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Swedish hospitals scrap trial of malaria drug for COVID-19 patients

Swedish hospitals abandon trial of promising malaria drug chloroquine for coronavirus patients after causing them blinding headaches, vision loss and agonising cramps

4/8/2020 1:14:00 PM

Swedish hospitals abandon trial of promising malaria drug chloroquine for coronavirus patients after causing them blinding headaches, vision loss and agonising cramps

Doctors at the Sahlgrenska University Hospital in Vastra Gotaland are no longer administering the medication after patients like Carl Sydenhag (pictured) became more ill.

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BudGothmog44 Next! dryden_lorna MAJORITY of Drs. advocate the Hydroxychloroquine treatment. Doctors Vladimir (Zev) Zelenko Mohammud Alam Sten H.Vermund Didier Raoult Mehmet Oz SHIVA Ayyadurai Anthony Cardillo Rich McCormick Lee Vliet Scott Jensen James Todaro Justin Wasserman Marty Fox More fear tactics, wake up people. Do your on research and stop letting these people try to control you.

This is all you need to know about that article. MiaFarrow Who knew? There are 2 types.... Chloroquine (Arlen) and Hydroxychloroquine (Plaquenil). Arlen side effects are more pronounced. Must be overdosing them on purpose Then its not very “promising” is it? YAYshamsaldeen karaswisher Here is a better medicine Kara_Swisher Michelle_TCL1

Trump is “pushing” drugs that may kill people. How much more of the 💩 show ? alpontif Yusufaderoju05 DougDooganuchi has been used for 65 yrs. no 'LAWSUITS'. causes what. tell this to lupus and severe arthritis sufferers. gtconway3d But, trump, please take it Vision Loss!!!!! ScottLeMagicien 'promising' based on what evidence aside from the rambling of a madman paid off by the pharmaceutical industry to push an untested product?

SeriousUnci realDonaldTrump The big greedy mouth should stop enriching himself via chloroquine! Serabbi So did France Administer 3 fold to Trump supporters who insist on being given hydroxychloroquine waweru MOH_Kenya ppbkenya take notes There's something really fishy going on. Is there a virus at all? CoronaHoax

Only properly set up randomised clinical trials will get the correct answer Please help the RECOVERYtrial to recruit patients Reporting ad hoc small scale studies doesn’t help either way How does that make it “promising”? Strange that they even tried it in the first place? H_Mc92 Those dastardly Swedes trying to ruin realDonaldTrump ‘s chloroquine party. Any minute now he’ll be making snide remarks about how they contribute less than US to NATO and what failures universal healthcare and childcare are.

Dr Drump: this is a tremendously terrible hospital There is not enough evidence to show it actually works effectively unless unset very specific criteria. Early, etc. But Trump is recommending to take it prophylactically but that leaves nothing for people who actually need it. Why not to stick to vitamin C- higher dose than 1000mg.

realDonaldTrump please refer this before u use Hydroxychloroquine teddyboylocsin Didn’t you know of the side effects of the Chloroquine? HedgeyeDJ FakeNews ChineseVirusScam Let the scientists figure out if it’s an effective treatment. All I know is a POTUS shouldn’t be hawking it like he’s on the home shopping network.

spock4444 Trump hurts everyone. hoaxeye , please verify this information eugenegu I favour painful cramps, palpitations, etc., so naturally I endorse this drug. But...but... Orange man said goodz.... gtconway3d What have you got to lose? Brain function, eyesight, that's okay, they are probably on their last legs anyway. WTF

Are there no Swedish politicians, or British, that have investments in Chrloroquine/Hydroxychloroquine? John_Scotus Has someone shown this to realDonaldTrump seanhannity IngrahamAngle AdamCSmith Fake news. Just couple hospitals not all .. HelenELais Terrible and predictable. boris3324 Please forward to Dr D. J. Trumpf, MD,PHD,FACP

