Scientists accused of pressuring ministers into imposing restrictions

Scientists accused of 'trying to bounce us into decisions' and impose Covid restrictions

Dailymail, News

12/3/2021 12:30:00 AM

Scientists accused of 'trying to bounce us into decisions' and impose Covid restrictions

Leaked minutes revealed that advisers are pushing for much tougher restrictions on travel despite emerging evidence that the risk posed by the variant may have been overstated.

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COVID-19: Facebook removes Chinese-backed network of fake accounts spreading coronavirus disinformationThe false profiles, with links to Chinese-backed agencies, originated and spread false claims the US pressured scientists to blame China for COVID-19. Won't go after them for, you know, lying and infecting the world, but for what you perceive as disinfo - throw the book at them! good

Biden extends transport mask mandate until MarchBREAKING: Biden extends transport mask mandate until March

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South Africa Covid cases double as fears grow over omicron spreadScientists are concerned the new Covid variant may be more transmissible than delta If the symptoms are minor, the sooner everyone catches it the better. It would out-compete the more dangerous variants and finally put this hysteria to bed.

‘Traitor’: the Australian researchers working under the weight of pandemic misinformationScientists face barrage of conspiracy theories and falsehoods at unprecedented levels, study finds For the nth time, we need to stop defunding public education and, stop funding private religious schools. One thing in this article I agree with, is the lack of specialist journalists, those with the skills to criticise and evaluate science is adding to the spread of misinformation. This in turn with social media then leads to fake or misleading information and conspiracy theories

CDC orders airlines to give names of travelers from 8 countriesThe Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is ordering all airlines to turn over the names of passengers who arrived in the country from eight flights that are facing travel restrictions ✈️🦠😳 👀 Omicron hit countries