UK households facing ‘fuel stress’ will treble to 6.3m – thinktank

1/17/2022 4:24:00 AM

UK households facing ‘fuel stress’ will treble to 6.3m – thinktank

Energy Bills, Fuel Poverty

UK households facing ‘fuel stress’ will treble to 6.3m – thinktank

Middle-income families will also find it hard to cope with new energy cap in April, says thinktank

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2,000,000 more households facing fuel poverty as energy bills soarIn a letter to Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak, 25 charities warn families are having to choose between heating and eating and there will be an increase in the number of people dying from cold in their homes. Look sorry to let you know this Tory government especially Boris and super rich Rishi could not give a damn. In fact the pandemic did not kill enough poor people do starving or freezing the poor seems next best option. Sorry that's the reality and the truth, no Tory cares!!!

Why are gas prices so high and what is happening to fuel bills?UK households will soon find out how much their gas bills are likely to increase in the coming year Why are gas prices so high? prices already gone up. World needs a social study, to find how people can survive with this hyperinflation. I believe those channel immigrants are idiots, Here the situation is that UK may face emigration as there are better places in the world to live happily with less cost Also...why is petrol so high? 11 ways to stop money worries in 2022 Read it here

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The Resolution Foundation says 9% of English households now experience fuel stress and this will rise to 27% when the new energy cap is introduced., they said families are having to choose between heating and eating and there will be an increase in the number of people dying from cold in their homes.Why have prices been rising? There's been a worldwide squeeze on gas and energy supplies over the past year.KFC has shared plans to open new restaurants across the UK.

Photograph: Danny Lawson/PA The Resolution Foundation says 9% of English households now experience fuel stress and this will rise to 27% when the new energy cap is introduced. Photograph: Danny Lawson/PA Julia Kollewe Mon 17 Jan 2022 00. The energy price cap will be raised in April 1 and analysts have warned families will have to pay out hundreds of pounds more every year as companies try to stay afloat in a turbulent market.01 GMT The number of households suffering from “fuel stress” – those spending at least 10% of their family budgets on energy bills – is set to treble to 6. Reasons for the increase include: a cold winter in Europe in 2020/21, which put pressure on supplies and, as a result, meant stored gas supplies dropped a relatively windless summer meant it was difficult to replenish those supplies increased demand from Asia - especially China - for liquefied natural gas There are a number of technical and geopolitical issues at play as well, which mean many countries across Europe are grappling with the same problems.3m overnight when the new energy price cap comes in on 1 April, according to a leading research group. Now 25 charities, including Save the Children, Age UK, End Fuel Poverty Coalition, WWF, Green Alliance and Greenpeace, have called for drastic action. Fuel stress will no longer be confined to the poorest households, according to a study by the Resolution Foundation." It then invites developers to get in touch if they have space that could be of interest.

Low- and middle-income families will also find it hard to cope as they spend a far greater share of their family budget on these essentials than higher earners. Simon Francis, co-ordinator of the End Fuel Poverty Coalition, said: ‘Fuel poverty is a public health and poverty crisis but can only be solved by economic measures, and the government must do everything possible to help people in crisis now while investing in energy efficiency programmes to fix the long-term problem. Storage capacity in the UK is also lower than in some other European countries. The forecast will add to calls for the government to take action to avert a cost-of-living catastrophe after global energy market prices surged to record levels. The research shows 9% of English households are currently experiencing fuel stress, an indicator of finding energy bills unaffordable and also the definition of fuel poverty in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. He added: ‘Parents we work with tell us that they’re struggling to meet basic needs, leaving them having to make impossible choices between heating their homes and buying clothes for their children, and children are paying the price. That figure is expected to leap to 27% when the energy price cap rises to about £2,000 a year in April, an increase of more than 50%. Several smaller companies, with fewer reserves, could not weather this. The energy regulator, Ofgem, will announce the new price cap level on 7 February. He said: ‘The twin imperatives of a gas price crisis and the climate crisis mean we need to get off fossil fuels as fast as we can whilst protecting people on low incomes. Meanwhile, its restaurant options are considered where drive-thru services cannot be accommodated.

Read more Levels of fuel stress are expected to be highest in the north-east and the West Midlands (33% and 32% respectively), among pensioner households (38%), among those living in local authority housing (35%) and those in poorly insulated homes (69% of families in homes with an energy performance certificate F-rating). Jonny Marshall, senior economist at the Resolution Foundation, said: “Fuel stress levels are particularly high among pensioner households and those in poorly insulated homes – a stark reminder of the need to modernise Britain’s leaky housing stock and curb national dependency on gas for power and heating.2 billion and supporting vulnerable households through initiatives such as the £500 million Household Support Fund and Warm Home Discount. Because of its size, it was put into "special administration" , and is now run by the government, through Ofgem.” The foundation called on the government to intervene and said the most effective way to support lower-income families was through the benefits system, with a faster-than-planned uprating of benefits in April, when support is due to rise by 3.1%. We’ll continue to listen to consumers and businesses on how to manage the costs of energy. An alternative would be an additional payment based on the warm homes discount. Can the government intervene to keep prices lower? The government faces calls from energy companies, the opposition, to do more to prevent prices from rising too much.

The thinktank recommended raising the £140 payment by at least £300; widening eligibility to all families in receipt of pension credit or working age benefits (8.5m families in total) and making payments automatic; making them timelier – the extra support should be delivered via an additional bill discount this spring, following the normal winter round; and making them taxpayer funded, rather than through further increases in everyone else’s energy bills. The foundation has calculated that the measure would cost the taxpayer £2.5bn. Sign up to the daily Business Today email or follow Guardian Business on Twitter at @BusinessDesk A vastly improved warm homes discount would cut the number of households living in fuel stress by about five percentage points, equivalent to more than a million families.

The thinktank called for government action to cut everyone else’s energy bills too, by temporarily transferring social and environmental levies from bills to general taxation. This would cut average bills by around £245 and would reduce the number of families in fuel stress by more than seven percentage points – or 1.7m families – at a cost of £4.8bn to the taxpayer. In total, energy bills would be reduced by up to £545 a year, at a cost of £7.

3bn, and 2.7m fewer families would be living in fuel stress. “While not cheap at £7.3bn, this plan is affordable, and by cutting bills by up to £545 would help prevent the upcoming rise in energy bills turning into a cost of living catastrophe for millions of families,” Marshall said. Topics .