UK-born twins face deportation to separate nations

UK-born twins face deportation to two different Caribbean countries they have never visited

7/10/2020 12:29:00 PM

UK-born twins face deportation to two different Caribbean countries they have never visited

Darrell and Darren Roberts face being sent to two different Caribbean countries they have never visited.

Darrell and Darren Roberts were taken into care aged 13 when their mother diedTwin brothers born in London and brought up in state care could face deportation to two different Caribbean countries they have never visited.Siblings of Darrell and Darren Roberts, 24, said they had been issued with deportation notifications and could be put on planes when released from jail for grievous bodily harm.

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Darrell's lawyer said his client was British and had served his sentence.The Home Office denied it had issued a deportation order."Neither Darrell or Darren Roberts are currently detained under immigration powers nor are they subject to deportation orders," a spokesman said.

"The Home Office considers carefully all cases where an offender is suspected of being potentially liable for deportation and it has a particular responsibility where the offending is prolific or high harm."But the BBC has seen a notice sent to one of the men that indicates the Home Office does intend to pursue deportation.

Image caption"They could pick and deport any one of us," says their sister Freya Valie RobertsThe twins were born in west London to parents from the Caribbean islands of Dominica and Grenada, with neither parent having UK citizenship.They were taken into care by Ealing Council's social services at the age of 13 when their mother died and their father returned to Dominica.

Darrell was sentenced to a six-year prison sentence for grievous bodily harm at the age of 17.His family said on his release he was served with the deportation notice to the Dominican Republic, a country he has no connection to.Darrell believes officials named it in error because his father was born on the island of Dominica.

His twin Darren remains in prison on a separate sentence for grievous bodily harm.According to his family Darren has been warned he faces deportation to Grenada - the country where his mother was born - when he finishes the jail sentence.Image copyright

Family photoImage captionThe twins were born in England, but neither their parents nor their carers applied for citizenshipThe Home Office automatically issues a deportation notice to anyone without citizenship who has been convicted of a reasonably serious offence with a sentence of more than 12 months.

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Children born in the UK to parents who are foreign nationals can be eligible for British citizenship but are not automatically citizens.Neither their parents nor social services applied, leaving Darrell and Darren technically stateless.Freya Valie Roberts, one of the twins' sisters, said she was"disgusted, upset and insulted" when she heard they were being threatened with deportation.

"If they're going to deport my brothers, I mean there are 11 of us in total, they could pick and deport any one of us," she said. Read more: BBC News (UK) »

MichaelaCoel That's terrible! Adios SNTNABLACC pritipatel - Sort this 👿 MichaelaCoel hurtful Yet we're welcoming Shamima. Fuc off. MichaelaCoel No! While there may be real examples of cruelty by the British home office on people, I'm struggling to see how this is an example. According to Ealing council, they still have until September 2020 to be assisted in their application for British Citizenship. So why is this news?

MichaelaCoel So they’re gonna throw these 2 lads out and let shemima fuking begam back in. Fuk me I’m super confused now. bexxyd The Home Office can’t tell the difference between Dominica and Dominican Republic. Is anyone safe from this? If they can make a British citizen stateless then what hope is there for anyone who’s lived here all their lives?

MichaelaCoel the UK does not want to take responsibility and deal with them there The article states they were given the opportunity to apply to become British in the past and did not do so. I understand they think they are British then why did they not become British? That’s the real question. MichaelaCoel 💔 .. reading some comments really makes me lose the lil bit of hope that was given by the solidarity achieved by BLM.

morgfair Bureaucratic buffoonery at its worst I marvel at the ”true British citizens” who froth at the mouth and yell for the deportation of BAME citizens but can't master the difference between ”there, their, and they’re.” Misleading headline and photo, typical BBC DefundTheBBC Shouldn't of committed a crime then. About time the UK was harsher

MichaelaCoel MichaelaCoel Hi Michaela, would you be available to have a conversation with the twin brothers for a Liberatum humanitarian series? Global leaders taking part. Hope you will, too, to help people in need during this crisis. How are people defending this, they are criminals, who gives a shit, let them be someone else’s problem. How is this news, it should have been news when they committed the crime, not the point of pitty.

jacobdmay_ Ludicrous. Both in prison for gbh. And the bbc makes it news they are getting deported? Why? They have no citizenship and are in prison for violence. Get em on the first plane! So the UK as nutty as the USA opalayo Yooo why in the fuck isn’t Black Lives Matter talking about ending the war on drugs?🤯🤯🤯🤯 opalayo aliciagarza OsopePatrisse BLM

Poor and biased article. Show them as they are now, not “innocent” children. Show their victims too! They had the ability to apply for citizenship but, it obviously wasn’t so important to them then, as it is now! Have the rest of the shocked relatives applied for citizenship? Good riddance, once again oke lefties wetting themselves over the violent culprits and completely forgetting the broken lives of the victims.

