Storm Dennis 'may cause more damage than Ciara'

Storm Dennis: Experts warn flooding could be worse than Ciara

2/15/2020 8:30:00 AM

Storm Dennis: Experts warn flooding could be worse than Ciara

Flooding could be worse than Storm Ciara because rain will fall on saturated ground, experts warn.

The LNER train company has already cancelled dozens of services between London and the north-east of England.Other companies say services could be affected by speed restrictions as well as fallen trees and debris on the line.It comes on a particularly busy weekend with many families having booked to travel over the half-term school holiday.

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The worst-hit areas could see between 120-140mm of rainfall and gusts of up to 80mph over the weekend, the Met Office said.The predictions are not as severe as last weekend when Ciara brought as much as 184mm of rain and gusts reaching 97mph, resulting in

hundreds of homes flooding and more than 500,000 being left without power.But experts have warned Storm Dennis could bring a"perfect storm" of heavy rain, strong winds and melting snow that could leave even more homes flooded.John Curtin, the Environment Agency's executive director of flood and coastal risk management, said Cumbria, Lancashire and Yorkshire were the areas he was most"concerned" about.

"This (storm) could be a step up from what we have seen before," Mr Curtin said."We had a big storm last weekend, (we now have) saturated catchments, snowmelt and rainfall, so it is a perfect storm."Image copyrightMet OfficeThe Environment Agency said preparations were under way to operate flood defences, flood storage reservoirs and temporary barriers to protect communities.

These include the Foss Barrier in York, the Thames Barrier in London and another in Bewdley, Worcestershire, on the River Severn.UK power operators say they have employed extra engineers and call centre staff to respond to any possible impact of the storm, after widespread power cuts last weekend.

Newly-appointed Environment Secretary George Eustice said he had spoken to local flood response groups across the country on Friday.Highlighting the Environment Agency's preparations, he added:"We are fully focused on ensuring that communities are protected and have access to the support and advice they need to stay safe this weekend."

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Storm Dennis: This weekend's storm could be 'step up' from CiaraResidents of Ribchester in Lancashire have been laying out sandbags and barricading doors as Storm Dennis approaches the UK. Warnings are in place across the whole of Britain, while a month's worth of rainfall is expected in places. Read more here:

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