Recall urged after no-deal Brexit papers released

Brexit: Labour urges Parliament recall after no-deal Brexit papers released


Brexit: Labour urges Parliament recall after no-deal Brexit papers released

Labour wants MPs to return to Parliament to scrutinise the government's plans for no-deal.

The six-page document, dated 2 August, warns of disruption at Dover and other channel crossings for at least three months, an increased risk of public disorder and some shortages of fresh food.

It says these factors would not lead to overall food shortages"but will reduce the availability and choice of products and will increase price, which could impact vulnerable groups".

It's been a fairly extraordinary few days in the House of Commons

"Unmitigated, this will have an impact on the supply of medicines and medical supplies," it says.

The document also warns of potential clashes if foreign fishing vessels enter British territorial waters on the day after the UK's departure and says economic difficulties could be"exacerbated" by flooding or a flu pandemic this winter.

Retailers said the document confirmed what they have been saying will happen in the event of a no-deal Brexit.

Confused by Brexit jargon? Reality Check unpacks the basics.

MPs voted on Monday to order the release of all internal correspondence and communications, including e-mails, texts and WhatsApp messages, between nine No 10 advisers relating to Parliament's suspension.

It is from the latest internal no-deal planning, from August, from well within the time of Boris Johnson's administration.

Those assumptions on trade flow have improved recently, but are still poor, and enough to have several highly concerning consequences, from fresh food supply, to stability in Northern Ireland, to social care providers and supplies of medicines for people and animals.

In any event, these are the real, plausible short-term shocks from a no-deal Brexit.

But it is really the first tangible, quotable, warts and all assessment of what Whitehall fears could be around the corner.

"These individuals have no right of reply, and the procedure used fails to afford them any of the protections that would properly be in place.

Read more: BBC News (UK)

Keir_Starmer Recalled to achive nothing again? What for? How about labour stop being cowards and call for a general election instead of making demands, oh wait I know, because they are going to lose! But we don't want an election as we will lose Why don't the MPs use this period to go back to there constituents to reinforce the view of the people they supposedly represent and vote acvordingly

Labour need to stop running from the people and have an election....they are a disgrace! At the same time MPs should have a vote to force Jeremy Corbyn explain why he tried to HIDE TERRORIST ceremony Wreathgate' trip from Parliament' Keir Starmer needs to have every senior remainer and their advisors hand over any correspondence held between them and any EU official.

Anybody out there know why Starmer was given a Knighthood What a pathetic man no sense of honour or democracy Everyone is lying❗️ ℹ️ts a shame as you can’t trust anyone with the brexit facts. Yellowhammer Brexitvote ParliamentShutdown BBC 'News' doesn't want an IndependentBritain so BBC News always biased: spreading non stop fear and negativity. Why?

Brexit: Labour and SNP demand recall of parliament after Scottish court rules prorogation unlawful - live newsRolling coverage of the day’s political developments as they happen The PMs response There you go BorisJohnson back over to you mate. Do you have the balls to try and ignore the courts, the rule of law and Parliament? cant they just go and sit themselves? after all its technically just another work day and if the alleged government don't show up just pass any law you like

Viewers urge BBC and Sky to stop giving these anti independence politicians so much coverage with their false messages of doom. Now that we have seen the worst case is anyone going to publish the best case so that people can make a fair and balanced decision as to what they think will happen? Haha 2.5 days delay on goods that would be on the Europe side hence Europe delaying mmmmm...

Stop brexit the EUROSTAR from London could have delays.. really an issue for the majority of the country an over kill of a headline They have had 3 years. Need an election to get rid of thse utter rubbish MPs I wish the BBC was impartial Yep operation yellowhammer has some paragraphs missing. Ya know the ones! Like a plague of locus will infest the country and all the hurricanes will divert to the country away from the Caribbean anyone would have thought we’re incapable to cope the 6th largest economy in world

Yet again remoaners dnt get their own so way or answers they seek so demanding shit till they get the answer they want 🤔 Its ok .. they want to negotiate a return to parliament and then they will campaign to remain on holiday.. Easily sort with an election, but Labour or the BBC don't want one. They will get another peoples vote they disagree with.

Brexit: SNP demands recall of parliament after Scottish court rules prorogation unlawful - live newsBrexit: public does not need to see worst-case no-deal scenarios, says Leadsom - live news And the lemmings will still cheer it on Speaking as a mother, I guess? Mother Gothel, that is.

...this may be prudent... BIASED BBC The 'Fool' previously known as Kier Starmer once again is trying to whip up hysteria about a risk assessment report which is used on any project & is used to negate problems not stop the project. Please no more pontificating fools let's have a break until October bored to death of being told how stupid I was to vote and how they are ignoring us for our own good especially by flip flop Labour Party

A paper by a remoaner majority government who from the start refused to carry out the democratic wishes of the people because of their own self vested interests in the Eu. If these incompetent frauds can not sort the basic logistics of self governing the whole lot needs to go. Do me a favour labour.... go and do one, sick and tied of you always complaining, your pathetic...

will Scotland & Ireland continue with being part of Europe, as they have already voted for this unanimously Brexit requires a single vote after the 19th September - Theresa May's deal or no-deal if voted down. When will people realise it says what COULD happen Not what WILL happen. More scaremongering Brexit is destroying some of the very best of what Britain is. Democracy, the rule of law, the truth, fair play.

Brexit blocking MPs handed boost after a Scottish court says Boris was UNLAWFUL to shutdown ParliamentBREXIT blockers have been handed a boost after a Scottish court says Boris was UNLAWFUL to shutdown Parliament. Top judges rule in favour of an appeal against the PM and the case will go to the Sup… The case will be taken to Britain's highest court. Utter rubbish Go Scottland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

Brexit betrayal: Boris refuses MPs' demands to publish private memos in bombshell moveBORIS JOHNSON has rallied against MPs’ orders to publish private messages on shutting down Parliament, just hours after a court ruled the shutdown illegal. Good. The cynical Toads don't deserve compliance to contrived demands Right is might. Maintain the power of convictions. BoJo is a HORRIBLE lying cheat who has nislead the Queen and should either resign NOW or be kicked out, he will RUIN our country, PRAT

Group of cross-party MPs launch bid to reach compromise Brexit dealMPs hope to agree plan which PM can get through parliament, possibly by 31 October Brexit's dead, there's no deal that can reunite the country. This is based on a set of false premsies. Watching this unfold live in both Parliament and House of Lords was disgraceful. A bill no doubt influenced by the gravy train protectionists in Europe. Blair’s and Neil Kinnocks string pulling goes on. He looks kinda like Stephen Miller (Miller autocorrected to killer. Accident? I think not!)

Farage caller erupts in furious outburst against MPs' Brexit plans - 'Absolutely fed up'ENRAGED caller Betty laid into MPs failing to act like 'grown-up adults' in Parliament as she lamented attempts to 'slight' the Government's Brexit plans.

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