The countries on the red travel ban list following huge shake-up

The countries on the red travel ban list following huge shake-up

9/17/2021 7:17:00 PM

The countries on the red travel ban list following huge shake-up

THE government has scrapped the traffic light system, with the amber list being merged into the green list. Instead, countries are either on the Rest of the World “open travel” list or …

What are the rules for red list destinations?Brits must still pay for a 10-day hotel quarantine package when returning to the UK.The cost of a quarantine hotel stay increased in price last month, and now costs £2,285 per person, which includes the required Covid tests.

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The price for a second adult sharing the hotel room costs £1,430 while kids cost £325.Children under 5 can stay for free.Travellers coming into England from the red list countries have to book a stay at a quarantine hotel through an online booking platform.

If passengers leave the quarantine hotel before their 10 days are up, they will be handed a £5,000 coronavirus fine, but this figure can increase up to £10,000.What are the other travel rules?Also announced today, fully vaccinated Brits will no longer need to have expensive PCR tests to return to the UK.

Not only has the pre-arrival test been scrapped, but double-jabbed travellers will only need a lateral flow test on day two, which cost around £30.Unvaccinated Brits will have to quarantine for 10 days as well as pay for a pre-arrival test, and tests on day two and day eight.

However, this is likely to be introduced later next month.4Turkey, Egypt and the Maldives have now been taken off the red list4The Maldives is now off the list, and is open for Brits to travel toCredit: AlamyBrits given holiday boost as Boris Johnson confirms traffic light rules will be ‘simplified’ with fewer tests for hols

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COVID-19 travel list: Caribbean hotspots among countries at risk of being added to red listSky News finds out which countries could be affected by the government's COVID-19 travel list update.

Ministers to cut ‘red list’ countries by up to half to simplify England’s travel rulesFurther change will see amber tier removed to make clearer distinction between government’s ‘go’ and ‘no go’ destinations If rather that they cut red list countries in half because that's what the data tells them to do.

Doctor calls red list travel shake up 'worrying' and warns of new Covid variantsLorraine Kelly is a Scottish television presenter on UK television who presents the early morning chat show Lorraine (2001). She was one of the original presenters of GMTV (1993), and went on to present its magazine section for the final forty minutes of the broadcast, known as LK Today. Previously, Lorraine was a reporter and main presenter of ... And how many PCR tests do they actually sequence? We don’t want to pick up new variants we just want our lives back Pcr tests cannot tell the difference between influenza and Corona.

Unjabbed 'to quarantine for 10 days' when they return to UK in travel shake-upUnder the major shake-up the unvaccinated may still have to take a Covid test before boarding a flight back home as well as a PCR test on day two after the return, it has been reported Government and media might as well start calling the unvacinated unclean because let's face it that's what they mean anything to stoke more division and hatred between groups if people are at each other's throats there not looking at government and how inept they are 😡

Rip-off tests for double-jabbed travellers returning to Britain set to be scrappedTraffic light system expected to be replaced, but tougher restrictions await unvaccinated holidaymakers in shake-up of Covid travel rules

Travel announcement expected later - with traffic light system to be replaced and Turkey taken off red listEnvironment Secretary George Eustice says he understands that there will be a meeting today to discuss travel restrictions, but says 'no decisions have actually been taken yet' KayBurley Read more here: Free for all as the 3 devolved nations tighten restrictions and hospitals suffer. England is devoid of common sense. remember you all get vaccinated and wear a mask when needed and be a part of the solution and not the problem