Prince Harry: UK press were 'destroying my mental health'

'Toxic' situation was 'destroying my mental health', Prince Harry tells James Corden

2/26/2021 12:52:00 PM

'Toxic' situation was 'destroying my mental health', Prince Harry tells James Corden

The Duke of Sussex spoke to TV host James Corden about life in the US after stepping back from royal duties.

In a segment for Corden's US TV programme The Late Late Show, recorded before it was confirmed Harry and Meghan would not resume royal duties, the duke joined the British presenter on a double-decker bus tour of Los Angeles.Asked by Corden about the couple's decision to walk away from royal duties, Prince Harry insisted it was "was never walking away, it was stepping back rather than stepping down".

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"It was a really difficult environment as a lot of people saw. We all know what the British press can be like. And it was destroying my mental health. I was like, this is toxic."He said he "did what any husband [or] father would do", and moved his family away, but insisted: "I will never walk away, I will always be contributing. My life is public service."

Asked by Corden how he sees his future after lockdown restrictions are lifted, the duke said: "My life is always going to be about public service and Meghan signed up to that."image copyrightimage captionHarry and Meghan married at Windsor Castle in May 2018

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have both taken legal action against media outlets in the past.The duchess recently won aHigh Court privacy battle against the Mail on Sundayover the publication of extracts from a letter to her father.When his wife first began her legal action against the Mail on Sunday, the duke described the "painful" impact of the "ruthless" press campaign against her.

"I lost my mother and now I watch my wife falling victim to the same powerful forces," he said in a statement at the time.Referring to his late mother Diana, Princess of Wales, Harry said his "deepest fear is history repeating itself".

Earlier this month, Harry also, over false claims he "turned his back" on the Royal Marines after stepping down as a senior royal. Read more: BBC News (UK) »

Prince Philip: Congregation arriving for Duke of Edinburgh funeral - BBC News

The armed forces are lining the quadrangle of Windsor Castle ahead of the Duke of Edinburgh's funeral.

How lucky he is to be able to deal with his mental health issues so easily. So many cannot just throw money at their problems. Mental health or any other problem. He doesn't get my sympathy BBCWorld I thought he is no more Prince........ theroyaleditor BBC, SMH. P*ss poor headline; thought I was reading the the Fail for a second there. How the mighty have fallen—down to level of tabloids.

Did I just watch Harry throw granny under the bus! I’m glad he is using his influence for his own mental health. Oprah, Gail King and James Corden all work for CBS. His Netflix, Spotify, Disney, AppleTV deals work to make him & corporate America richer. I just wish he hadn’t thrown granny under the bus.

I love this guy the British press are the scum of the earth he and Megan did the right thing I really like Harry and have respect for him and all he’s achieved. However, you can’t have the Press when you want them but not when you don’t. If you’re in the public eye and being paid a wedge for the privilege, then you just don’t have a leg to stand on.

Love how the MSM over here are using this clip to write headlines of one tiny bit of the interview - I wonder why he has left ? Again a really negative piece shame on MSM Good luck to them both He said the “BRITISH PRESS IS TOXIC”, and the BBC keeps on milking it. stophateforprofit ToxicUKMedia there you go just fixed for you BBC

BBCWorld James you did a fantastic interview. Just got to keep loving our Harry. May only goodness follow them for the rest of their lives 🙏😇 Beyond the British press, many British people are full of hate and veiled racism. The world is happy these guys are much happier outside UK. No it does not care rich or poor.

And this publicity seeking whore says he wants privacy 🙈 You are the toxic situation Why read it? Why is a royal relying on adoration from the British press? Support the UK ppl, not the press.🙄 PrinceHarry Imagine trying to be taken seriously, yet let yourself be interviewed by that sycophantic wanker! 😂😂😂🤦🏻‍♂️

BBC News has already begun to remove this report from both BBCRedButton and website. Their bias towards the press and undermining of Harry and Meghan is a disgrace. CommonsDCMS OliverDowden Ofcom bbcpress RoyalFamily KensingtonRoyal ClarenceHouse cspencer1508 BBCWorld WHOSaveTurkishStudent BBCScotlandNews Desperately seeking privacy has now done James Corden and Oprah. Nice to see him keeping a low profile.

Same old, same old, wearing very thin Henry. Your mental health (never your best asset) was on the slide ever since you took up with that American bit actress. It must really rankle how well William and Kate have turned out and being so well appreciated by the British people and the press, unlike your good self. Grow up!!

Happy for them to have a private life but they do seem to be publicising themselves an awful lot . The press in this country is shockingly bad. Not just invasion of privacy, but sits on its hands as it watches this govt lie and avoid scrutiny. theroyaleditor In 10 years time they’ll be doing Big Brother and I’m a Celebrity.

