Rand Paul stalls bill that would make lynching a federal hate crime

6/11/2020 5:10:00 PM

Rand Paul stalls bill that would make lynching a federal hate crime

Rand Paul stalls bill that would make lynching a federal hate crime

Republican argued anti-lynching legislation drafted too broadly after House renamed bill previously approved by Senate

Amid the visceral national outcry for racial justice in the wake of the police killing of George Floyd, a lone US senator is standing in the way of a bill that would make lynching a federal hate crime.00:01, Wed, Jun 10, 2020 | UPDATED: 22:23, Wed, Jun 10, 2020 0 Sir Paul McCartney is a brilliant songwriter, and paired up with John Lennon for many songs by the Beatles.Sir Paul McCartney has strongly criticised the Italian government over an “outrageous” decree preventing concertgoers from getting refunds on gigs that were cancelled because of the coronavirus pandemic.Normal People fans were seething with jealousy as they got talking about Paul Mescal's celebrity girlfriend.

Rand Paul, a Republican with a reputation as a one-man awkward squad in the US Senate, has put the historic legislation into limbo, frustrating black colleagues and civil rights leaders, including Jesse Jackson.About 4,075 African Americans were lynched in 12 southern states between 1877 and 1950, according to a 2015 report by the Equal Justice Initiative.Trending What happened between Sir Paul and Yoko Ono? Many Beatles fans are aware of the partnership between Sir Paul McCartney and John Lennon was not always a happy one.Some were watched by crowds as if attending a form of public entertainment.While this was the case in the other countries the singer had been scheduled to visit, a decree passed by the Italian government offered only vouchers for scrapped music events.Ida B Wells, a crusading African American journalist, once said: “Our country’s national crime is lynching.However, the biggest disagreement was to come after the death of John Lennon, with regards to the songwriting credits on their songs.” The killing of Floyd by a white Minneapolis police officer who kneeled on his neck for nearly nine minutes, caught on film and seen by millions, has been likened to a 21st-century lynching.Jodie was linked to the Normal People star after she joined stars in praising his stunning performance as Connell.

It spurred more than two weeks of worldwide protests.However, Sir Paul was keen for his name to appear first, and attempted to have some of the names on this credit changed to read McCartney-Lennon.We strongly disagree with what the Italian government are doing … the organiser of our shows must do the right thing here.From 1882 to 1986, Congress failed to pass anti-lynching legislation 200 times, but this moment appeared to be different.Kamala Harris, Cory Booker and Tim Scott, the only three African American members of the Senate, led the unanimous passage of the legislation in that chamber in 2018 and 2019.I arrived late.The House of Representatives then passed it by a 410-4 vote in February but renamed it for Emmett Till, a 14-year-old boy lynched in Mississippi in 1955.D’Alessandro & Galli, the agency that promoted McCartney’s concerts in Italy, said the singer had been aware of the voucher plan before the gigs were cancelled.That was the only change that returned the bill to the Senate, which makes Paul’s sudden objection all the more idiosyncratic.'We were thinking we ought to call the songs, Lennon and McCartney.Admirers have called the pair could be a likely match.

The Democratic congressman Bobby Rush, who proposed the House legislation, tweeted: “The language of the Emmett Till Antilynching Act is IDENTICAL to the bill that was unanimously approved by the Senate.The only conclusion I can draw from @RandPaul’s sudden opposition is he has an issue with the House bill being named after Emmett Till.' “They said, 'OK, what we'll do is we'll alternate it: Lennon and McCartney, McCartney and Lennon.” Dario Franceschini, the culture minister, said the intention was for vouchers to be used for gigs held by the same artist.” But Paul, a licensed doctor, is notorious for rousing colleagues’ ire by stalling legislation and for a life and career that are seldom conventional.In 2017 he was physically assaulted by a neighbour while mowing his lawn; in 2018 he visited Russia and delivered a letter from Donald Trump to Vladimir Putin; earlier this year he became the first senator to test positive for coronavirus, shortly after being the only one to vote against a bipartisan $8bn deal to provide emergency coronavirus funding.And I didn’t mind.He now argues that the anti-lynching legislation is drafted too broadly and could define minor assaults as lynching.Topics.But these two are defo sliding into one another's DM's!" "If I can't be Paul Mescal's girlfriend, well then, only Jodie Comer can be!".

“The bill as written would allow altercations resulting in a cut, abrasion, bruise, or any other injury no matter how temporary to be subject to a 10-year penalty,” Paul said.He continued:"The original artwork had 'Yesterday by John Lennon and Paul McCartney' and a photo of John above it.“My amendment would simply apply a serious bodily injury standard, which would ensure crimes resulting in substantial risk of death and extreme physical pain be prosecuted as a lynching.” He has previously worked with Democrats in pushing for criminal justice reform and taken a more progressive stance than many Republican colleagues.On Tuesday, the Associated Press reported, while speaking with activists in Louisville in his home state of Kentucky, Paul criticised no-knock search warrants, such as the one used at the home of Breonna Taylor, who was shot dead by police in March, and the militarisation of police departments.And he said he is likely to support some form of federal legislation aimed at overhauling police procedures.It won't be long before Paul gets a celebrity girlfriend as endless Instagram pages have already been dedicated to his iconic silver chain and sexy GAA shorts.

