Sharon Osbourne

Sharon Osbourne

Sharon Osbourne looks unrecognisable as she ditches iconic red hair for white do

What do you think of Sharon Osbourne's fab new do?


What do you think of Sharon Osbourne 's fab new do?

Sharon Osbourne underwent a “complete transformation” after being “tired” of colouring her hair red every week for 18 years.

Instagram Writing in the caption to his 280,000 followers, California-based Jack said: “Another great day in my career welcoming the most beautiful and elegant talk show host and entertainer @sharonosbourne for a complete transformation.He continued: “Sharon was very tired of coloring her hair once a week and she was obligated to since she is on tv almost every day hosting her popular tv show @thetalkcbs .”

The incredible before and after snaps received more than 47,000 likes and thousands of comments complimenting the star.View gallery Another added: “This transformation is stunning,” while a third said: “Her face looks so soft now....beautiful job for a beautiful lady!” [sic]

He said: “I’m so thankful that everyone has been patient because I’ve had a s**t year.

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I think it looks fantastic love it makes you look younger And click bait continues... why are you trying to entice people to make comments about someone’s appearance.. BeKind You look so much younger and softer with your new hair!!! LOVE IT! very nice it suits her x You look fantastic ❤️ Who cares Fabulous x

I think she looks great Great transformation my lovely! I love it! 😗😗😍😍 Your new style is lovely and really suits you. Stunning Sharon I want that colour but my stylist says no 😥😥😥

Sharon Osbourne, 67, looks unrecognizable with bright white hair after color makeoverSHARON Osbourne is embracing her natural white hair. The 67-year-old talk show host was unrecognisable on Monday as she revealed her transformation – after 18 years of being a red head. The w… She looks the same. Wow!!! she looks absolutely stunning.. Has inspired me to let my 50 shades of grey shine through 👩🏼‍🦳 I think it's all the cosmetic surgery that makes her unrecognizable

Not my choice as I hate grey hair but end of the day it’s her choice why is it such a big deal?! She looks great Ok. Magazine your just encouraging vile people to post vile comments. I hope you are going to be responsible enough to block those comments If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything! BeKind

Thunderbirds are go. I think its no-ones business to comment....write about something valuable! It’s up to her. Good luck to anyone in any change they make - if it makes sharon feel good then super. I think she looks beautiful...... x It's very different to see Sharon look like that but I think her new hair looks great and it really suits her.

Not that my opinion matters but she looks amazing. Very classy.

Sharon Osbourne, 67, looks unrecognizable with bright white hair after color makeoverSHARON Osbourne is embracing her natural white hair. The 67-year-old talk show host was unrecognisable on Monday as she revealed her transformation – after 18 years of being a red head. The w… She looks the same. Wow!!! she looks absolutely stunning.. Has inspired me to let my 50 shades of grey shine through 👩🏼‍🦳 I think it's all the cosmetic surgery that makes her unrecognizable

Wow! Love it... 👍🥰 Nice hair colouring. Sharon Love it , makes her look younger MrsSOsbourne always looks fabulous x I like it x 101 Dalmatians film in the pipeline Love it very elegant x Love this new look💖💖 Fabulous. Xx

EastEnders' Luisa Bradshaw-White is unrecognisable in old pic with Andrew LincolnEASTENDERS star Luisa Bradshaw-White looks totally different in a throwback pic including Walking Dead star Andrew Lincoln. The actress took to her Instagram to post the snap with her co-star from … Ermmm she looks same but older, weird that.. BeKind BeKindAlways Looks recognisable to me 🙂

Love it think is looks incredible really suits her and kudos to the hairstylist ❤️ Looks younger love it Love it it really looks beautiful Love it!! Sharon looks stunning ❤️ Love it She looks fabulous 👌 Unrecognisable She hasn’t changed her face just her hair and she looks bloody marvellous!! MrsSOsbourne Her face or hair?

Kylie dyed her hair golden brown, and fans think she looks like KimShe looks very different

Does it matter what anyone else thinks? She’s done it for herself, not you media trolls that feel the need to continue to judge and poke at these celebs etc. And this matters... why? bekind Love it Fabulous I think she about to start looking for 101 Dalmatians. The eyes still look old , you can’t get surgery to change that

As long as she is happy, who cares.ipersonally think she would look great with any colour hair. BeKind Miranda Priestly She looks great! Beautiful , amazing...MrsSOsbourne !!! If I could afford it I would do the same ...

Kylie dyed her hair golden brown, and fans think she looks like KimShe looks very different

Personally I think it really suits her... 👍😀♥️ Its true it should be if Sharon likes it thats important, but I think it is fab. She looks a million dollars... If Sharon likes it that’s all that matters. She always looks stunning 😘 Love it!! Love it! Love it I took the plunge a few years ago after years of colouring. Get loads of lovely compliments I'm lucky as well that it's white. No worrying about roots coming through. She looks beautiful.

Who cares - let her be her, she looks great is all that needs to be said She's still a stunning lady xx It's lovely, but with her darker hair she looks BEAUTIFUL!

