Sky to share Cricket World Cup final with Channel 4

Sky to share Cricket World Cup final with Channel 4


Sky to share Cricket World Cup final with Channel 4

Sunday's showdown between England and New Zealand at Lord's will be screened on Sky Sports, as well as Channel 4 and More 4.

"Thanks to our strong relationship with Channel 4, we are partnering to make the game available to everyone, so the whole country can get behind England, and be part of a special national sporting event."

"This Sunday is a massive day for British sport with England tantalisingly close to lifting the Cricket World Cup for the first time and Lewis Hamilton setting his sights on his seventh win at Silverstone - all live on Channel 4.

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Well played Sky, 👏👏 Are they not showing the Grand Prix then congratulations to team England 💖🇵🇰 My Sunday sorted MummyBearClare Are there any plans for Sky and Channel 4 to share coverage of the Scotland/Ireland shinty/hurling international series? Any idea what channel the final is on? The final on Channel 4 is well, millions more will be able to watch it, when England play in any sport it should be on the main channels🤗

Should be a national holiday on Monday if they win Yeah it's a nice touch but sending out push breaking news alerts is a tad OTT I might have to change my twitter name for the day 😂😂

M&S clothing chief Jill McDonald's future in doubtEx-Halfords boss Jill McDonald could be about to step down as M&S's clothing, home and beauty chief, Sky News learns. Oh the patriarchy. She may be a lovely lady, but Stevie Wonder had to see this one coming. The sell tight/skinny suits for men because a) they think it’s fashion b) cheaper to buy and a greater mark-up. All so wrong and that’s just one item. tory donorship may slip too then

The victory over both England and English people congregation 😊 Channel4 also has F1... 🙃 CWC19 BritishGP No one cares. And in other 4 day old news 1 viewer each. Makes sense. and E4

Prisoner stabbed in neck at HMP Swaleside, Sky News understandsThe man in his 30s is said to have left the category B prison on the Isle of Sheppey in an ambulance.

Police to use 'speed camera in the sky' to catch dangerous drivers across LondonA MILITARY-GRADE drone is set to help police catch dangerous drivers across the streets of London. And the flying device can use night vision to track down speeding Brits. Metropolitan Police annou… you better not be sunbathing nude, i get the feeling thats not all they going to be recording.

Dying to learn in Cameroon: Children face death for going to schoolSky News special correspondent AlexCrawfordSky speaks to children forced out of schools by an independence war in Cameroon. Read more on this story here: AlexCrawfordSky Why ? AlexCrawfordSky Think she looks better when she is wearing a burka AlexCrawfordSky Your report is too biase...Kumba hospital was burnt by government forces and there are even bbc videos showing same forces burning villages but you saying the contrary...Why didn't you also meet the Ambazonia fighters to hear from them too

Britain to unleash £130m Star Wars-style LASER cannons to blast drones and missiles out of the skyBRITAIN is set to unleash Star Wars-style laser cannons to shoot missiles and drones out of the sky. Defence chiefs have revealed £130million plans to develop state-of-the-art weapons strapped to h… Yay

Bleeding borders: How Islamist Boko Haram fighters are infiltrating CameroonSky News' AlexCrawfordSky joined Cameroon's military on the frontline in the battle against Boko Haram. Th extremist group want an IS-style caliphate in central Africa. Read more on this story here: AlexCrawfordSky Don’t take prisoners, just give them what they want...👎

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