EscaleraCat You may want to read this realDonaldTrump That's interesting. Completely opposite in Turkey. Hydroxycloroquine is more effective than chloroquine. Just saying. Blosspet trump TrumpPressBriefing It has terrible side effects! I have Lupus & took it for years. Eventually my 20/20 vision went bad. To see my computer, even with glasses, I have to set it at 175% mag. Lost my job- What good is a Critical Care RN who can't even see a basic heart monitor? Plaquenil is awful

and who saw that coming? Hmm. Not seeing this on Fox. Publia1920 Well then this happened... There you go GeraldoRivera that's why it's not a good idea. 'wHat dO YoU HavE To LoSe? TrY iT!' RonDeSantisFL how about this How much stock do you own? Why you pushing this drug? Why do you want so many floridians to suffer and die? COVID19

Well duh they should be using the less toxic hydroxychloroquine . What’s the worst that could happen? RF_P0TUS We been created with a different mud from around the world we doesn't respond same. jeffreycaldwell How's that promising? Better run that by Dr. Diaper Hmmmm. Death from the virus is a very serious side effect as well.

RETWEET THIS so people don't take Trumps' SNAKE OIL CURE which it ISN'T ALL IT WILL DO IS LINE TRUMPS POCKETS They'll be telling us about expert's and then things will be turning out terribly,. 😠😠😠😠 gtconway3d DJT, are you listening? 1. Hidroxicloroquina, não cloroquina. Deve ser usado com Azitromicina e Zinco no início da doença, por 7 DIAS, antes de comprometer os pulmões; 2. Usado a 70 anos no Brasil para tratar por vários MESES paciente com malária, lúpus etc. Sem patente. Barato. Cura covid19 no Brasil

YVRbus These are symptoms I get after watching DonaldTrump! TaritaC This is a hard core drug. Side effects. I 100% support President Trump's personal right to take this drug nevertheless 1. They should try Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), which is less toxic. 2. I call BS! The drug has been around forever. The dosages and side effects should be well-known, even by Swedish doctors. 3. They NEVER publish the treatment regimen, only PR statements. 🤔🤔 Narrative control?

Guess what Dr. Feigl-Ding will take if he gets the virus? Count that drug out of 'Swedish Strain'. There is also these side effects of drugs that save lives. How about chemo? Odd enough chemotherapy saves lives. This is a known side effect for LONG TERM USE SUCH AS RA AND LUPIS. WHY ARE YOU ALWAYS TRYING TO SAY A COUPLE DOSES WILL HURT YOU. All those symptoms are preferred to DEATH you ppl are just plane stupid. Sign this

SMH 𝗖𝗢𝗩𝗜𝗗-𝟭𝟵 𝗦𝘆𝗺𝗽𝘁𝗼𝗺𝘀: Blinding Headaches Vision Loss Agonizing Cramps loserthink “What do you have to lose?” Apparently your vision realDonaldTrump moron Please read the article, it take info from one Swedish hospital, that states 1 in 100 suffers serious side effects. The headline is sensational.

realDonaldTrump chan_Nav chloroquine will be abandoned because its real it can end corona, devils ar in charge wretchardthecat Junk article ! I think chloroquine doesn't work the same way for every coronavirus patient. Perhaps not for the most of them. I'm sure they were just doing HCQ wrong. Try harder Sweden! *This tweet delivered with sarcasm

MelissaJPeltier Will 45 pay attention to what happened in Sweden? Nah, he’ll go full speed ahead...damn the side effects. MelissaJPeltier Uh-oh... gtconway3d They don’t have a COVIDiot 45. For 25 years of my life in Nigeria, I treated Malaria at least once or twice a year using Chloroquine!!!! It caused severe itching, body pains, vomiting, hallucinations, etc. It’s best paired with Paracetamol. There are more tolerant Malaria drugs now like Coartem & Artesunate.

So they are condemning these people to death, in Brazil they are curing hundreds of patients with this remedy that is even used for other diseases. wretchardthecat Do a lame trial, get lame results. The side effects were baked into the design of the trial through the choice of chloroquine rather than hydroxychloroquine which is the more recommended treatment.

sifalio realDonaldTrump So apparently a nursing home in Texas just up and decided to do this preemptively without informing patient families or getting their consent, and Governor Abbott just announced it at a press conference as though that was a good thing. 🤷‍♂️ gtconway3d Should that stop the U.S. from using it? Not according to Dr. Trump.