Oh you people just don't get it. There's a huge, HUGE difference between being lied about, being persecuted by the media than choosing to speak to a reporter openly and respectfully. Meghan would get criticized for breathing!!! Here’s the real reason - no “Archie”‼️ He said The British Media, report it correctly

BBCWorld Just like they did his mother ااااااورووووًً نننناااااووووو aaaaaaoooooaaannnnooo هذا جندي عربي كسران وجه من لبنان لو فلسطين لو. الأردن لو العراق لو سورية لابس حواريب نسوان weekend I think the press obviously did damage him, but I still think the response to it fuelled it. In hindsight we’ll see the role didn’t suit them as a couple anyway. Fact is Meghan is Hollywood & H is clearly still Brit aristocrat. Both laid back. Rich kids 😀😊

Due had a clear Exit roadmap before his wedding and slowly made changes, dropped comments to make us believe that he was being driving away. The generosity and accommodation given by the Queen to him and Meghan, only shows how Harry is utterly ignorant of a life of Service. BBCWorld He married a woman who courts attn. for a living so good luck w/keeping a low profile! He can blame media all he wants but he jumped from one frying pan in to another & USA media are just as bad. National Inquirer anyone? They both need money so have tv deals, etc. Still toxic!

BBCWorld (Sings quietly to self) 'Lifestyles of the rich and the famous, they're always complaining...' Just wish he would stop going on about his tough life. He has not really worked for the RF for over a year but continues to complain about their life in the media to the media. Would have more respect if they actually lived a private life and did not try for celebrity status.

I've just seen the whole 17 minute episode on YouTube. Very refreshing. Everybody wanting to comment should see it before making comments here.❤️ BBCWorld Can the British please take them back? BBCWorld Why doesn’t Harry shut up ? I thought he wanted privacy! You left out the part where you were included as part of the cause in your tweet.

Again proof. DailyMailUK dailyexp dailymirror TheSun and all the shitty press. Also in my country. They pestered them away. Be proud. Really be proud. your mental health issues DON'T STOP YOU making MILLIONS on OPRAH !!! hypocrite BBCWorld Another delicate flower Bbc is interested in We all know that. It was a very abusive situation. Harry was at the end of his rope..People must mindful. Even the hardship of Covid di not change anyone's mentality. Glad he did something about it. Piers acted like he is on a payroll to castigate in the name of whom?

BBCWorld Prince Harry seems to be an amazing guy, and he is sooo handsome. Beautiful family. Thanks mainly to Murdoch BBCWorld Harry you must miss your true family.. don’t deny your Grandparents they would love to hug your kids. Curious as they grow up if they’ll head back to England and the family they were denied

Well done Harry. If you believed the media in the country you'd think your decision wasn't supported by we - the people - in fact the vast majority of people could see what the press were doing to you and why you made the decisions you did. Stay strong. BBCWorld You mean miss narcissistic victim mentality wasn't happy so her sock puppets mental health was suffering? We don't care both of them are wholly irrelevant. Irrelevant dgaf

BBCWorld TQ has the working rules. ‘Half in and half out’ doesn’t work for her company. She told them that. If H&M need something different, they only choose to leave and set their own company-work rules as they want. Be glad and move on. Be grateful. FF book- awful! BBCWorld WHOSaveTurkishStudents

Good he prioritized his mental health and nuclear family, Meghan and Archie BBCWorld Next up to maintain privacy? Oprah interview! Who cares BBCWorld So the American paparazzi is better? I feel like for someone who wants privacy he and Megan sure put themselves out there a lot. Shannon89558046 Mixed up kid. Speculation about his parents hasnt helped. Why not have a dna test. If he is of royal blood, press will show more respect.. If he isnt, then no ones interested in him anymore, problem solved.

BBCWorld Please help me! My name is Lin donglong, an employee of China telecom fuzhou branch. Company manager huang fei (communist party of China) organized the leadership of the gang of evil forces brutal persecution: surveillance location, insult,abuse, framed to take nude photos of me Confusing, moved to get away from media. Yet now working for Netflix & Spotify & doing interview with Oprah. Perhaps Harry is now beginning to realise what the Royal Family is actually about. Everyone of us can serve but Royal Family that's their job. Good luck, time to move on.

Toxic situation? They were shown so much love from the British public! He knows full well what the press are like, so it's upsetting that he's projecting that on to the UK as a whole. Fergie had loads more grief from the press, still does. What's going on with him? BBCWorld Well here's an idea for the press. How about the press totally ignore the pair of them. No reporting about them at all....nothing....zilch....nada...niets...nichts... Bet they'd be soooo pleased......

BBCWorld and yet, he and his spouse reach out for media attention. Their love/hate relationship with the media and public spotlight is beyond understanding. BBCWorld Why is there a UK tabloid industry that exists entirely to destroy peoples lives? Is it really that interesting to read damaging, intrusive gossip about random people?

