Prince Harry says: Give me back my bodyguards

Prince Harry threatens legal action against the UK Government and demands return of taxpayer-funded security

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1/16/2022 1:27:00 AM

Prince Harry threatens legal action against the UK Government and demands return of taxpayer-funded security

Lawyers acting for Harry have written a 'pre-action protocol' letter to the Home Office, indicating they will seek a judicial review if continued security is not provided by the UK.

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Britain is really saying: we don’t want you, or your family in our country. You had it easy for thirty odd years, now go and live with “ that” woman. Good luck with that. Good. They need protecting from the crazy trolls H is just unbelievable. To be honest I cannot understand why they would want to be here after feeling trapped and overwhelmed by negative feelings about his life here. Or maybe it’s to gather more material for the book he’s said he intends to publish once our Queen dies. ☹️☹️

They left the UK for a quieter life. But it seems to have backfired He needs an excuse not to attend.. Don’t come then, nobody wants you here HARRY HEWITT IS NOT ROYAL. STOP THE CHARADE. They are the ones that made the decision to become private citizens so they should pay for their own security. F them. More drama.

His intertalled anyhow If he have a right for security than he should get one.

Prince Harry files claim against Home Office over police protection in UKThe duke wants to fund the security himself rather than let taxpayers pay, his lawyer said LostThePlot Good man!

Harry and Megan don't get what they want so they roll out the lawyers to buy it. So sad. HarryandMeghan PrinceHarry Hey buddy you wanted this to happen advice. Get a freaking job and pay for it yourself. Now you see how the world really works Stay in USA not welcome But he DID receive UK funded security. And there’s no evidence that he was chased or harassed by paparazzi. Every appearance he made seemed to be well protected and orderly. He received special permission to go directly to the airport tarmac with police escort.

He’s offering to pay,issue is the level of security he wants. It’s like if Ivanka Trump wanted to pay to have the Secret Service continue their service. That level of security and Intel “private people“ can’t simply buy. Harry needs to learn that he’s no longer that relevant. Whilst the Markles are of no real interest to me, this article is incorrect, the headline is also misleading. Spend a bit more time on say rising energy costs or at least something equally as important. ☝️🤨

Lies…. What a shame of an outlet …. Can’t even call it news. Rightly so Daily Mail. Publish his whole statement! 99 The Saxe Coburg gothe dynasty is well and truly finished.. Windsor knot.

Prince Andrew faces calls to give up Duke of York titleLocal politicians say the royal should end his link with the city as he faces court action in the US. Ye we want our nursery rhyme back Has he still got the 10,000 men? Oh the grand old Duke of York, he told 10,000 lies...he says he wasn't sweating,he was eating pizza pies...

Harry is an embarrassment now, a slave puppy puppet to the piece of work Meghan. STAY AWAY. This is what you do when you aren't able to pay for your elaborate lifestyle Private citizens can't hire police officers. Issues 1/ He couldn't wait for things to be fully talked through & told the world step back but 1 foot in. They were told no 2/His choice to go to Canada & then LA/Monticeto 3/As non working RF no security.Otgers have private. Why is the security he has not good enough in UK?

Why ? He's not suing Britain, just another dig by the Daily Fail Shouldn’t the headline be „Prince Harry sues his own grandmother” - the Home Office is part of Her Majesty’s Government after all. Treason So he wants to come back for the 70th? They both need to be stripped of their titles and shamed. Com’mon Boris, do the right thing and get rid of them for good. Make them private citizens.

Prince Harry to 'discuss personal stories and challenges' in interviewThe Duke of Sussex, 38, who is currently living in his $14 million mansion in California with Meghan Markle, 40, will attend a virtual event on February 3 for BetterUp. billyrufc4 Another tabloid LIES. Prince harry WORK with that Company. IT WORK WITH HIS BOSS AND MANY OTHERS. YOU TURN IT TO THIS USELESS HEADLINES? PEŔSONAL STORIES NO WONDER YOU WERE HUMILIATED IN COURT BY MEGHAN, THE DUCHESS OF SUSSEX. LIES DONT STAND IN COURT. still milking it...

Why? The whole of that family should pay for their own security. Wealthy private individuals do. What’s the difference? Actually, Harry wants a review as to why he cannot fund police protection this 'story' is lies. I don't like Harry and Meghan and we don't need to lie about how atrocious they are. If he wants to pay for his own protection, he should be allowed to.

