Pump prices for petrol and diesel are near a record high

Pump prices for petrol and diesel are near a record high

10/15/2021 10:30:00 PM

Pump prices for petrol and diesel are near a record high

Average petrol prices are just 2p off their record high from April 2012, says the RAC.

Getty ImagesA litre of petrol sold at UK forecourts has reached its highest level since September 2012, at 140.22p on average, according to RAC data.Drivers are paying on average 22% more to fill up their petrol tanks than this time last year, the RAC said.

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Diesel prices are also surging and are now just 4p off their April 2012 highs.The bad news for drivers follows the temporary closures of many UK forecourts after they ran out of fuel.But it's global oil prices, rather than supply chain disruption, that the RAC thinks is the main driver of higher prices at the pump. A barrel of crude oil has doubled in the past year.

RAC fuel spokesman Simon Williams said the government should consider cutting the level of VAT on motor fuel "to help hard-pressed drivers".Two more energy firms go bust as prices soarAverage petrol prices are just 2p off their record high from April 2012 of 142p per litre, says the RAC. headtopics.com

However, AA spokesperson Luke Bosdet said it will likely be diesel, currently at 143.42p a litre, that breaks its record price first."Unless we see a slight reversal in wholesale prices, we can expect in the next couple of weeks a rise of 3-5p per litre and that would put diesel above its 2012 high," he said.

Mr Bosdet said the global surge in gas prices was also driving up the cost of diesel because heating oil "comes from the same part of the barrel" and - since it was an alternative for gas - had seen increased demand. Read more: BBC News (UK) »

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These price hikes, along with the natural gas hikes are all artificial. It's just an international government sanctioned cash grab by the producers as most of the world prepares to turn its back on fossil fuels. Be like mad max before long fighting for n stealing fuel The Government can help out, but doubt they will. Their VAT take on fuel increases when prices rise, so can reduce fuel duty & still make as much in tax as before.

Bit late this Joke news, already record high!

Price of petrol hits a NINE YEAR HIGH of 140.22p per litreAverage UK petrol prices are now just 2p off the record high seen in April 2012. Prices have risen by nearly 26p-a-litre in just 12 months, from 114.50p on this day last year - up 22%. Convert to Kenya shillings and it's CRAZY raymasseytweets Edinburgh yesterday. Gone up 5p in my Tesco, can anyone tell me why ?

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UK petrol price passes £1.40 a litre, the highest level in almost a decadeAverage forecourt prices are 2.5p a litre from all-time high in April 2012 of that year That's roughly what it costs to half fill my tank (battery) in my Renault (Zoe) Profiteering and greed. No change there then. Cheaper than a decade ago? Obviously Brexit then.

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