Good, violent pair that deserve none of our compassion. In their heads they c a possible compo because of citizenship was not down to them to deal with. This is so wrong. Time to help them stay boris Sounds like the streets will be that little bit safer now...Good decision..👍 Deportation should be used more often then we have no need to worry about re offending.

Oh no why can’t they stay together wheresmytrainn Good. Don't break the law then. Cretins Members of gang who attacked their victim with an iron bar and bricks given 6 years inside at 19 years of age, not sure they're as vulnerable as the BBC might have many posters believe And Well they can just as well plan to just hop onto a rubber boat to our shores and have another go at trying to live in a civilised country.

We’ll be better off without these criminals. They’ve already been cared for by the tax payer when their father trundled off and left them behind. The sister says there are NINE of them! Did the taxpayer fund all of them? If so they’ve more than they should have already. Get rid. Ultimately the crimes they committed are irrelevant, they were born here and have lived here their entire lives. They are British.

Wasn’t BoJo born in the USA but he ended up PM in the UK? How about children born to military families overseas can they claim citizenship of the country they were born in The UK wants to deport these two British born men, yet welcomes thousands of illegal channel migrants with open arms Well it’s better than been hung which would have happened in some countries. Dominican Republic is supposed to be quite nice for a holiday isn’t it? 🤷‍♀️

When year 2006 I was living with my white dad . Still I could of got a knock at the door to deport me back home to india or Germany . Because of the crimes I've done . I initially felt sorry for the. But pays to read the article. Although the Carribbean would be nice just now. This is so crazy. It's a none story but let's apportion blame wonder who we can blame it can't be their fault can it

I'm 75 % immigrant . And I've done big enough crimes to be deported back home to india , or Germany . Any time I can get a knock at the door to be deported . Much, much, much more of this please. Ealing council states it repeatedly tried to get their immigration status resolved. Didn’t family members get involved during these efforts? And where is the victims’ side of the story? ‘GBH’ describes the severest forms of assault, after all

If they have no legal rights to be here, then sod off. This government make me laugh , they haven’t got a clue 😡😡😡 And lamestream media couldn't wait to report this to stir up hate and fear, their mantra These 2 people are convicted criminals for ABH This country sucks This is old news - released days ago. Keep up!

opalayo Because when they are together they are incredibly violent. Everyone is safe if they are I different countries So wrong on many levels. They have done the crime & doing the time. No need to send them to a country they wasn’t even born in. People should have some compassion, they lost their mum at a young age & were rejected by their dad.

Dominca and Dominican Republic are two different countries. It looks like someone somewhere in the process have screwed the paper work. Get it done asap...they will enjoy the weather there. ....When they finish their prison sentences. So that's how you reward somebody who has committed GBH. Send them on a permanent holiday to the Carribbean. Someone get me a hammer please.

Pillars of the community, system failed them , the system made them kick the shit out of someone and the racist judge jailed them . No sympathy Probably shouldn’t have broke the law, they will be safe now away from evil whitey. Any chance I can get deported to the carribean? I was done for being drunk and disorderly years ago will that cut it?

Get them all deported if they do not have British citizenship and as their is eleven of them altogether that’s handy a twelve seater mini bus will take them all to the airport save a fortune on mini cabs night There are some impressive snippets of information in this story which betray the bias of its headline... ...see if you can spot them.

Get rid before they commit more crime If they were born in the UK, then they have a legal right to stay! They're not being deported, they're being exiled, which is vile and highly reflective of this government's continuous hostile attitude! TheRocketVan Ealing Council failed these guys utterly. This Home Office decision is appalling.

Just a couple of happy, young lads who were born here. Let them stay. So where is their father in all of this? Did no one read the article, there's no plans to deport them Still, it’ll be nice and warm Based on reported facts home office deportations legal - Home Office will be running a mile from this as it’s a perfect test case. 1/2

Did you forget to mention their violent crime? Or is it that you think it’s irrelevant? night Yet more uk gov miss handling of people's lives. What a total disgrace this country is under this shower of currupt idiots. Yes you Boris Cummings you unelected parasite . Etc etc. You would think if their immigration status wasn’t secure that they wouldn’t go and commit GBH. Deport them.