gtconway3d They are not driven by their stock portfolio Pass the word to Trumpy. Where did they get it from? China? A small number of people are bound to have adverse reactions. Not everyone can take all pharmaceuticals. I certainly can’t. Doesn’t mean it’s a bad drug, after 65 yrs of successful use. They are having success with VitaminCIV too. Hydroxychloroquine AllWorkTogether

gtconway3d 45 have you had someone explain this to you? Calling Fox..anyone reading this.....so much for some miraculous recovery from coronavirus credited to hydroxychloroquine he was touting at the briefing yesterday... Follow the money to the TrumpCrimeFamily From your very article: 'It is unclear which drug the Swedish patients were given, but hydroxychloroquine is thought to be less toxic and causes fewer side effects.' That's some top-notch journalism there guys.

gtconway3d Well trump is still trying to play dr. Trump needs to see this, blinding headaches, VISION LOST, SEVERE ABDOMINAL PAIN. What a moron who would get on national TV and tout this drug unless Drs deem to use. I'm thinking he has a financial interest. Trump will mame ppl at the least fwdcrocblu Welcome to Lupus treatment

gtconway3d dunno. verdict not in yet, but dr. trump's is. or is that 'i don't know, maybe' Don’t believe it xscoutie Oops Oops-not many “congenital blood disorders” in Nordic folks...? That’s what “Hydrocholoro” may work best on in Covid-19 patients.... Drewdferguson They should have ask to medical Doctors in Senegal, specailly Dr. Moissa Seydi, about their successful protocols, and not trying to do it themselves.

evidence based medicine works, folks...! Pussies. Don’t believe you... Yeah sure A real journalist would ask why they used chloroquine and not hydroxychloroquine? A shame no one told DeSantis before he ordered his million doses. gtconway3d As someone who grew up in Africa and took chloraquine every rainy season to combat malaria, I can attest to the terrible side effects. My brother almost died from severe convulsions. Stay far away from it.

Jean_of_Arc2020 Good call listening to realDonaldTrump gtconway3d “Chloroquine” kinda comes off the tongue like a goto poison Nazis would use.. “not tested but let’s try this poison out on millions of Americans.. what do they have to lose?” gtconway3d POTUS ChimicoScettico veramagalhaes gtconway3d Sadly not a surprise.

Augustinia 'promising' for investors? Somebody tell USA! kathid_d I’ve tried to alert Twitterverse about the frightening aspects of hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine. It comes in varying strengths, and has some harsh side effects. Most doctors would only use them in the most critical cases. They are not a panacea.

Well it’s hardly “promising “ then is it you morons.... COVIDー19 Mailbullshit dontbuythemail gtconway3d I can also cause heart problems. The same reasons I didn’t take it when I lived in countries with malarial mosquitoes and I had a heart murmur. Why do I have the nagging suspicion that this is simply fake news?

These reports are irresponsible JHinkley24 Now please stop your columnists writing about it. laurapied Shit! Don’t tell realDonaldTrump ! Huh, still sounds better than death on ventilator. RTMannJr So did the doctor in Paris. Sounds like a Trump Brand product Yep...this is why I have bloodwork done regularly and my vision checked every 6 months. You can lose a lot🤬

gtconway3d Great, have Hannity and Trump take as a 'trial'. The will be heroes..... Nothing promising about it. DennisCardiff “What do you have to lose?”, asked Trump. Vision, is one of the things. gtconway3d So now we have doctors from Sweden & France scrapping testing of malaria drug to treat Coronavirus...

. msfit60 But Spanky said it works 🤥 gtconway3d What do you have to lose? Cc realDonaldTrump DeityFree Promising? WTF! Trump’s “jonestown juice” doesn’t work. What surprise! gtconway3d That can’t be right because renowned biomedical research scientist, Dr Donald Trump (he played one once on reality tv) says he has a “gut feeling” it will work and after all, “what do you have to lose?” Other than maybe you eyesight. MAGA? Not so much!

gtconway3d You mean they were stupid enough to listen to Trump and try that drug on their patients? They ought to be sued for medical malpractice! Doobie1973 But did they live? Only before it's done gtconway3d Trump’s logic: Why are they whining, they have to die anyway ... djmincey11 Trump says those are only minor issues. 'Believe 'ME'.