I mean... Should a company still pay my salary after I quit the job? Sometimes you wonder if these editors live in Mars, which might even be an insult to the aliens 👽 there. What's the difference with this Newspaper and Chinese or NK backed press? Britain Should Countersue Harry from a different angle.. things are NOT really working out in Monte.. why,they want to go to UK.. otherwise.. they bother,eh? if things were going so swimmingly

stayawayharry shutupharry I don't understand why they feel like they need to come to the UK anyway. It is NOT their home and NOT their country anymore. The family live in LA now, and besides, the Royals are touring America soon so they can all catch up then. I don't think they are welcome here anymore.

Prince Andrew: Civil case accuser seeks UK witness testimonyLawyers for Virginia Giuffre seek evidence from two people in the UK in the civil sex assault case. In your news today u call the Royal family RUTHLESS for stripping Andrews title etc, does the BBC support Andrew then and will you be rehiring bashir then? How you can target the royals on this and NOT Andrew is beyond me. Is it because they’ve given their tv rights to itv? Boo hoo. BBCHelena He's no longer a Prince queen took his HRH away he's a Mr Andrew Windsor now.

Prince Harry needs to ask his mates at Netflix to provide security, as they seem to be his new circle of friends. He has no friends in the UK after burning his bridges. It is clear from the Sussex's statement that Harry wants to pay for the security himself, & has been denied by the Home Office. If the story you're reading doesn't make this clear you can complain here:

Good for him! Can’t have private individuals paying for met police protection … that’s elitism and would lead to corruption … plenty of security companies around .. Remove the titles already !! delusional pathetic desperate Henry and his Yacht Girl are not important to Britain 🇬🇧. Thank you for leaving 🙏🏼🥰

Can we sue Prince Harry for the endless emotional distress he causes the people of the UK? He is very brave and confident. Hypocrites! Spoiled, free loaders

Prince Andrew's accuser asks to speak to two potential witnesses in the UKVirginia Giuffre is seeking the assistance of the British courts after her lawsuit against the Duke of York took a major step forward this week. How to go viral so that you can sell your book to only 99 people in a pool of 290million. If you like short stories and can spare a little bit then help me out. I can't ask you to help me if I can't offer you something. Check out my pinned tweet if you want to help😇

Can you imagine thinking you’re so special that you need millions of dollars of security? For those who believe this trashy Daily Fail. In fact Harry should sue you again CherylKate_News More drama Pretty sure he can hire excellent private security personnel. Plenty of celebrities do it all the time. The benefit of financial independence is that he can approve all aspects! What a privilege. what is he whining about now?

DailyMailUK Absolute bollicks. More lies from the Fail. He isn't suing the government but he might sue you if you don't stop lying. 😂 Hack publication What a reputable media outlet. Posting lies and click bait

Prince William fury at guest outburst: ‘Can’t believe you just said that’PRINCE WILLIAM gave a guest a 'thunderous look' at a party before muttering 'I can't believe you just said that', royal author Katie Nicholl claimed. Andrew can get away by saying he didn't knew the girl's age. PAARAMBAA_PUBLIC_PARTY_ WhatHas_Modi_Done? PerspectiveMattersMost_ StolenPublicSavings! IdeaOfPandemic_Took_frunds_fromGlobe_made_It_personal_ PopularSayingsHeSellsNationalWeathsIsDanger IndustryShutDownAwakenPublic_chooseTrueSevakNotConspliratorsCriminals_

Click bait. I am paying for Police and when I called and told them my Motorbike was stolen I got crime number . Welcome to Plebs world Harry . Oh Lordy- you know if you keep tugging your Johnson off to Harry- it might fall off? More lies from Let him sue and then have a judge throw the book at him and fine him heavily!

After stepping down from Royal Duties, is Harry now no different to you or in a legal sense? I have enemies but do not demand 24/7 police protection. What an exhausting life to lead. Spoilt brat is the term that springs to mind 😂😂😂😂

The ACTUAL truth Desperado!

Lawyers acting for Harry, who stepped down from Royal duties two years ago, wrote 'pre-action protocol' letter to Home Office, indicating they'll seek judicial review if continued security isn't provided by UK. If the case proceeds, it will lead to a battle in the High Court between Ministers and Prince Harry. Queen is understood to have been made aware of her grandson's action, which is thought to be first time a member of Royal Family has brought a case against Her Majesty's Government. Harry's decision to instruct his lawyers, Schillings, to threaten legal action against Government could inflame tensions with his family. It also a further headache for Queen only days after she stripped Prince Andrew of his military honours and charity patronages after US judge ruled that a claim of sex abuse made against him – and vehemently denied – would proceed