They were cute kids in that pic. Shame they grew up to be violent thugs. catkinatkin What!? Come ON! Please do it!!! despite their crimes, what are their rights? I don't understand. Is it that they have not applied for citizenship/passport etc. earlier enough. Despite the fact they have violated others human rights, it seems like they have lived a pretty rough life. What compassion? Why not?

There’s a reason Epstein & Paedo Gangs target kids from foster care. They’re vulnerable have no support and mental health issues. They’ve done their time, deportation and separation is cruel and unusual punishment. The article does say that they the gov hasn’t issued deportation. I wonder what will happen if people from Diego Garcia confess to committing a crime. Would they be deported back to Diego Garcia?!!!!

How many times are you going to post this? The BBC is a dangerous organisation. Champion 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🍾 This only proves that people from BAME communities are always treated as second-class citizens and their Britishness is not permanent. This reminds me of the deportation of British working-class to Australia in Victorian times. Would we do that today to a white working class?

Father returned to dominica, the boys have no connection in Dominica 🧐 What is the true nature of their crimes please? Yet another case of the absentee father. Bye... Are they going to be deported or not? Missin ya already. “The Home Office *denied it had ISSUED a deportation order*...But the BBC has seen a notice sent to one of the men that indicates the Home Office does *intend to pursue deportation*.” The Home Office uses language VERY deliberately.

They were horn over here and they are a product of our society. To those thinking they should be deported, put the boot on the other foot, 2 criminals never been to the UK but are not naturalised citizens, would you be happy for them to be deported back to the UK? Oh well. How about showing the victims of their GBH?

Headline should read:- 'Two thugs about to be thrown out of country' Good riddance. It’s great that they can be released back into the wild Let me tell you white people and immigrants how I got diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia . Not for burning my neighbours van . It was for writing my G.P doctor a letter he didnt like .

'Darrell was sentenced to a six-year prison sentence for grievous bodily harm at the age of 17.' 'His twin Darren remains in prison on a separate sentence for grievous bodily harm.' they will be sorely missed im sure. Am I being really nieve to think it's just a simple matter of getting a campaign going to identify all those that could get citizenship and getting them updated. This story just keeps repeating itself every month or so

I had a lot of sympathy til I read they were both violent thugs, sympathy vanished. Just need to correct the error to deport them to the same place, then they'll at least have each other Being born in the UK does not impart nationality; they will have inherited that from their parents. If they have no right to live in the UK, the courts will deport them; the fact they have committed a heinous crime will reflect in the court's decision.

Middle class virtue signaller: This is so like cruel! Everybody else: What time are their flights again? Maybe lead that the twins are 24, imprisoned for grievous bodily harm & HO say they've not issued a deportation order. That wouldn't make a good headline though. Funny how you never do these stories with other ethnicities who are deported for not having citizenship.

Deport anyway 👍👍 Bye bye. No loss night Both convicted of GBH. BBC mediascum racial hysteria making them out to be victims. Deport them. DefundTheBBC Put it to a public vote. night Very similar to the poor misunderstood chap in Glasgow who stabbed 6 people because his WiFi was slow and the food didn’t agree with his delicate palate. He runs amok. We are the problem.....

Why is the BBC more concerned about immigrant violent criminals than it is about British citizens and the innocent victims of these crimes? DefundTheBBC Oh well night The picture implies these are children, they are 24, neither one is British and they are both serious criminals - what's the problem? You do your time in prison and get deported.

If they’re not British Citizens and they’ve committed a crime I’m all for deportation This is beyond inhumane. Whoever's responsible for this decision had better look into there soul because I believe in Karma and it has no time limit. You'll get yours, trust me If UK-born but neither parent had settled status then they wouldn't automatically be British. Its unlikely they'll get deported since they'll have the right of appeal and I would think that living your entire life here would probably trump their criminal history, even for GBH.

