Sterling loves Primark, Dier flies EasyJet & Kante has a Mini

Dier flies EasyJet, Sterling shops at Primark and Poundland, while N'Golo Kante drives Mini Cooper

2/14/2020 11:32:00 PM

Dier flies EasyJet, Sterling shops at Primark and Poundland, while N'Golo Kante drives Mini Cooper

THEY don’t always flash the cash. Footballers, in general, are known for their expensive tastes – supercars, designer clobber, luxurious breaks away… you get the picture. But not …

Dec 12, 2019 at 4:11am PST“Some of you are probably thinking: Why are you going on about Primark? Is she trying to prove something? Primark is my favourite shop, it has been since I was a kid.“I know I’m wearing Gucci on my feet now but it doesn’t mean my outfits have to be Gucci from head to toe.

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“Primark, that’s my life. I don’t care what anyone says.”JUAN MATAThere are none more humble and wiser than Manchester United star Mata.The Spanish forward is reported to earn £140,000-per-week, which he donates one per cent of to his Common Goal charity.

In 2015, he downgraded his car to an old Volkswagen Beetle.Smart and economical with his finances, instead of buying expensive, materialistic things, he puts his cash into furthering himself.Rather than hangout at Cibo Restaurant, a haunt for United and Manchester City stars like David De Gea and Sergio Aguero, he uses his time wisely to prepare for a life after football.

During his time in England, Mata has studied for degrees in marketing and sports science.13Modest Juan Mata loves to go on backpacking holidays with matesCredit: Instagram, @juanmatagarciaIn 2015 Mata downgraded cars to an old VW BeetleCredit: Instagram, @juanmatagarcia

And just like Dier, Mata isn't afraid to slum it when it comes to holidaying - backpacking with pals instead of heading to a glitzy five-star hotel in Dubai."I travel all year with football but it’s not the same," he told theDaily Mailin 2012.

"I have two friends with me at the moment, and in the summer, I travel with them, to different parts of Spain or Europe."We put backpacks on and go somewhere. The other week, we went to a couple of Greeks islands."YANNICK BOLASIEWhen £25million Everton winger Bolasie was at Crystal Palace, he lived well below his means.

Born in Lyon and raised by Congolese parents in a not so affluent area of North West London, home is certainly where the heart is for Yannick.So when he made it pro, he bought a house near his family to stay grounded.“I’m not going to try to live like Eden Hazard, for example,” he told

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The Guardian.“That’s a totally different lifestyle. He’s gonna have a bigger house, a bigger this … You can get attracted too much to that side. And then you forget what you do best. Football.”13Everton's £25m man Yannick Bolasie wanted to live in a small house, near his family after making it pro

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