What a fool this once jovial free thinking lad has become. Gas lighting in full public view. One day he’ll wake up and realise his enormous mistakes. Good on him for prioritising his mental health and his family's wellbeing. He's born into that life and now can decide what he wants for him and his little family

If I were writing this script...Harry would have had his brother poisoned and his grandmother locked up and Meghan would pay nasty visits to her to remind her of who has the power now... BBCWorld Walk away from any TOXICITY...even its family members Your mental health is your priority This is a guy who’s been a Brio soldier at the front and been trained as a Royal , and he says this , he’s been trained to handle every situation thrown at him . How American has he become 😎

Is that open top bus a very green mode of transport? AskingforaFriend Prince Harry and James Corden destroy everyone else’s mental health in the process BBCScotlandNews Bless! Whatever Sadly UK media are like that. BBCScotlandNews Twats 🤡🤡 Mmmmmm from a man that seeks publicity Am I only person fed up with rich wealthy privileged people celebs sports stars harping on about how tough they have it .

That includes you piersmorgan So he then does an interview, pathetic Leave them alone Ding! Ding! All aboard the ' Cunt Bus', Next stop is 'Me, Me,Me!' ..... Fair play to him for protecting his family. Although, the media destroys everyone's mental health, that's how they operate, They don't put anything out that won't get an emotional response. Everyone's is seeing it for what it is now.

BBCScotlandNews If the press are toxic and dangerous, why would you send your photos to them? I wish Corden would take a vow of Privacy. I would say he was talking to a friend struggling for news . And h went to USA where media is not available toxic at all ahhahaha Who dont want to live in santa Barbara?

did Harry get a green card to be able to live in the US? LOL drama queens giving you signs. all these brits in the comments not seeing the irony......that they are proving his point. ya'll are toxic people and press projects what you feed on. racist hatred. BBCScotlandNews No wonder he fkd off. He's the lucky one to get away from the media and that dysfunctional family, so I applaud him for doing it

Meanwhile the press and people hounding him and his family are let off the hook with no consequences. Born into a service family for a nation and bailed. You spoke to the left loving, Trump hating JKCorden ? And ya gran says the vaccine doesn't hurt? And we should get it? Oh Harry. Silly child. Divorce the yank. Save yerself. Love from the UK.

James Corden in conversation with the Royal Family during a pandemic is my vision of hell I understand his reasoning but what’s wrong with a dignified silence ? Of course, roll out James Corden, the ambassador of Brexit Britain. I’m glad to see he and Meghan are finally getting the privacy they so desire.

Bore off! 🙄 Hope that's an electric bus that the environmental crusader is cruising around LA in. Was he just creating his own toxic situation? Nobody had it in for him any more than the other royals, wearing a Nazi uniform’s never going to go unreported for anybody in public life, perhaps that self destructiveness was already a manifestation of his mental state?

I’m sure the American Press is no better Harry ,just saying . Two of the most self-centred annoying people on the planet....hence the empty bus. I think his choice of wife adds fuel to that fire too. I wish hom well,but stay out of the public eye The same types that complain about their freedoms during covid, or free speech; are the ones here criticising this guy for exercising both - he doesn't want to work for the family firm any more; get over it and stop acting like a jilted partner.

Nobody can control the family they are born into but we can all decide how we can best earn a living so why should Harry or any other royal not be afforded the same basic human right. Yeah, your a pity, but you lived nicely on the'toxic' situation for many years. Now your in the real world the commoners world yet all you do is refer back to the 'toxic' world. In fact if it wasn't for the 'toxic' world you wouldn't be getting these interviews. Get a real job

Did his press officer not get the memo? Fact that you are not worth prince material. good that you ran away. just don't do any activism and we are saved. Q toxic situation created by yourselves This is a really good example to why the Queen has made her decision last week, this was filmed weeks ago, yet it was released at the same time as the Monarch’s important pro vaccine message, diluting that message. The palace would have coordinated the release, Harry couldn’t.

She will bin him off in about five years and he will be back in the fold Here comes the onslaught from bitter, nasty, jealous trolls in 5,4,3,2,1... Whatever Still enjoying the privacy I see “My Mrs had my balls in her purse and she was giving me ear ache!” I'm all for him wanting to lead a private life. But for somebody who wants privacy, he seems to be courting a lot of publicity.

I expect the comments on this to utterly disprove any fears around toxicity... Oprah gets scooped. BTW James Cordon bullies people who works for him. I’ve seen it and I’ve been the brunt of it. Thank you. Sorry to hear ..very sorry Anyone remember this before they complain about harry selling out.. But Harry is stooping low for publicity to avoid publicity.

I'm not sure Harry could cheapen his position further short of appearing on 'Strictly'. I wish him and his family well. I believe he has taken a brave step and we shouldn't be so quick to judge. Being interviewed by a member of.....?! We don't want anything to with media and the press.. YE RIGHT Another self indulgent sob story. Trying living in the real world.