UK borrowing hits highest December level on record

UK borrowing hits highest December level on record

1/22/2021 10:06:00 AM

UK borrowing hits highest December level on record

Government borrowing hit £34.1bn last month, as the cost of pandemic support measures weighed on the economy.

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Covid-19: Occupations will not be prioritised for vaccine jab - BBC News

Experts say the most effective way to prevent death is to prioritise people by age, not profession.

yes another 'bleeding obvious' so called breaking news story. Austerity after the Conservatives made so many complaints against the growth promoted by New Labour. Brits on the street reckon with such an efficient Government as Her Majesty has, this COVID-19 epidemic is going to kill most of us, so take on debt and enjoy our last moments of life. High debts and money printing points to no hope.

Wow, that is astonishing news. I wonder why that is? 🤔🙄🙄 I wonder why, hmmmm let me see...what could the cause be ..... I suppose next month will be another highest as well. Covid the gift that keeps giving for the BBCs anti government agenda. Please read, donate, retweet & share! Joshua is battling Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia & needs a life-saving stem cell transplant. The smallest effort can mean a lot, it may be because of your share someone is able to help. May God bless you 10 folds!

Wheres this mystical money tree? I need some