcock shouting 250 thousand tests aday

It's important to keep things in perspective. There is currently around 16k cases in total p/d, considerably less than the estimated 100k we had at the peak of the 1st wave. More testing will equal more cases. We are still testing way more than we were when mass testing began. Why the hype Experts suggested at peak there were 100000 cases per day

If there are more tests there will be more cases... someone teach these people common sense Read about the deadly second wave of Spanish flu in 1918 and it may change your views Just to point out how misleading it is to report this as the highest number of cases - Estimates are 8% of the population have had it, around 5.3M, even if all those cases were spread out evenly from 1 March that is over 25,000 cases a day. COVID19 CovidUK

The goverment refuses to listen to other scientists / medical professionals for fear of being proven wrong and therefore politically embarrassed. So it goes on and on down the dark road of despair. By the way: increase? False positives due to more testing 266 hospital admissions in 24 hours. The mainstream are banging nails into their coffins.

How many false positives.... They just putting all death down to the virus just like they did before Are they accurate ? I'd love to see the BBC run a news article on the number of Govt Ministers who are compromised by their peronsal conflicts of interest in the Pharmaceutical industry. That would be newsworthy, don't you think?

As usual, lots of comments from tweeters who have neither read the article nor listened to explanations of how the data works. The %age of tests returning positive is increasing as are hospitalisations - so it’s not: more tests = more cases Please explain why a medical case actually involves a patient showing symptoms. Except for covid19 for some strange reason a dodgy test result for covid19 is a case.

Get invested today and don't miss out on the profits you could make this month from bitcoin trading. Send DM now for more. DefundTheBBC The end. For fck s sake, I’m getting sick of this. BBC are thick More tests = more cases. How strange Good,the herd immunity is working nearly all will not have known they had it and those that have tested positive will be over it in a week.

BREAKING NEWS 😳 Boris brings in stricter restrictions No wanking after 6.30 Only one shit and two pisses per day No Farting No telling your neighbor to fuck Off because he’s parked in your spot, No putting your socks on before 7.30 No taking them off until you’ve had a wank🤭 Full steam ahead Do a program on the history of pandemics please- idiots need education and maybe we can end the stupidity. The hIstory books will show endless-stupidity this century

But that's the point - more tests mean more cases. Our Media is appalling but even Sky News said these were false figures. Not the BBC. The BBC have no interest in any truth but their own. If BorisJohnson MattHancock invest in getting over capacity for TestAndTrace, isolate infected, they can stop the spread to others. When will they wake up? Covid_19

and how many of them were false positives? Obviously!!!! Your pubs are open. And have been. Wake up BREAKING NEWS - Tom sees highest number of beard hairs in the sink having been convinced to actually look by his wife. mediafearmongering Cases? That means nothing. Hospitalizations and deaths are the only thing that matters at this point

The person on the left believes they have a highly contagious/fatal virus... All the cars (people) before/after this car have people that all potentially have the virus ... Question- is the lady on the right wearing the most effective PPE for this situation? Highest since mass tests😂😂😂Well I never🤦🏻‍♂️ if this is the level of propaganda you think you can get away with then we are truly doomed.

There’s a surprise more tests more positives it’s called herd immunity. Move on open up. Incompetence? Looking back at previous years, about 1000+ dying of respiratory diseases per week from September, with numbers gradually ticking up over the winter. If we tracked other respiratory diseases in real time perhaps that may calm the panickers down? PS positive tests are not cases.

Tell us about the hospital admissions. Not interested in cases. “Since mass testing began” well obviously. Either way these tests have been proven to be useless. More lies , Oooo wait it’s flu season 😡😡😡😡😡 When in doubt, always go for the higher number in a headline. It is factually correct, of course (I would not want to accuse the BBC of lying) however, as it has been for months in the media, without any context the number is meaningless.

Like anyone believes a word you say So, is that actually sick people or positive PCR tests, which have been shown to give 90% false positives? 🙄 Really getting boring now The clue is in the ‘mass testing’ how much time did your editor spend on drugs while at uni? And 99.97% will fully recover. Could you mention that? Thanks.

Stop testing and watch the number fall So the testing is working. Ffs So last week The answer is in the headline ffs It didn’t though really did it? But do keep up with the propaganda. More tests, more false positives, more draconian measures Second wave of the ChineseVirus is coming. UK Summary. Coronavirus (COVID-19) in the UK. Last updated on Thursday 24 September 2020 at 7:06pm Deaths within 28 days of positive test. Daily 40 Total Deaths 41,902 Cases. People tested positive. Daily 6,634 coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) COVID19 UK

Cases That’ll be the app giving out false information. Bacause of mass testing. ! Duh !! and schools are still open

Coronavirus live - latest UK news updates: Humanity 'caught napping by COVID-19', says Boris JohnsonThe new daily record for confirmed COVID cases may not be as bad as it seems. Far fewer people were being tested at the peak of the first wave, when cases were likely to be well in excess of 100,000 a day. Follow live updates 👇 Hi all, So how does this compare with current deaths in France and Spain? To give an idea of what's to come in UK.

'Boris gives UK both barrels': how the UK papers covered Johnson's Covid speechPrime minister’s appeal for national unity and discipline in face of ‘invisible enemy’ gets blanket coverage with its sheer grimness Typical sociopath, refusing to take responsibility for his own failure. Hope he has had a word with Chief Breacher of Rules Dom!

UK coronavirus live: 6,178 new Covid cases recorded - close to record from early MayScotland records highest daily cases total; Keir Starmer presses Boris Johnson on Covid testing at PMQs; ‘clear upward curve’ in cases in Wales This is a bad omen for cooler weather Runaway train with a clown 🤡 in the drivers cab. Covid 19 was identified in 2019. Biological tests include taking a swab from the nasal cavity to collect cells which are tested in a lab, a vaccine is being developed in months. How many biological tests does psychiatry have for 295 mental illnesses?

Tory MPs call for more help for businesses in wake of latest Covid curbsRishi Sunak urged to rethink plans to end furlough scheme as fears rise over job losses Stop all the handouts, wasted as no job are created. Why call for help now...there are many who have had very little and are wonders if the rallying cry is because the wolves have come to their door The way to protect businesses is to get the economy & schools fully functioning. The way to achieve that is to re-extend shielding 65's & other vulnerable (age independent); Furlough 60-(Pension age); allow 60's to fully re-establish economy Prioritise Testing for key workers

Johnson's latest U-turn on Covid restrictions: Politics Weekly podcastHeather Stewart and other discuss the latest from Westminster, Scotland and the virtual Labour party conference Be like Sweden NoMoreLockdowns I do wish he'd stop calling Serco's Test & trace App 'NHS Test & Trace'. It's a giraffe, designed by committee & simply put, does not deliver on it's primary objective. I’d wait for at least two more

Shortages threaten Johnson's pledge of 500,000 UK Covid tests a dayExclusive: chemicals and machines needed to hit target by end of October are ‘a few weeks behind’ Capacity is not the same as actual tests carried out Bozo..🙄 Meanwhile poland does 20k a day u love to see it So,I work in a school,I have symptoms of covid 19; advised to self isolate and get a test, given an access code by my school; well, tried five days straight : not one single home test available. Too late for me now! How many colleagues and students have I worked with last week?..