gtconway3d Once again, Donald ‘Duck’ Trump promotes lies and dangerous falsehoods. gtconway3d Have tRump and his minions try the drug, perhaps they’ll be satisfied with the results without “looking” at it. gtconway3d Stock holder? Trump won't be happy Katie383980 I’ve had this drug and had zero side effects. Saying that, I had it for its purpose and not to fight Covid.

realDonaldTrump gtconway3d gtconway3d 'blinding headaches, vision loss and agonizing cramps' are but some of the symptoms I experience when trump appears on my TV gtconway3d gtconway3d YES! I was on Chloroquine for YEARS (autoimmune) and had all of the above. It can really screw with your eyesight...Dr. Trump😠

Bollox gtconway3d Pay attention realDonaldTrump gtconway3d “What can it hurt?” he said. Promising? One flawed study and a maniac with a financial stake cheerleading for it. Get outta here with this “promising” nonsense. gtconway3d so they did in fact have something to lose? can't believe those doctors knew what they were talking about and The Very Stable Genius did not.

gtconway3d So otherwise a smashing success, as predicted👍 gee, who woulda thunk Why are you calling it “promising” when it was never any such thing? FrankFunaro Fake Fake FAKERY! May be not suitable for Swedish gtconway3d 'Take it. What do you have to lose?' ~Donald Trump, repeatedly 'What have you got to lose?' 😒

Why are you still describing it as “promising”? Won't matter to Trump. He's already rationalized death as an outcome that he's okay with? *Of all the studies to date, this drug has helped, failed and even hurt many people. That's an undisputable fact. *We must further test the drug to draw any scientifically-based conclusions on its efficacy for COVID19. *Anything but this is dangerous and politically motivated.

gtconway3d But Dr. t rump said! starry_dreams1 That is what malaria drugs do! Blurred vision! Dizziness etc SpiroAgnewGhost Trumps miracle just evaporated. gtconway3d this is not a good sign for those devoted trump supporters who believe his words and are diving into these drugs :( gtconway3d realDonaldTrump DonaldJTrumpJr

TDanevirke Why would anyone call this fake news? the treatment is anecdotal at best ( not necessarily true or reliable, because based on personal accounts rather than facts or research.) People can choose what to take and the risks. I just don't believe it should be touted by the Con Man The dose for covid19 was alarmingly high. I was poisoned by a prescribed medicine 5 years ago, and am still dealing with hearing/vision loss, muscle/tendon/body inflammation. I shuddered when I heard about the chloroquine trials, but I do expect other trials during this pandemic.

gtconway3d vision issues were a known side effect of the drug...sigh. In 10% of cases, so is cardiac arrest. gtconway3d gtconway3d susanhydepark gtconway3d It's being used in South Africa where needed on cases where the patient isn't able to fight the virus off on their own. The dosage is low and spread over 5 days. So far, we have just 13 Covid-19 deaths. I have no idea why there is such a negative attitude towards the treatment.

gtconway3d m and m’s might work too 'What do you have to lose?' More for us. gtconway3d If Trump wants to push this drug then he should take it - the side effects are just what he needs. gtconway3d Top items listed as side effects gtconway3d Let’s see if Trump gets the memo. gtconway3d That's strange, Trump takes it everyday and suffers no ill effects!

gtconway3d realDonaldTrump GOP - cons, fyi gtconway3d It was killing them. Aren’t all of those symptoms of the virus and not the meds? gtconway3d gtconway3d A close friend was taking Hydroxychloroquine for lupus. She had to stop because it damaged her retinas and the damage is irreversible. gtconway3d Damn, Sweden got bought out by the Cabal!

gtconway3d realDonaldTrump gtconway3d Our low IQ president is pushing Americans to use this drug, he wants to kill more of us, WakeUpAmerica BlueWave2020 November 3, tell CHEETODUST your FIRED gtconway3d Don't tell Fox or Trump because this is their latest miracle cure/ way to get idiots killed. In fact always do the exact opposite of what these low life's tell you.