Why didn’t the father take them when he left? They ‘couldn’t be bothered’ to sign forms probably thinking nothing would happen - panicking now! Serves them right! Uuummm Ms Patel, tells us she was racially abused, but licks the boots of Johnson. She is so far right she would not even allow her own parents to come to the UK! Nasty little bit of work. These boys should stay in the UK

Nice father to clear off and leave them to be brought up by the state. If they were say Spanish, would the same happen? See ya 👋 Oh what a shame!!! So what Should read “violent criminals face deportation after release from prison” fantastic news👌🏻 My sympathy disappeared when I read ' when released from jail for grevious bodily harm '. Bye ! 🖐

So now we are turning criminals into victims? Young people are caught in the commission of a crime, giving a second chance will only allow the same bad behavior to fester. Commit crimes, get deported. Very simple! Swap? They are vicious thugs end of. If they wanted British citizenship they should have applied as soon as they were 18 and not not committed section 18 offences!

Good. They should do this with all scum. Get a dart throw it at a map and wherever it lands send them there. Another divisive story DefundTheBBC An absolute disgrace. Yes they committed violent crimes, but they're serving prison sentences for that. They don't need to be punished twice. Shouldn't be one rule for people with passports and another for those without. Especially as these men were born here and entitled to passports.

☹ Good. Good.....let’s hope it actually happens before the wokeists try and stop it A complete non-story as the Home Office has stated that neither of them are subject to deportation. Also neither of the brothers would comply with authorities trying to sort out their UK immigration status for them either... maybe just try not to break the law ay lads.

Shipping homegrown criminals off to foreign countries...I see colonial Britain's at it again. Regardless of your views for deporting these men, why are the BBC showing photos of little boys? Misleading! They are in there 20s!!! Cue Lammy If UK Children’s Services wasn’t in such disarray we might be telling a story of how these twins led an industrious, trouble free life, became members of the armed forces, police officers, doctors even MP’s. That fact is the system has failed them! Badly!

Really difficult case. These lads have been dealt tough hands in life & I have a lot of sympathy for them. Other side is if they continue to seriously harm people then victims will rightly ask why they weren't deported if they should have been. Wouldnt want to have to call this. They are violent criminals one attacked a man with a metal bar and got 6 years

They sound like a delightful pair! When adults commit violent crime I have absolutely no interest in them. Deport them, we have plenty of good people who need our help and compassion, they will not reform I have no doubt about that. I was going to be sympathetic until you read about the prison sentence. They probably shouldn't have beaten someone up, it's a privilege to stay in this country and they've lost that right by the sounds of it.

Is there any statistics about what children educated or taken in charge by the social services becomes in the UK ? The same which was intended to save kids lives turned to be a life braking tool ! - Sexual abuses - Poor education - Drug abuse initiation highway Stopbrakingkids We cant keep being this soft country, send them back to their father his must be settled. It's time consequences started happening.

BorisJohnson This is ridiculous. How many more cases like this are there? The mistake of the foster family now becomes the burden of UK And the rest. Somehow the system has gotten so broken the Home Office can't work out which way is up... Absolutely ridiculous. Bye Violent criminals*. Fixed it for you. Its just a shame we cannot do the same to all serious criminals in this country, irrelevant of their nationality.

Seems the BBC usual; they were taken into care here but Caribbean parents. While here; criminal acts they committed put them in the limelight of undesirable immigrants and looking at ways to reunite them with the family. Don't want to remember don't give acceptance of born here Oh dear, such nice boys too!🤣

Consequense of crime, if I was living in a country where I didnt have citizenship and committed such crimes I'm sure I would treated the same. If they hadn't committed the crimes wouldn't be deported 👏👏👏👏👏 Well done the home office. This picture is not representative of two 23 year olds convicted of GBH and serving lengthy prison sentences. Your picture is a deliberate lie intended to portray two vicious criminals as smiling little boys, which you've done for the sole reason that they're black.

Citizenship comes with responsibility and they’ve broken that condition through criminal activity. What country in their right mind is going to accept violent criminals from UK irrespective of race, nationality. Our problem,give them the normal sentence for UK. However from hence forward we should stipulate to immigrants that if involved in crime in Uk they will be deported.

Nah sympathy if you have no respect for the law and hurt other people what do you expect and I one for one would rather me taxes went into helping the peeps who have followed the law and worked hard for this country like the folks of windrush scandal headline is misleading, should read ' criminal thugs face punishment'

Don’t like them, but as their born here, I’m fairly sure we shouldn’t be exporting our problems elsewhere. Hopefully the proposed countries will refuse.... This is a misleading picture - they are 24 now. Their responsibility to get citizenship. I wish we could deport all violent criminals no matter where they were born and what colour they are.