Challenged about his opposition to the bill, Paul called lynchings a “horror” of American history and said he supports the bill, the AP added, but reiterated that its language is too broad.Last Thursday, as Floyd was mourned at a memorial service in Minneapolis, Paul proposed an amendment to the bill, which would require a vote of the full Senate and would send the bill back to the House – currently out of session – for additional consideration.The amendment was defeated after emotions ran high on the Senate floor.Booker, of New Jersey, said: “One man, one man is standing in the way of the law of the land changing because of a difference of interpretation.Does America need a win today on racial justice?” Appearing on The View on the ABC network, Harris described the senator’s contrarian stance as “insulting”, adding: “What Rand Paul is doing, which is one man holding up what would be a historic bill recognising one of the great sins of America – and it was on the day of George Floyd’s funeral which just added insult to injury and frankly made it so painful that on that day that’s what was happening."I'm trying not to think of it being weird because I think, we've been in lockdown for months and I've had no opportunity to meet somebody new or being remotely intimate with anybody" he added.

” Although Paul is often an outlier, there are fears that the holdup could be indicative of wider Republican reluctance to tackle systemic racism in the police and embrace reforms.Moe Vela, a former senior adviser to Joe Biden, said on Wednesday: “My thoughts on it are very simple: birds of a feather.“If Rand Paul somehow doesn’t believe we need an anti-lynching bill in the United States and his Republican colleagues can’t get him to release the hold, to me it says everything Americans need to know about the Republican party.Either you’re for lynching or you’re against lynching.It’s that simple..

” But Tara Setmayer, a political commentator and former Republican communications director on Capitol Hill, was less critical, noting the consistency of Paul’s libertarian streak.“I understand that he wants to strengthen the bill with certain language as an amendment,” she said.“He doesn’t want it to go away.He wants it to be strengthened from his perspective.“But I think it’s a bit out of step with the political climate that we’re in … So he’s going to get the backlash, but Senator Tim Scott said he’s going to talk to him and see if they can work something out in the language.

I think they will come to some type of agreement and it will eventually pass.I don’t see it being held up forever.” Topics.

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Libertarian are racist in disguised. I thought lynching was already illegal? Do some states still have lynching as a form of capital punishment? Outside of a legal execution, it would be taken for granted that lynching (murderer) is a hate crime. Isn't there a word for that? 🤔 Was it not already a crime? We are waiting...

Remind me again what Obama did to help black people in this country. Random Paul is trying hard, and succeeding, in being as bad as Kentucky's other senile Senator Moscow Mitch! RandPaul why?!?! He's turned into noel edmunds NEIGHBOR!!!!! I’m trying to do this thing where I respond to tweets intellectually rather than emotionally, but all I can say to this is WHAT THE F*CK!!!!

Paul McCartney Yoko Ono FEUD: What happened between Sir Paul and Yoko over songwriting?PAUL MCCARTNEY wrote many songs for the Beatles along with John Lennon - but why did he and Yoko Ono fight over songwriting credits?

Misleading headline of course. Lynching is already a crime (obviously). His issue is with the broad application of the term “lynching,” which according to the bill could be almost anything. But of course the mindless drones in the comments here aren’t interested in nuance. The article explains Paul wants the bill to be more specific on the definition of lynching - that's all. Once it's done it'll pass. But the Guardian chose a garbage headline to mislead and create the impression Paul and the GOP are against the bill. GutterPress ScumMedia

That beard is so ugly. More to the story ... a pox on rand paul ... Nothing surprising! He is serving his master. He knows he or his children will not fall victim of racism, police brutality. Democrats, try and make some comprises to have the bill pass RandPaul is a federal hate crime. It’s almost as if murder is already a crime.

It's time for Rand Paul's neighbour to pay Rand Paul another visit.

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Lynching isn’t a crime? Murder is already a crime..he should focus his attention on something more important Sad man. There’s a reason why Rand Paul’s neighbor punched him. He’s beyond despicable and also a Russian agent. GOPBetrayedAmerica GOPCorruptionOverCountry VoteBlueToSaveAmerica This title could've just said, 'Rand Paul is STILL a Racist'.

Unpopular opinion, I think designating hate crimes and domestic terrorist is a bad idea. We already over incarnate and do not rehabilitate. Warehousing humans for longer only supports the prison industrial complex. What a lovely man Really? The Southern Avenger Senator? Him? Stall a lynching bill No way!!

Another Trump puppet Remove him Kentucky..

Normal People fans get jealous as they talk Paul Mescal’s celeb girlfriendNormal People's Paul Mescal may have been dubbed the heartthrob of the current generation - but the rising star is still single I’m a black Irish privileged individual , this show is offensive to me and needs to be pulled off air 😅 BREAKING WHO says coronavirus situation 'worsening' worldwide COVID19

Good legislation is better than fast legislation. What about his points? Are they legitimate? Lynching is still ok over there? What could be his rationale? We find some Caucasians fascinating. China’s newly aggressive diplomacy: ‘wolf warriors’ Maybe he’s racist? Or maybe a Russian agent? Who knows but his contributions or lack thereof to our nation have been abysmal. He does not deserve our tax dollars paying his salary for his do nothing MO

He would.. He loves to stall things. Of course

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Extremism body examines new hate crimeThe government's adviser on extremism is investigating if it's possible to ban behaviour that leads people to hate each other. Cool that's the BBC and BLM done for then DefundBBC Fix diversity by enforcing an authoritarian nightmare, sounds great.. Thought crime. Must be 1984.

Paul McCartney Yoko Ono FEUD: What happened between Sir Paul and Yoko over songwriting?PAUL MCCARTNEY wrote many songs for the Beatles along with John Lennon - but why did he and Yoko Ono fight over songwriting credits?