That's why lupus patients are carefully monitored when using chloroquine. Another frequent side effect is cardiac arrhythmia. Or irregular heartbeat. gtconway3d Not to mention that it causes heart failure for those of us with heart problems. But hey.... what have we got to lose! realDonaldTrump is a jerk who cares about nothing but himself and his money. WAKE UP AMERICA!!

gtconway3d As if suffering from COVID isn’t enough, IMPOTUS wants to experiment on them and maybe blind them as well. Shades of Josef Mengele. Smdfh. gtconway3d OK, All Fox types and GOP politicians to take lots of chloroquine ! Rudy have a few glasses and top it up with chloroquine! gtconway3d Perhaps they should consult with the world's premier expert, *Dr.* Trump

gtconway3d So much for Trump's'miracle treatment'. Wonder if he'll shut up about it? (No I don't, he CAN'T shut up)! gtconway3d MeduniWienMedia SusanneSCHAFFE2 lipsandskin gtconway3d Keep feeding to magatards gtconway3d Even the Daily Mail knows that prescribing drugs without knowing what they'll do is stupid.

gtconway3d One of the major side effects is sudden blindness. “What do you have to lose?” gtconway3d I hope anyone who looks to tRump for medical advice - follows it. gtconway3d ‘What do u got to lose’ - Cheeto gtconway3d 'What do you have to lose?' famous last words gtconway3d They must not have been using the Trump branded version which cures COVID, erectile dysfunction and windmill cancer all at one go.

gtconway3d Science gtconway3d And this is what tRump chose to stockpile. Where’s the ppe? gtconway3d They must not have been using Trump brand chloroquine. gtconway3d Shhhh Donny has stock in that. gtconway3d Imagine that TrumpOwnEveryDeath gtconway3d This doesn't sound like good news for realDonaldTrump's investment.

gtconway3d But Donald Trump said.... They obviously missed the memo that it needs to be mixed with zinc. Well according to a doctor in LA who says all his patients made a good recovery Why experiment on people who are already suffering excruciating discomfort and have little enough energy to get by. Some people have allergic reaction to Chloroquine...it can even cause death

Ooh. realDonaldTrump isn’t going to like this DubeDennie look at the comments here! This hasn't happened in any of the other trials being run across the world. So what's wrong with Swedish people? French professor Dédier Raoult has been running the experiment in a Marseille hospital, France, for weeks and claims it is a highly successful drug.

What I don’t understand is the sudden poisonous nature of chloroquine... it’s been used for decades for the treatment of malaria and autoimmune diseases so why is it suddenly poisonous...I take chloroquine and the only side effect is it’s nasty taste and some itching More anecdotal BS. I’d take the headaches and cramps if I could live.

I earlier warned seriously that chloroquine and its variant are extremely strong drugs used for treatment of malaria disease. Many who aren't used to d drugs can't take it at all and close monitoring is required. You shall surely have nightmares when you ingest chloroquine Someone let that cnt Trump know please...

song_title Saab story. I don't believe it. Those sound like covid symptoms, not the drugs Sweden is gone, why believe a word that comes out of it, they betrayed their people.... yet im sure they still give Chemo to cancer patients, what is the difference... Does it work I'll save you the read...the end of the actual article 'It is unclear which drug the Swedish patients were given, but hydroxychloroquine is thought to be less toxic and causes fewer side effects.' Daily Mail BS.

What's different about Sweden? That hasn't been reported anywhere else. BS I feel sorry for the Swedish people. In South Korea, chloroquine is standard care. S Korea has over 10,000 cases of covid 19 and only 200 deaths. I’ve taken HCQ for 40 years for RA. This is bullshit. I’d rather go through that then die

🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 but I thought they had no problems in their country anyway? They probably the chloroquine from China. That would explain everything.🐱 Yeah, damn those headaches. Let's all die instead Crazy people believe this shit works when there’s no real scientific study to back it up! Right now it’s just “snake oil” & a unproven remedy! Trump’s pushed this drug, for what ever reason, but he’s totally unqualified!

Them headaches are the worst More propaganda from the Daily Mail, they’re trying to scare us again, you can’t control the masses if they aren’t “sick”! This is the only place I have read this side effect, come on! Other side effect. Death. I think I can take the recommended dose to live. How many side effects in the pharmaceutical medication that were all taking now? This is really a problem?