AND? So they found time to commit jail worthy crimes, but not to sort out a few forms arranging their citizenship. Nice headline by the way... DefundTheBBC They seem like nice guys. Lucky bastard's Well that's the law You forgot the “both of whom are currently serving long prison sentences” from your headline

At first I was like- OMG that is absolutely outrageous, but then I was like- ah ok, bye. Pictured when they were teenagers, oh the young scamps, playfully brutally beating someone with an iron bar and bricks...such larks they had! Even if you wanted to deport me . By law I'm allowed to pick my white German Blood line to go home to .

pritipatel wtf are you doing? I see the shift, from the Brussels broadcasting corporation to the Black broadcasting corporation I thought they had relatives where they are being deported to . This country has to start deporting for horrendous crimes or it will get worse . Prison is not a deterrent anymore . Many reoffend when they get released so yes deport

Scum kick them out Reason why I dont get deported for doing a crime is because , 1, my grandmother was a double agent for britain in world war 2 , and 2 , I have white British blood in my blood roots . If it was only that simple !! So leave them in this Country to repeat their actions....maybe those of you who are pleading for them to stay in the UK will change your minds if it's your grandparents or children who are beaten senseless by these scumbags !!

so you think their parents were bad and not correctly registered for u.k. citizenship, you think that’s why they turned to a life of crime? UK twins who took it in turns to batter a couple & steal from them resulting in a short sentence are justifiably being deported at last. Fixed it for the BBC Considering the severity of the crime, the number of years in prison and no family here it’s a shame. Dad is back overseas in Dominica so I’m sure he’ll be happy to have his 24 year old sons back.

Their parents country of origin should refuse to accept felons simple. They are born in UK, they are not naturalized. if they were born here they should be able to stay here My only question is why didn't they put in for British citizenship, they are old enough to do it...... “Children born in the UK to parents who are foreign nationals can be eligible for British citizenship but are not automatically citizens. Neither their parents nor social services applied, leaving Darrell and Darren technically stateless.”

Typical BBC. No discussion of the crimes and victims. No querying of the costs to the taxpayer of all the services these two have been offered. Just an attempt to make the brothers look like victims when they’re actually great examples of why mass immigration is wrong. Government trying to deport these 2 who were born here yet not the 1000s know terrorists that have came here they would rather put them on watch lists wheres the logic

Save the GBH 2. Good 👍 Any news about their victims? 🤔 How can you deport someone to a country they have never been to? That doesn't make any sense. It's illogical, and should be grounds for ceasing the deportation process. Also one of these men beat a man with an iron bar over the head, so cry me a river

Next time don’t bash the shit out of people. Maybe let’s ask their victims if they think they should stay? Unlucky, sure there's plenty of do gooders sticking up for their misdemeanours Oh no! How will this country go on without these 2 fine, outstanding citizens! Fucked if I know. Good. Heard he hit someone over the head with a metal bar ... is that true?

They were born in this country, but their parents nor the twins have citizenship. But they've been here 24 years. If this isn't their home, then nowhere is. I know they committed terrible crimes, but justice doesn't mean sending our criminals off to other countries. This is pure racism!!!! They bring such cultural enrichment and diversity to our country!!!!!

Good get them out of our country! See ya Violent criminals that couldn’t be bothered to sort out their immigration documents to be deported as they are not British citizens. Any news on their victims BBC? Good! Send them back Just plain wrong Born in the UK so should not be deported anywhere, simple as that!

They should have thought of that before their life of crime. Criminals who committed GBH and sent to prison could be deported....... should be the headline fixed it for you They were born in this country and it’s all they’ve ever known. This just deprives two people who should be British citizens from turning their lives around. Not excusing their actions but. This is just bureaucratic cruelty.

The UK doesn't practice jus soli is really that simply, the US does and hence has many 'anchor babies' bye bye criminals Nothing written about the victims of their crimes, talk about a bias article... You keep repeating this story 😟 2 wrongs don't make a right. They are receiving sentences that are inhumane. Imagine getting banished to a random foreign country after a prison sentence. They've effectively been given life sentences.

Let me correct that headline for you: UK-born twin criminals face deportation after both commit GBH, allegedly they are going to Caribbean countries they have never visited. Show me what happens when we hand the world to conservatives ukhomeoffice how can you justify this These young men are British. Interesting they’re both 24 years old and you use a picture clearly over a decade old they look about 10, use the mugshots

See ya!

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