Sir Bernard Ingham: 'Weirdo' Dominic Cummings behind plans for White House-style briefings, Margaret Thatcher's spokesman says

Margaret Thatcher's former spokesman says 'Weirdo' Dominic Cummings is behind plans for White House-style briefings

8/6/2020 11:46:00 PM

Margaret Thatcher's former spokesman says 'Weirdo' Dominic Cummings is behind plans for White House-style briefings

The former Downing Street spokesman claims the new post is 'a constitutional outrage' and condemns the PM's adviser.

"More seriously, I have my principles. The post is a constitutional outrage even if we have been subjected to televised briefings since the onset of coronavirus."It is a further ill-considered undermining of our parliamentary democracy. And parliament will be for ever damned if it permits this further step down the road to US-style presidential government. Don't hold your breath."

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Sir Bernard adds:"The government is not short of official spokesmen. What it lacks is a coherent approach to as tough a set of problems as any faced by a British government since the Second World War."PM posts ad for TV spokesperson - and Cummings 'throat slit' gesture is clue of wider agenda

And offering advice to would-be applicants for the new post, he writes:"Nobody in their right mind should take the job without a clear understanding of their unlimited access to and close relationship with the PM."As I know only too well, you cannot properly represent the boss through somebody else's filter, whether in the shape of Cummings or arrogant administrators who think their job is to protect you from too much knowledge.

Attacking the government's handling of coronavirus, he writes:"Attitudes are all wrong. It is not hindsight to say that a certain humility was required at the outset of a pandemic caused by a new virus with still no antidote.Coronavirus: Do govt messages lack clarity?

"Yet, while the uncertainties have been implicit in the 'following the science' mantra, ministers have tended to convey a certain command instead of admitting they are learning as they go along."The result has been a confused mess as the anomalies thrown up by measures such as social distancing and masks have demonstrated beyond peradventure that government, national, regional or local, cannot cope with the infinite variety of personal circumstances.

"In the end, only common sense by the public and those administering the rules will get us through it in a reasonable state. The crucial message now should be: take care, get back to work, rescue the economy and save jobs. But would our new televised spokesman be allowed to say it?"

He continues:"Coronavirus, however, is only one subject the proposed new TV figure would have to cope with.How many cases are in your area – updated daily"The media have an unquenchable thirst for stories and, as I know only too well, you may have to cope with anything from the significance of Mrs Thatcher wearing black - a media alert that someone is in for a handbagging - to the intricacies of East-West relations.

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"How is a political spokesman (or no doubt preferably a pretty woman) to be armed not merely with knowledge of issues likely to be raised but, just as important, the background to them?"Don't forget Brexit is still unresolved, Europe and the USA are in a mess. China and Putin's Russia are a serious threat to the world's well-being. And what about all those economic, social and infrastructural problems lying around?"

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He is only an advisor In the room was he?! That’s funny! Ingram calling Cummings a weirdo!🤣 The dinosaur has spoken and has demonstrated he is from a forgotten age. Tut tut sky news your embarrassing yourselfs The States' style of government announcements and manufactured content has resulted in protests, misinformation and division. Surely we don't want to emulate that!

this weird little Cnt symbolises what is wrong with England Your witch hunt is vicious nasty and disgusting. Move on I’m going back to reading the Daily Sport rather than I have to unfollow this liberal metro-shite. Boris is still suffering the after effects of coronovirus, its obvious when you see him. Dont blame him from doing this

Maybe thereshould be US style executions! Why weird. Sensible thing to do. It's 2020 not 1920. Thought sky news didn’t like name calling 🤷‍♀️ Of course he is — like everything else. So what it's not important and it certainly isn't news. Desperation from Sky News team. “Wierdo” Dominic Cummings-what kind of reporting is that - Sky is a complete waste of a thinking mans time - Pathetic.

Brought to you by left wing propaganda machine media Inc. Zero interest in Treason May or her former mongrels. Well worth a go I would say. We might have to watch Sky Australia to see it though. I doubt the BBC, CH4 etc would cover it ! Mind you, I am dispensing with my licence soon anyway once I have my laptop set up to give me news on the TV from the internet.

Wow, certainly not showing any political bias there Who voted for this tit? Why would you repeat that slur against anyone? Weirdo?!Disgraceful reporting 😰 Skynews - news with an agenda. Well the unelected Domanic Cummings is running this country after all. Makes things clear on why the UK Psychopaths are Americanizing everything from European about this stepping stool to their other target nations! 🤔👽👽👀

This golem look a like needs to be out, all the pics, shown of him, he never seems happy, plus he's made a lot of people angry with the whole episode of his, & all his advice he's given the PM. The person responsible is unnamed and outta the way The press should have the balls to not attend any of them but as with everything else, this government will buy them like peerages and Russian assets.

Keep working hard Cummy to win the next election for LABOUR Takes one to know one No one’s listening now. Johnson doesn’t even believe what he says. He starts every sentence with: I think I’m right when I say...........he’s useless. Course he is CummingsMustGo 🇷🇺🐒 He is suppose to go at Christmas. STILL

BorisJohnson 10DowningStreet Not a weirdo, take a good look at his eyes. Cummings is a fruitcake! Good we need someone reliable & informed. Complete utter nutter ....10DowningStreet Pleased to hear it. ScumMedia sly news bringing in thatchers spokesman haha he spoke for that horrible cow who destroyed the working classes in the north of England

It is was up to me I’d get rid of him. He might be brilliant but he’s tarnished and given the times we don’t need tarnished. There must be plenty of intelligent people out there to remove him. It’s not judgement on him but it just needs a reset Galaxy brains How disgustingly rude to call Dominic Cummings a 'weirdo'. Bet you wouldn't have printed that if he wasn't white.

I agree he is a control freak Blimey, how much lower can Sky ‘news’ sink? The public will make sense Well of course he is! Vile man Sly News making sure they keep hold of that ScumMedia label. Isn’t Ingham senile? Aye that's it. Get the views of probably the most hated PM of all time. Who cares it’s all lies anyway

Rasputin The Dirt Dirty Smear Merchants - at is again! 'Weirdo' 😂🤣 - The Media is the VIRUS!

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Prove Dominic Cummings did not make second Durham trip, No 10 urgedTwo of four people who say they saw PM’s aide in north-east complain to police watchdog You don’t have to prove you are innocent The onus on others is to prove Guilt Why does it matter? Nobody died. Labour has no policies, so they snipe and moan about pointless things. Oh come on. Seriously

Boris Johnson and Prince Andrew to be royally mocked in new Spitting ImageThey've not gone easy on Dominic Cummings either 👀 'Let's see what the dummies get up to now' I doubt even Spitting Images could show their worst excesses. Shouldn’t be aired at all Especially with all that’s going on at moment Just another kick in teeth really Mocking people and bullying Adds more diversity I can't wait for this 🤣

Douglas Ross named new Scottish Conservative leaderThe ex-football referee - who quit Boris Johnson's government amid the row over Dominic Cummings - will lead the Unionist cause. Today is Day 1 of the Scottish media building him up to be the next Great Right Hope. Bye bye Scotland. What a fantastic victory Douglas......anothertoryfailure notorysince1955 😂😂

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