The one thing I can’t help but wonder about this whole Novak Djokovic vaccination mess

1/7/2022 1:00:00 PM

Some sexist double standards have been exposed (again).

We can’t help but compare the language around NovakDjokovic’s vaccination scandal with Naomi Osaka’s treatment at the French Open:

Some sexist double standards have been exposed (again).

“incredibly funny”.Novak Djokovic denied entry into Australia after officials rejected star's visa.political and diplomatic ramifications unfurled, Djokovic’s lawyers were working to obtain a federal court injunction to stop his deportation.But now the Serbian is stuck at the airport in Melbourne after it turned out that his team had got him a visa that doesn’t allow medical exemptions.

Osaka was called weak, a quitter and dragged through the mud just for protecting her own mental health.Regardless of whether either of the French or Australian Open rules are just, both of the players broke them.He will fight the visa cancellation in court to still play Aus Open.Osaka to protect their own health, Djokovic to potentially endanger others.The court was also asked whether Djokovic could be moved to a hotel with a tennis court so he could practice.Yet, Osaka received an onslaught of abuse and was forced to withdraw by the body that should support her, while there seems to be far less official condemnation of Djokovic’s behavior.Prime Minister Scott Morrison said there was 'no medical exemption in place'.It sends a very clear message: men are allowed to bend the rules when it is appropriate for them, and women can not.

It’s also another reminder of the disparity between how we view mental vs physical challenges.“But if Tennis Australia decides to do what it wants to do in running its enterprise, it will.There’s a distasteful ‘prove it’ attitude towards an athlete’s mental illness, while more sympathy and understanding surrounding individual choice when it comes to physical complications.These are both huge double standards we see time and time again in sport; Andy Murray quietly withdrew from the Tokyo Olympics men’s singles with a thigh strain, but due to a condition known as ‘the twisties’ and was met with uproar.You may also like Naomi Osaka is reduced to tears by the media – highlighting the upsetting pressures that Black female athletes face Osaka’s courage and selflessness is clear in her decision making: talking publicly about mental health is scary, and she even wrote that her withdrawal was down to the fact that she didn’t want to distract the competition.“People must be fully vaccinated as defined by Atagi [the Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation] to gain quarantine-free entry into Australia,” the prime minister, Scott Morrison, said on Thursday.I wonder how different the narrative would be if it was Osaka, Biles or another female sports player in Djokovic’s shoes? Images: Getty Sign up for workouts, nutritious recipes and expert tips.

You’ll also get a free Beginner’s Guide To Strength Training.Enter your email address.This is nothing about any one individual, it is simply a matter of following the rules, and so those processes will take their course over the next few hours and that event will play out as it should.

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Love the article. We do have a direct comparison though. Renata Voracova was there on the same exemption but quietly left the country when her visa was cancelled.

Novak Djokovic fights for his right to play Australian OpenLawyers appearing for the world No.1 appealed to Judge Anthony Kelly to review the decision made by the Department of Home Affairs to deport him. Why would he even want to go there? Look, if this is how it's going to be then boycott the DungeonDownUnder And don't give me that crap about we had to do it or it's the rules. Fk all of you Ahí lo tenés al pelotudo 🤦🤦que se joda por EGOÍSTA 'His right to play' Australia will decide who has the right to enter and play sport in their country, and as he's an anti vaxer, l hope they keep him out 🤬

Novak Djokovic challenges Australian visa cancellation in federal courtThe Australian Open champion is challenging his deportation after the Australian prime minister said officials were ‘following the rules’ Stupid move by Djokovic. He will lose and will face a minimum 3 year exclusion from entering Australia. Hv d guts to challenge fed court Really? He must just go home. He is not special…rules are rules…

Novak Djokovic visa dispute delays entry to Australia for OpenThe decision to allow tennis number one and avowed vaccine sceptic Novak Djokovic a medical exemption to take part in the Australian Open has prompted a huge backlash in Australia, among politicians and the public. kemenzerem Too late. He's gone. And the idiot who approved his visa must be sacked too kemenzerem They have their flag in their chickencoop over LoL kemenzerem Nope ...

Novak Djokovic visa cancelled: why is the tennis star being kicked out of Australia?Australian Open champion could soon be on a plane home after border force took action after he landed in Melbourne novakdjokovic is a prominent anti vaxxer and Australia has strict laws-blocking even citizens from returning for more than a year. He has no legitimate reason for an exemption and TennisAustralia assumed they could sweep him in the country and back muss no fuss. WRONG - apartheid Because he is a highly influential antivaxer

Why Novak Djokovic is so desperate to play the Australian OpenTennis superstar Novak Djokovic has 4.4 million reasons to compete in the Australian Open this month - but he could be deported after his visa was dramatically denied by authorities on Thursday.

Novak Djokovic facing three-year ban from re-entering AustraliaNovak Djokovic could now be banned from re-entering Australia for up to three years after his visa was rejected. Will it actually be banned though?! 🤷🏼‍♂️ AusOpen NovakDjokovic AO2022 Good