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Russian man saws off his own leg while high on 'zombie drug' spice

Russian man saws off his own leg while high on 'zombie drug' spice


Russia n man saws off his own leg while high on 'zombie drug' spice

Graphic pictures showed the man lying on a hospital bed and clutching at the stump of his left leg which was cut off above the knee in the city of Projopyevsk, 2,100miles east of Moscow.

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UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson transferred to intensive care

Over 51,000 people in the United Kingdom have tested positive for COVID-19, including Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Prince Charles, heir to the British throne.

He had better stayed on the zombie stuff permanently! Tis but a flesh wound. Alrighty!!!!! KatyLand1985 Bish Russians be crazy As you do 🙄 Great, he must add dosages next, still have 1 leg & 2 arms for next ,,, good man 😂😂 Spicy 'crooked bat vultures' infested his leg in mind. My god. Stay out of drugs kids, cuz damn!

If weed was legal and easily accessible this would never have happened. I blame his government. Whatttttttt ? . bondBeirut .... roum !!!!

UK’s expensive visa fees 'could deter NHS staff and scientists'High cost of entry under immigration overhaul will put off applicants, says thinktank Too late to care now, you tory enabling ghouls You obviously didn’t listen to a bloody word patel4witham said. We will be able to adjust the circumstantial requirements based on the needs of the country 🤦‍♂️🤷‍♂️

Fuck Darwinism Award by installments. Did he feel it? Man he is high...aweeeh....God heal him FINALLEVEL Damn Pookie 'You used to be a Stick up Kid...Now yous a Basshead, Clean up your act I'll give you a Job' (Nino Brown) New Jack City. What the hell? Oh my good😌

Dark dynasty behind 'real' Mulan saw girls married off at 13 & sold for sexA CRUEL, distant dynasty where girls as young as 13 were forced into marriage and sold off for sex… it sounds an unlikely inspiration for a Disney classic. Yet the centuries-old legend of Mul…

Player ratings as Arsenal defeat OlympiacosMikel Arteta's side take the advantage into the return leg in north London

Man tries to open plane door on runway moments before take-offFlight forced to abort take-off after passenger tries to open aircraft door to let friends onboard The idiocracy has landed...

Mike Bloomberg jokes about debate performance and says Trump was the 'real winner'Billionaire presidential candidate says he worries 'we may be on the way to nominating someone who cannot win in November' after suffering brutal debate performance as opposed to some woman's legs? Ah, i think he needs a paddle, it's that deep... Go home. You're toast.

How to make money online: 11 ways to earn a bit of cash from your laptopEarn some dollar from the comfort of your own home

China outraged after Brazil minister suggests Covid-19 is part of 'plan for world domination'

Coronavirus: 'Couldn't be in safer hands' - London mayor praying for Boris Johnson

Should outdoor exercise be banned and parks closed?

From her sense of humour to sense of duty, The Queen is the most remarkable person on earth

Stealing masks from other countries and stockpiling hydroxychloroquine — what has America become?

Honor Blackman, James Bond's Pussy Galore, dies aged 94

Plasma from coronavirus survivors found to help severely ill patients

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