The Queen 'doesn't sweat either' - but sticky questions remain for Prince Andrew

Her majesty is a cool customer, apparently.


Meanwhile, all it takes is one stop on the central line for us to look a hot mess 😰

Her majesty is a cool customer, apparently.

He added: ‘I’m always hot, the Queen is very lucky, she doesn’t crease her clothes.

‘The clothes are always impeccable. But it is also that she doesn’t glow. If you are a cold person your clothes don’t crease.’

Some 60 years later, when temperatures topped 37C on a visit to Ground Zero, New York, she again appeared not to sweat.

He said the claim could not be true because of a ‘peculiar medical condition which is that I don’t sweat or I didn’t sweat at the time.’

The interview with Emily Maitlis has caused shock waves nationwide, as the Prince also claimed he had been in a

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