Chris_1791 A few years ago I was given Plaquenil for my RA however, I developed kidney disease , so no one knows how these drugs are going to help/hurt us ! Beware of Greedy salesmen 🖤🖤🖤 drsanjaygupta CuomoPrimeTime CNN BuzzFeed WHO Fakenews Yet for 65 yrs there were little to no side effects Definately

а они читали инструкцию?)) там же описаны побочки So they prefer death over cramps and headaches? ChineseVirus Let me guess Anonymous source This drug has been used more 40 years, correct? Why weren't the Swedes using hydroxychloroquinine which has many fewer side effects? Is it because they were having problems obtaining stockpiles of that drug and only had access to chloroquine?

This is the biggest lie I have ever read. Presently on chloroquine and don't have these things. This message must be from big pharma. Bullshit As already warned this has many side effects. This needs to be left to professionals. We agree that we don’t want doctors to shriek in emergencies but again we don’t want them to be reckless and expose them to litigation. Sweden seems to be taking the sensible route in general.

It should be administered at early stages and not when complications set in. When fever sets in and the cough starts, then the treatment should be commenced!People are playing politics with people’s lives! It’s terrible and most unfortunate! People are dying and some still argue. Money is the best medicine ha ha ha

People react differently but it is not common. In my country it is used for treatment of malaria! In recent times, I had taken two doses of it and no reaction! It’s overdose of it that can cause sight blurring! I took it with Azithromycin for five days and no reaction! Swedish hospitals were using chlroquine phosphate, sometimes in over-dosage, and not hydroxychloroquine which has much less side effects. Not surprising that patients had some heavy side effects. I think swedish doctors are bad informed with these drugs.

Chloroquine causes skin discomfort, dizziness for days after Malaria treatment cnn is going to adore this! calistevenj and Hydrochloroquine has much fewer side effects than Chloroquine.........They should be testing Hydrochloroquine.... Such a controversial medicament... Thanks god for Hydroxychloroquine. Never was easier to see who is in United States pockets. Dirty little pockets..

And at the end of the article, they state that the article has zero facts because it’s unknown what they were given. “Let’s print this story without ANY facts or actual interviews, then at the end we will put a disclaimer stating that we didn’t do ANY research” RealJamesWoods 'what do you have to lose'...

In France we have very good reaction on people AvonandsomerRob Didn't they overdose people? AvonandsomerRob But that is way better than death? Also I believe this drug can damage your kidneys On the payroll of Pearly Gates by any chance? That's proved in China before😟, chloroquine has unpredictable side effects when using larger dose

I wonder if Trump will mention this at the next briefing... Apparently Trump isn’t actually a doctor or researcher. Who knew? 'Three anti-malarial drugs are prescribed for lupus symptoms. Hydroxychloroquine (Plaquenil) is the most commonly prescribed because it is generally believed to cause fewer side effects'

DavidLevan15 I had IV chloroquine in 1995 when I had malaria. Made me quite deaf which wore off mostly) I am still a bit challenged with left ear but I think that’s probably Walkman use as a kid. I wonder if it’s the new hydroxy version or if it’s patient specific. TheOnlyGuru Quite right, only Bill Gates mandatory mass vaccination programme will fix this 👀

wellynelly6 😔 In severe cases of covid19 related ards-like the lung is affected by an alteration of the inflammatory response towards pro inflammation drugs that inhibit this response give some chance of recovery (tocilizumab, cloroquine used yet for artritiis, lupus) in association therapies We have good results here in real patients in Thailand too.

This from a hard Left Liberal government backed trial. That's the side effect of antimalarials, just look up about why the Canadian army stopped using it. It must be made in India wonder how much they were dosing them. I'd rather have a migraine which i suffer from anyway & cramps lol try monthly or having a baby. Regardless I'd try if alternative is Death. Also what are all his previous conditions? That have anything to do with it.

No itching ? BDSP Dr Zelenko, Dr Graves, & Dr Corsi discuss Dr Zelenko's amazing success treating high-risk COVID-19 patients w/ his cocktail of Hydroxychloriquine + zinc sulfate + Z-pack! I used to take this drug quite frequently, back in the ‘70s. It was the only prophylaxis for malaria, and highly recommended, if not ‘compulsory’ , for travel in areas in which malaria was endemic. I recall it did cause mild nausea.

