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Story of Vatican's chief exorcist for 30 years Father Gabriel Amorth

Athe Vatican's chief exorcist for 30 years, Father Gabriel Amorth claimed to have dealt with the devil 60,000 times

4/9/2020 8:29:00 AM

Athe Vatican's chief exorcist for 30 years, Father Gabriel Amorth claimed to have dealt with the devil 60,000 times

Father Gabriel Amorth (pictured) was the Vatican's chief exorcist and he was convinced he faced evil incarnate one morning in 1997 in Rome, Italy.

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That's 6 a day every day for 30yrs bullshit Wow such good fiction If only he was able to hound out the paedophile devils within his own organisation a lot of children’s lives would’ve been saved. 😂😂 Catholism is satanic and their priests/pope have gone into worshiping the devil & practised Idolatry, human rituals, sacrifices witchcraft and wizardry in Italy. They have provoked God Jehovah to bring the wrath of the deadly CoronavirusPandemic in their own Land. ITALY REPENT.

Seen too much Lucifer 🤔? That’s 60000 priests, cardinals and popes Isn't anyone fascinated by the possibilities of this? This man is a legend was it bill gates? It’s called psychosis & they need a lot more then prayers. Ppl who claim they experienced demons obsession have mental issues like Schizophrenia & believing in demons makes it more realistic to them. I mean. In dark ages they thought losing ability to move when we wake up had something to do w/ supernaturals but it's just sleep paralysis

Zak_Bagans it seems he wasn't very successful then... Superstitions, or movies économic Linda Blair is in twitter 😀 He perpetuated the suffering of the mentally ill. Religion in a nutshell. Father Gabriel Amorth is a shameless liar. Not sure about this. But my Aunt reckons it's why Catholic priests are tempted above all others. If you say so dear . I'm not Catholic.

something to do with alter boys i imagine Daily Mail has picked a picture from Scary Movie 2 HAHAHAHAH Not sure if was intended or just a mistake People who believe that are delusional. hmm. call me crazy but I'm not sure i believe that Oh well if he adds Pell to the list that will be 60,001 times he’s dealt with the Devil 😈


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