Trump mocks Oscar win for Parasite: 'What the hell was that about?' – video

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Trump mocks Oscar win for Parasite: 'What the hell was that about?' – video

Parasite, Donald Trump


Trump mocks Oscar win for Parasite : 'What the hell was that about?' – video

Imitating an Academy Awards presenter, the president said: 'What the hell was that all about? We've got enough problems with South Korea, with trade. And after all that, they give them best movie of the year?'

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Really? I mean really, how low does he have to go before American society says enough? Or have we entered a new age of globalisation fuelled by infantile, ignorant, parochial selfishness? Shameful. Sad. Copied by Boris? Both dangerously blinkered. Go travel, listen, learn potus The film was nor meant for the intellectually challenged

Trump is a parasite. Trump can't read THAT DIDN'T SURPRISE YOU DID IT? This is the worst KING EVER voted in. Can this man become any more shockingly ignorant and worse his crowd just love it Bear in mind Trump cannot read so if a film is in a foreign language with subtitles he assumes no one is able to understand it because he is also a child who thinks that his limitations are the same limitations everyone else has....

He's either dog-whistling to his main supporters - xenophobic racists - or he's simply too dumb to understand the movie which is full of metaphors. He will talk and work on all the things except making America great again.... It was about bigotry. “mocks Oscar winner” aka “has another racist rant”

Donald Trump is not happy that Parasite won so many OscarsHe admitted he hadn't seen the film which won best picture, best director, best original screenplay and best international feature. Anything that irratates Donal Trump is a good thing. Reminds him of not everyone likes him. 🤡

Urgh the orange monster is so crass and uncouth, what a philistine. No respect for the culture of others. 😒 Finally Trump was right. The typical 'Baizuo' of Hollywood can't give the Oscar to Clown movie, as it is the movie reflects the deep social crisis in the US, the huge gap between the rich and the poor, and the breeding of violence and crime.

The movie is crap. Wait till he sees 2001, or Donny Darko Of course he wouldn't Trump is a parasite himself. TrumpNotFitForOffice welcome back to 1740 When you Can’t Read it limits your knowledge and information GUESS WHO THE IDIOT IS Trump is a parasite, so you know... They had lunch and laughed out loud on the day when it was confirmed that there were more than 100 Chinacorona virus patients in SK.

Trump antics aside, this movie, which I never heard of should have been in the foreign film category.

Donald Trump mocks Oscar-winning South Korean film ParasiteNeon, the North American distributor of the film, has said the president's comments were 'understandable' because he 'can't read'. oh no how dare he not like a movie, its a disgrace i tell you impeach drumpf now!!!! Hmmm .... let me think which one is going to be the box office smash hit ... a war film or an art house one ! Amen Mr President 😂

I’ll volunteer to tell him. Well, for starters the president admitted he didn't watch it, so how could he assess it? Wrong again, Trump. I’d be surprised if he had understood it. It's not even a crazy complicated arthouse movie. He is just literally too stupid to understand metaphor and symbolism. Think many had that question

Trump cannot read subtitles. Too fast for him. 審査委員は韓国マネーに動いたな。 That's right -- mock anything that has even a whiff of intelligence. While some candidates are paying to get exposure, you guys are giving giving it to him for free. Investigation is needed.

Trump jabs at Parasite's Oscar win because film is 'from South Korea'President says US has trade problems with South Korea and wonders if ‘we can get Gone With the Wind back’ The Crook in Chief. The key point to trump’s message is that trump doesn’t have a good trade deal with South Korea and it’s destroying him That's because Trump is a racist

I am not sure Parasite is worth winnig the award. I haven't watched it yet because his previous movies were boring. But Parasite is meaningful because it can reflect Cho Kuk's family fabricating documents to make their daughter a doctor. how weird that the Fanta Fascist would want more movies about romanticising slavery that he doesn't need to read

Hahaha imagine Trump trying to watch a film with subtitles. The usual racism shite from him. Why would we surprised at this stage. Its become the new accepted. Trump probably couldn’t keep up with the subtitles. Someone put the Wiggles on for him. Hahahaha. He’s the best. The Oscars are finished. I think it’s the case of malapropism 😝, confused Bong Joon to Jong-un ....

