Royal Navy ship torches and sinks smugglers' boat containing £24m cocaine haul after dramatic Caribbean chase

10/29/2022 4:59:00 PM

Dramatic photos show naval warship torching smugglers' boat with £24m cocaine haul on after tense chase in the Caribbean

Dramatic photos show naval warship torching smugglers' boat with £24m cocaine haul on after tense chase in the Caribbean

The Royal Navy has torched and sunk a boat containing a £24m haul of cocaine after a dramatic chase off the coast of the Dominican Republic.

Listen to this article Loading audio.A Royal Navy ship has stopped and torched a boat caught smuggling £24m of cocaine in the Caribbean.An investigation has been launched into alleged sex assaults and harassment in the Royal Navy.has ordered an investigation into “abhorrent” allegations of sexual assault and harassment in the submarine service.

..It is thought the boat had come from South America, travelling along a well-known drug smuggling route.Photos show the boat burning as sailors fire at it from the warship.He pledged that anyone discovered to be culpable will be held to account irrespective of their rank.More than 400kg of drugs were seized from the vessel, which is believed to have come from South America.Pic: MOD Once it was stopped, officers boarded the boat and found several large packages of drugs weighing more than 400kg.Three crew members were detained before the boat was destroyed.“Sexual assault and harassment has no place in the Royal Navy and will not be tolerated.

HMS Medway with the burning smugglers' boat in the distance.The boat was then destroyed - a way of preventing it from being used to transport any more drugs and also a means of practice for Medway's gunnery team.READ MORE: Drivers warned of £1,000 fine over little-known parking rule The Mail also reported the alleged existence of a "crush depth rape list" detailing the order in which women on board were to be raped in the case of a catastrophic event on the vessel.Picture: Ministry of Defence Three smugglers were detained before the boat was destroyed.Picture: Ministry of Defence The Royal Navy's Caribbean-based patrol ship HMS Medway had spotted the boat near the Dominican Republic alongside a US Coast Guard Law Enforcement Detachment and an accompanying aircraft.Pic: MOD Commander Chris Hollingworth of HMS Medway said:"Everyone involved demonstrated their professionalism during a challenging pursuit.Following an overnight operation to secure the contraband - estimated by the National Crime Agency to be worth around £24 million had it reached Britain's streets - the vessel was sunk by Medway's gunnery team.I want to reassure our people, and anyone who is reading this, that any activity which falls short of the highest of standards the Royal Navy sets itself is totally unacceptable and not a true reflection of what service life should be.The ship, which is thought to have travelled along a common smuggling route, was boarded by officers after a pursuit and found to contain several large packages of drugs, the Royal Navy said.

The boat was burned to prevent it being used for illegal purposes again.Picture: Ministry of Defence More than 400kg of cocaine was seized.“I have directed my senior team to investigate these allegations thoroughly.Picture: Ministry of Defence "To secure an interdiction on our first day dedicated to this type of operation in this period has been tremendous," said Commander Chris Hollingworth, commanding officer of Medway."Everyone involved demonstrated their professionalism during a challenging pursuit."It might be the first, but we're going to make sure that it won't be the last, and I speak on behalf of everyone here in saying this has galvanised our determination to succeed.It accepts that more needs to be done and is improving reporting mechanisms for sexual offences.

" A Royal Navy sailor aims at the burning target.Picture: Ministry of Defence The vessel being targeted during gunnery exercises.Picture: Ministry of Defence Cdr Hollingworth said a hole had been 'smashed' in the supply chain..Picture: Ministry of Defence The destruction of the vessel, which is normal for this type of operation, ensures it is no longer used for illegal activity while also providing gunnery training."Together with our partners on board Medway and up in the skies above us, we're able to smash a hole in the supply chain and disrupt the movement of these harmful drugs before they have the chance to harm people at home and abroad," Cdr Hollingworth said.

"I'm exceptionally proud of the collective effort of my ship's company and our colleagues from the US Coast Guard for their proactive attitude and total commitment to the task.".

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Great for the environment! Terrible way to dispose of something. Well done, but surely there must me a more environmental way of dealing with it 🤷‍♂️

Royal Navy ship torches smugglers' boat carrying £24m of cocaine in CaribbeanDramatic images show the torching of a drug smugglers' boat after a tense chase with a naval warship in the Caribbean. CallumMurray4 👏👏 They should with the illegal migrant boats that come over the channel evey day.

Royal Navy investigating 'abhorrent' sex abuse on subs claimsClaims of a 'rape list' have been made by whistleblowers in the service The navy is full of benders

Head of Royal Navy orders investigation into allegations of sexual assault in submarine serviceAdmiral Sir Ben Key, the First Sea Lord, said sexual assault and harassment has no place in the Royal Navy

Investigation ordered over 'abhorrent' claims of 'sexual bullying' and 'rape lists' within Royal NavyThe head of the Royal Navy has ordered an investigation into 'abhorrent' claims of inappropriate sexual behaviour in the submarine service, including the alleged creation of a 'crush depth rape list'. Creepy dinosaur Steve Allen didn't realise rape is a thing. file under 'things that never happened' 'Admiral Sir Ben Key, the First Sea Lord, said sexual assault and harassment has no place in the Royal Navy.' It has no place anywhere, Sunshine.

Head of Royal Navy orders investigation into 'abhorrent' claim of 'sexual bullying' in submarine serviceThe Ministry of Defence (MoD) says that, while most Royal Navy personnel enjoy rewarding careers, for some, predominantly women, their experience has been affected by inappropriate sexualised behaviour. 🤣 ... for literal purpose this isn't something i should be laughing about If only all military adjacent groups would clean house and stop protecting abusers. It's rife in all branches and a worldwide sickness that should never have been allowed to flourish as it has Can you report on the more important news as to whether our military is ready for the coming conflict with China

Royal Navy investigates after women come forward with abuse claimsThe head of the Royal Navy says he is disturbed by 'abhorrent' accusations from women personnel. Just remember who's in labour 🤪🤪🤪 Probably a bit of banter ans she took it the wrong way, Pathetic They’ll come a time where no one can look or talk to anyone.