Camila Cabello has platinum blonde hair now and it looks unrealNew year, new hair 💁‍♀️

She looks like Glenn close She looks quite fit for an older bird Looking fab 🥰 Beautiful Sharon 💕 It's up to Sharon if she likes it... I didn't recognise her. But that's what she wants so be it Suits her more :) I love this Sharon looks AMAZING Love the colour MrsSOsbourne 👌🏻 Pretty sure it doesn’t matter what anyone thinks! She only has to like it herself. If she was interested in my opinion- she looks fabulous as always x

With all those layers of rubber on her face of course she looks fab She looks amazing

Suits her! 👍 Hair..... I have said for years that Sharon has the best surgeon in the world. No tight cat eyes, no same same, just great work. Sharon looks incredible. She is still bonkers just perfectly preserved.;-) She looks more graceful with original hair She looks fabulous. Look at the face not even a wrinkle

She looks stunning 💗 really suits her She looks great! It doesn’t matter what we think. All that matters is that Sharon is happy! This is the problem the media, it’s comments like these! Leave celebs alone! Our opinions do not matter! Fab 😍 Amazing she looks fantastic and so young, but all that matters is how she feels. Xx

We are what we are. Never dyed my hair. I know people much older than me with much darker hair

Don’t like ! She look,s older ! Bless her X She looks fantastic. ❤️it 👍 In the words of Mrs O “Fabulous .” Prefer dark It's just a different colour! Gorgeous x She looks beautiful as always, really love this look on her though🤗👍 Wow.... 😍 Looks fabulous xx

You look fabulous Mrs O Luv ya 😍. Xxx Think it makes her look younger 😍 Love it 😍 She's channeling Glenn Close. It suits her! MrsSOsbourne always looks great no matter what x Looks amazing ❤️ 💖 Looks awful sorry!!!💁🏻‍♀️🙈😬 Love it

She looks fabulous Why does it matter!? Her business, not ours, not yours! Stop inciting this horrid form of ‘feedback’. Just not needed!! Love it, very elegant x I love it same colour as mine which is natural! Stunning! Looks MUCH better naturally grey. It’s better suited to your skin type as you get older .. imheaded that way - hopeI look as good xx

Looks loads better :) she looks happier I love it! 💕 Looking good mrs Osbourne x

You look gorgeous as ever And here we go again...... why ask what people think. Sharon has changed her hair because she wanted to. It concerns no one else. You ask this question and it opens up a platform for judgement. Leave people alone 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻 💖💖💖💖💖 She looks like Meryl Streep in 101 dalmatians, I like it!

Be kind. This sort of tattle needs to stop. CarolinesLaw Very stylish Mrs o fabulous 💇‍♀️ xx It really suits you sharon Osbourne looks lovely x She looks fabulous ! Gorgeous ❤️

Isn’t it a bit Cruella De Ville? I think you're part of the problem. Inviting comments. Probably anticipating negative ones. Am glad so far there's only been one. That question is just asking for trouble?! 🙄 Fabulous Fab 💖 Looks amazing Still looks good but prefer the previous look. This makes her look 10yrs older too.

It looks lovely She looks gorgeous x love the colour Love it! Beautiful ❤️

More importantly .... she won’t give a monkeys what any of us think! 🤷‍♀️ I love it!!! Looks amazing! Who gives a flying f... Looks wonderful, love it!! MrsSOsbourne you are stunning bekind Love it, love it. Beautiful Sharon. Very chic 🌹 Love it! Love it!.. best thing she has ever done!

She looks amazing Looks great! She looks even more amazing Love it ❤️ still sassy ❤️ I thinks she looks classy much better She looks fabulous. Xxx Looks great!! ♥️ Fabulous darling ! Lovely either way bekind Cruella de vil👍🏻

Love it She looks like Glenn close when she played cruelly de vil, very glam MrsSOsbourne Just about to reply buy stating 'what the hell does it matter what ANYBODY else thinks'. But I can see others have the same thought! Why pose such a question, enticing those who are bound to leave some horrid comments. And so it continues......

Love it! Looks fab What a mess the woman is? Unbelievable. Why form a platform for people to openly leave negative comments? Typical fuckin journalism again. It's none of mine, yours or anyone else's problem if she or anyone changes their style as long as the person changing likes it. She looks gorgeous I think she looks amazing 🌟

Makes her look older

Her hair looks lovely, I really like it. Love it a change is as good as a rest xx Thought it was Glen Close 🤣 She looks as gorgeous as always, love this colour on you Sharon Gorgeous really suits her x Lovely women but she reminds me of her haha 😂 Looks so much better Looks great Not Sure why anyone would ask this? Beautiful inside and out don’t matter about what people think she looks like

I think if she loves it ,it has nothing to do with anyone else🤷‍♀️

Comes to us all Sharon!!! embracingnatural Love it. Beautiful lady ❤️ Blends nicely with her recent new face... Beautiful. Fabulous makes her so much younger MrsSOsbourne utterly stunning Why does it matter what anyone thinks... You're part of the problem Stunning mrs o xx MrsSOsbourne I love it! You look fab ❤

Yassss Sharon! 🙌🏻 looking good MrsSOsbourne

Looking great hunxxx Beautiful both colours but like the red better She look fab Omg love it!!! 😍 Stunning x She looks amazing I like it but prefer her red ❤️ Really suits her, nice hairdo too Looks great! She looks fab both ways but I do love the red to go with her feisty personality!

Takes years off her Love MrsSOsbourne new look ❤ it She would look stunning with a bin bag on her head! Love it x I love it Hot either way! Irrelevant what anyone thinks but for the record she looks absolutely stunning 😍 She looks fab. Fabulous!!😊😊 StuartDick94 Fab

She looks amazing 🙂 Doesn’t matter if we like it or not it’s whether Sharon likes it & she does so that’s all that matters. I DON'T LIKE IT!👎

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