Trump Administration

Trump Administration

Trump threatens to deploy military against protesters – video

Trump threatens to deploy military against protesters – video

6/2/2020 4:16:00 AM

Trump threatens to deploy military against protesters – video

US president Donald Trump has authorised the use of 'heavily armed soldiers' to 'dominate the streets' in a press conference held in the White House Rose Garden.

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‘Stop killing people and start killing people.’ Razarumi It will be Interesting to watch US miltary deployed on US citizens. US military which destroyed so many countries Iraq, Afghanistan, Libia, Syria, ... now in action against its own citizens who are demanding justice for an innocent Man killed brutally by police.

Blatant lie. He says he will deploy military to states where there is violent riots if governors there cannot stop the rioting and looting. He also said how much he liked the peaceful are you this bad at your jobs? I now assume malice is the reason GO FOR IT YOU HAVE GUTS TRUMP I WILL SAY THAT

bunkerboy bunkerboy bunkerboy bunkerboy bunkerboy bunkerboy bunkerboy bunkerboy bunkerboy bunkerboy bunkerboy bunkerboy bunkerboy bunkerboy bunkerboy bunkerboy bunkerboy bunkerboy bunkerboy bunkerboy bunkerboy bunkerboy bunkerboy bunkerboy bunkerboy How do Americans feel when this happens in their own backyard instead of some distant foreign land?

Support Trump! No one is allowed to destroy the United States!. We should heed voices like CraigMurrayorg, TheCanaryUK, jeremycorbyn etc & agree the worst thing in the world is to support insurgency against a Kremlin-allied authoritarian like Trump & that America needs Assad-style 'stability'. When will StWuk hold HandsOffTrump rallies?

Fake news. They’re hoping you won’t watch it and see Trump supporting the protestors. Gurdian is junk. Let's look to leftist thought leaders like johnpilger, caitoz & StWuk on how to view Kremlin-allied authoritarians, see Assad for example; apparently we should agree with the tyrant that dissidents are all terrorists/CIA stooges (Authoritarianism 101) & hold HandsOff marches

Guardian of ccp Against VIOLENT LOOTERS AND RIOTERS. Peaceful protests are justified in a democracy. But looting, arson, anarchy & mob lynching by crowds deserve shoot at sight orders to maintain peace in society. Looters, arsonists & anarchists must pay the price for their anti-social acts, otherwise we will have no social fabric

Everything Trump DonaldTrumpVirus does & does not do, is tearing this country apart & killing US citizens openly now VoteTrumpOut2020 COVID19 BLACK_LIVES_MATTER No, against rioters. He literally said he likes peaceful protesters IN THAT SPEECH! Rioters? Oh bunkerbabytrump makes little threats eh 😂

You have to be denser than a black hole to support the Commander-in-Bleach No he didn’t you liars. He was talking about the rioters but plz keep misrepresenting the situation. It is your day job Go back to your bunker. Posse Comitatus Act: Signed on June 18, 1878 by President Rutherford B. Hayes. The purpose of the act – in concert with the Insurrection Act of 1807 – is to limit the powers of the federal government in using federal military personnel to enforce domestic policies within the U.S

He never said that. You are fake news! Unfknbelievable. shame on you, fake news media! Against American citizens. Ftfy. WannabeDictator Threatens? FY Long overdue. An actual Article 10 declaration comes up short. Time for the big one, a Insurrection Act declaration. Let's take the kid gloves off already and put this to bed.

Tienanmen Square 2020? Sounds like we're about to have a new Tiananmen Massacre. Motherfucking trump. Piece of 💩! FACISM has Agent Orange as it's new face. Good. the united nations is asking the united states to respect the rights of protesters. The UN plans to send observers to the United States for a fact-finding mission on the crackdown on peaceful protesters who are only demanding that Trump leave the country.

Secret Service rushed Donald Trump to White House bunker during George Floyd protests, sources sayMr Trump reportedly spent nearly an hour in the bunker, which was designed for use in emergencies like terrorist attacks “Sources say” your fake news is pathetic! ....and he didn’t refuse . teoxandra ovviamente poi...

Donald Trump ran and hid in White House bunker as protesters gathered outsideMr Trump spent nearly an hour in the bunker, which was designed for use in emergencies like terrorist attacks And that’s where the President should stay he’s more trouble than he’s worth hiding like the baby he’s is world leader my arse The Metro is like a sister paper to the Daily Mirror these days. You can see why Richard Desmond treated Ted Young the way he did. Should have locked him in and left him there for good.

Donald Trump 'taken to underground bunker' during protests outside White HouseThe president denies reports he and his family were rushed to an underground bunker, used in the past during terrorist threats, after three consecutive nights of protests outside the White House Any chance there is a lock on the outside? Please tell me they left him there

White House plunged into darkness as Donald Trump flees to bunkerUS President Donald Trump was reportedly whisked into a secure White House bunker usually used by leaders in terror attacks as protests erupted across Washington DC on Friday night FakeNews Plunged as in they turned off the lights. lanct22 Pity it's come to this

Donald Trump urges 'weak' US governors to 'dominate' George Floyd protestorsThe US President was recorded while making a video call with state governors and law enforcement, accusing the leaders of being weak and urging them to 'dominate' the protests From his underground bunker Some day America will have a real President.

Donald Trump promises to 'stop mob violence cold' as protests escalateYesterday footage of violent confrontations between officers and demonstrators shocked the world 😖 Man kunnen we dien zot is nie weg toveren ! Trump intervention is unlikely to calm the situation as he has taken the side of police, many of whom were filmed in ugly clashes with protesters.He has previously said protesters face ‘most vicious dogs’ & ‘ominous guns’ if they storm the White House but denies stoking tensions.