Hope someone tells the USA & Trump. Then Trump is a big headache anyway. Its trial and error, at least they tried, this is unknown to every country, and all will be trying different ways until something works then it will be shared to every country try , that batch of drugs must have come from China. I've heard nothing in the US

Yeah...much better to die than experience a headache and temporary blindness (when the majority of patients don't suggest from these symptoms and recover). morons Fake News! Hydroxychloroquine has been commonly used for 65 years to protect against malaria, & Drs have widely prescribed it off-label for Lupus & RA for decades, so they know it's safe. Dr Zelenko has successfully treated 1000 ppl with it for COVID-19

JaniceB69003025 More FakeNews from the left wing rags vox newsweek etc Give them a shot of cymerus,that will fix them.👍 HenryLawson55 Load of bollocks.. And France continues to use it People on the other side of the earth are purposely going blind to spite Donald Trump. That's the only explanation that doesn't make Trump look like a moron so it must be the truth.

ZartashChaudhry why only Sweden gov is taking the pandemic differently from rest of the world in every move to eradicate it? 🤔 Your POV .. In Brazil we had good results using this medicine. Yesterday the health minister advice each doctor to use in the beginning of the treatment. Chloroquine is a strong drug, it makes you nauseous, you itch like you are about to die and that lingering smell, it's why we always took it at night with a very strong meal before it was banned. I pray they get another drug.

Using an immunosuppressive against a virus that impacts people with underlying health issues such compromised immune systems is likely the most illogical approach to healthcare one could imagine. CNN ChrisCuomo camanpour realDonaldTrump Errr why they are using chloroquine? Suppose hydroxychloroquine right?

Didn't China try absolutely everything on their population during their lockdown? so what is the shock things are not working when tried now? These can be side effects - in serious cases without it death is inevitable Maybe it's a 'Swedish thing' Haven't heard that reaction elsewhere. So they didn't published any results and they simply stopped ? Isn't it weird ?

Fake news. Sounds like they just had a bad hangover lol cures but sorry, it gave you a headache, guess your just gonna have to die. MAN UP IT WORKS cc JamesDelingpole

Mexican official infected with COVID-19 'spat, coughed' on doctorsMexican health official Dr. Daniel López Regalado tested positive for COVID-19 was fired Monday from his director post after 'spitting and coughing on hospital staff' over the weekend. He should be in jail Dam dog...wtf Terrorist

'Too early for lockdown exit strategy' as Covid-19 death toll passes 5,000The Prime Minister has been admitted to hospital for tests after 10 days of persistent coronavirus symptoms, with aides saying he 'looked dreadful' during his isolation period

Former world officials call on US to ease Iran sanctions to fight Covid-19A group of 24 former diplomats and defence officials says shifting rules on medical trade could save hundreds of thousands of lives But US won't. Kinda like killing Jamal Khashoggi....what citizen is reporting for him? Hmmmm sounds like a double standard! The real enemy of the world is USA at this point, the real criminals that have assassinated more people around the world. Second is Imperial Europe. The ass lickers of USA.

Ten public transport workers - including 8 bus drivers - die of Covid-19TEN transport workers in London have tragically died after contracting coronavirus, it was revealed today. London Mayor Sadiq Khan says eight people who work on buses and a train driver are among t… Sad ☹️ ☹️☹️ I take underground drivers to work in the morning’s one driver that I took to Leyton station said they had one box’s of hand gel time they got to work the management had already had there hands in the box an left the drives with zero gel

Baby suffering from COVID-19 is applauded by hospital staffFootage has emerged of the moment the four-month-old, who has not been named, was taken off a ventilator in a Spanish hospital having successfully responded to treatment for COVID-19 👇 👏👏👏👏👏 Play at the heartstrings so you don’t use your head.

Baby suffering from COVID-19 is applauded by hospital staffFootage has emerged of the moment the four-month-old, who has not been named, was taken off a ventilator in a Spanish hospital having successfully responded to treatment for COVID-19 WOW This must make it all worthwhile. Amazing result. A baby needed a ventilator. VERY serious illness. If you don't think this is serious you are being denied facts about covid19 socialdistancing Wonderful news to share!