Tommy Robinson pursued by creditors for an estimated £2m

1/20/2022 5:14:00 PM

Tommy Robinson pursued by creditors for an estimated £2m

Tommy Robinson pursued by creditors for an estimated £2m

People owed money by the English Defence League founder have appointed an independent insolvency expert.

People owed an estimated £2m by English Defence League founder Tommy Robinson have appointed an independent insolvency expert to try to recover their money before a March deadline.He also owes an estimated £1.5m in legal costs for the boy's lawyers.

Other creditors include HMRC, a former business partner and Barrow-In-Furness Borough Council.Until now the work has been done by the official receiver, but the creditors hope the independent expert will uncover more assets.She owns a large detached house in Bedfordshire where there have been extensive building works over the autumn and winter, including the creation of a gym in the old double garage, and a games room above a new garage being built in the garden.

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Oh how sad Did he write a book about his struggles or something recently? Not that a convicted criminal with political aspirations writing about their struggles is a big red flag, or anything.

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