“If Canada hadn’t cut me out of Home Alone 2, I would’ve won 1000 Oscars — Ivanka whispered that in my ear last night. 1000 Oscars!” Racist old man who wants film that shows racially divided south, young men using older women etc etc. Has not a cultured sensitive bone in his bloated body. Pathetic.

Trump lashes out at Parasite's Oscar win and calls Brad Pitt a 'wiseguy'Trump lashes out at Parasite 's Oscar win and calls Brad Pitt a 'wiseguy' 'Understandable, he can't read', responds distributor of film parasite is a movie that will be forgotten in a month, trump will live on in the history books for as long as there is history books. he has a point though,how many Hollywood movies win awards in Korea? Atleast in Bollywood there has never ever been a Hollywood movie that has won an award in history Touchè!

Guy Who Can’t Read Doesn’t Like Subtitled Movie Catnip for a fake class warrior Gives Trump an easy trope to play off his regular guy theme while always policy and admin action favors the very richest I think the film's title is too close to the bone for him. A reminder..... He is a parasite. Well, the subtitles are in English and he does struggle with reading that language (or just reading in general).

Obama got a Netflix show, I think Trump should get one too. This is masterful comedy. It is intelligent. Which you sir, are not I agree... it’s an odd movie Trump should investigate Oscar. It's weird. Asking the same questions millions are ! Bravo

Donald Trump mocks film Parasite's Oscars success despite not seeing it Donald Trump was booed at a rally in Colorado after implying an 'American' film should have won Best Films rather than the critically acclaimed Parasite , because 'we got enough problems with South Korea with trade'

He can't read subtitles About clowns His taste in cinema probably doesn’t stretch beyond the usual vapid CGI shite you see advertised on the sides of busses they make you pay £12 a ticket for 'They call it 'Parasite'... But I've been a parasite for decades, and they never gave *me* an Oscar...' Coming soon! Parasite 2: The Cuckoo in the White House.

It's Trump's way of sucking up to his buddy LittleRocketMan. SouthKorea Seoul The director’s response - perfection... Was it because it was about a family of con-artists that burrow in to a home that they're not supposed to be in and it hit too close to his reality? 🤔 It’s about your Racism He can’t read subtitles for sure🤦🏻‍♀️

Trump attacks Bloomberg and mocks his height as Democratic candidate surges in pollsBloomberg spox fires back that president is 'hurting American farms, and he knows that Mike Bloomberg has the skills to fix the problem' If Bloomberg uses his billions to stand on, how much taller is he? realdonaldtrump Did David not defeat Goliath? November is just around the corner. A bit of teasing like he does with them all. After all they mostly call him racist, sexist, lier etc etc so it's quite a limited response and injects some humour rather than hateful labelling.

Maybe he thought it was a movie about him? Must have been disappointed to see... ugh, foreigners! He also wants an Oscar in 2020! The man is an effing racist! He is bloody appalling! AOC JoeBiden StephenKing americnhumanist 'We've got enough problems with Sth Korea'. An International embarrassment and laughing stock.

People are gonna look back at his presidency and say the same thing. It was subtitled movie about class, not a CGI action-fest of explosions & fights. I’m not surprised somebody so disconnected & simple-minded didn’t understand what it was about despite it being quite obvious. Trump, many American's are wondering the same thing about YOU!

and so Donald Trump should mock the leftist Oscar's, 1917 was a vastly superior movie to the south korean thing It is about a living hell I was going to comment, but Trump lacks the warmth and the depth....

Apparently his favourite TV show is Teletubbies. Bigot organgutan mouthing off Well you had to read subtitles, so I imagine Trump would struggle... Imbecile.

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