Queen’s Balmoral Estate slams dog walkers for littering land with poo bags

‘Why do people do this?’

3/6/2021 1:30:00 AM

Up to 20 bags of poo were left around the estate by 'stupid, selfish' dog walkers.

‘Why do people do this?’

Dog walkers have been slated by staff working at the Queen’s Balmoral Castle for leaving dog poo bags all over the estate.Up to twenty bags were left on the land in Aberdeenshire, with frustrated staff at the beauty spot asking: Balmoral posted pictures of the litter on Twitter, which saw scores of people slamming the dog walkers for being ‘stupid and selfish’.

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One claimed the people who dumped the dog bags ‘never learn’, while another said they ‘don’t have respect for nature’.One added: ‘Unfortunately one of the lessons of lockdown has been a sad realisation that there are a significant number of dog owners who believe it’s someone else’s job to clean up after them.’

People were urged not to use the estate as an outdoor toilet during the first lockdown in summer last year (Picture: Getty)Balmoral Castle is the Scottish home of the Royal Family (Picture: PA)Andy Coleman, who runs the dogfoul.org website, is adamant there has been an increase in dog litter not being picked up across the UK during lockdown. headtopics.com

AdvertisementAdvertisementHe said: ‘The three to eight per cent of dog owners that are irresponsible tarnish the image of all dog owners.‘Their actions not only cause social grievance, they impact on the natural environment, the enjoyment of parks and open spaces – as well as causing serious health risks due to the bacteria that can be found in them.’

Up to twenty bags have had to be cleared from the estate (Picture: PA) Read more: Metro »

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Can't Benefit's Betty get off her royal arse & clear it up. Tell her to go to Holmewood in Bradford. They don't use poo bags.....streets are full of rotting dog sh1t! As a postie in the area, it's like playing hopscotch 😂🤮 Hence the reasons i have dogs and some dog owners...i hate animal poo on road.. and yet we feel we are a developed nation..lololol