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Price of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's hair salon visit sparks cutting remarks

Price of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's hair salon visit sparks cutting remarks

10/10/2019 9:31:00 AM

Price of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez 's hair salon visit sparks cutting remarks

Congresswoman targeted with report she spent nearly $300 at salon, a sum many pointed out as a pretty good deal

The Democrat congresswoman was the subject of an exclusive news story from the Washington Times on Wednesday, in which the newspaper reported she had spent nearly $300 on having her hair cut and coloured.“The self-declared socialist, who regularly rails against the rich and complains about the cost of living inside the Beltway, spent nearly $300 on her hairdo at a pricey salon she frequents in downtown Washington, The Washington Times has learned,” the article began.

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The newspaper said that Last Tangle Salon charges $80 for a haircut and $180 for lowlights “according to sources familiar with the salon”. The paper also factored in a 20% tip of $52, bringing the total of the entire hair maintenance experience to $312.

The paper quoted Richard Manning, president of Americans for Limited Government, who described Ocasio-Cortez as “the Eva Person of American politics. She preaches socialism while living the life of the privileged.”But women on Twitter defended the Congresswoman, saying the ones who should be checking their privilege in the haircare wars were men, who clearly had no idea how much women were routinely charged for haircuts and colour treatments.

“Sorry, you don’t get to create beauty standards that require women to spend hundreds or thousands a year to be considered presentable and then hate us for it,” tweeted writer Jessica Valenti.Others drew attention to the article’s assertion that Ocasio-Cortez “could have saved roughly $100 for the same hairstyle at the government-subsidized Capitol Hill barbershop”.

“Her high-dollar hairdo stands in stark contrast to that of former Attorney General Jeff Sessions, a former senator from Alabama who is a regular customer at Senate Hair Care Services,” the article said.“At that place, open to members of Congress and the public, a men’s cut runs about $20, though men’s haircuts there and everywhere else are cheaper than women’s,” the article acknowledges.

Many questioned the choice of Jeff Sessions as a model. “Damn, why didn’t AOC ask for a rec[ommendation] from hair icon *checks notes* Jeff Sessions?” wrote one person.Defence reporter Katie Bo Williams pointed out the irony that the paper was incensed that Ocasio-Cortez, whom the article calls a “self-declared socialist” had paid a business for a haircut, rather than get a government-subsidised one at the salon recommended by the article.

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Oh shut up She bathes each night in the tears of baby seals. Here is a pro tip:All women know how expensive it is to get their hair done. Stop writing dumb articles 🧜🏻‍♀️💯 This? Really? Do you realize the Kurds are being slaughtered?! 'Cutting remarks' from a bottom-feeding conservative outlet that you're now amplifying. Stop with this bullshit.

Unforgivable pun Who cares. She's entitled to appear, dress and groom as she wishes, just as any male congressperson. Anyone know what the male members of congress pay for hair care? A DC based news outlet not having a clue that DC is, in fact, a fairly expensive place to live and women regularly get charged that price for that service. Oh, and if her hair wasn't perfect, she'd hear about it too. everydaysexism

This is s pretty dumb story. But for $300 you would think her hair would do something other than just lay flat to the side of her head. Trying to milk anything AOC SUCKS They have nothing other to do Probably still less than Trumps weekly tan and hairspray bill... Anything else going on? Are we really doing this again?

Really? This is important, how? socialism I’m sorry, and how much does Betsy DeVos pay for her haircuts? How much does Elaine Cho pay for her haircuts? How much does Melania Trump pay for her haircuts? I would really like to know. I have essentially a men’s haircut. It costs $100 for me to have it cut in DC. No coloring no styling just cut. Get bent with this hogwash

Stop it. Stop it. Stop it. Stop it. Omg-are you bored I used to live in DC and hair salon prices for WOMAN were outrageous. This is not news to any of us. In TX now and its the same! Write about the ridiculous cost of insulin. She can spend her money anyway she chooses just like has a choice to report on stories that aren’t sexist.

Fishwrap journalism. My barber charges $14, no charge for jokes Cutting Edge journalism. Newsflash: women -all- over the world spend more on hair cuts/care than men. Woah! Yes for me anything more than $15 is out of the question. For women, they spend much more. ALL OVER THE WORLD. Cmon Guardian is this news? You write stories about male pollies hair cuts? No, eh?

This is stupid. Hair care is expensive. She earns her money and is free to spend it as she sees fit. She undoubtedly works hard and I really don’t care about her spending habits Is this really news? I thought the Guardian was better than this Best Android Games You should Play Once in Your Life I’ve run out of ways to say “are you f***ing kidding me with this”. Trump is violating the Emolujents clause with what could only be described as unabashed glee but people feel they have a say in how AOC spends her own salary?

So this is news? Idiotic article. Cents in comparison to the money being made off our backs by the wh This is not news. Next report on Elaine Chao and Liz Cheney and all the of the women we have in congress unless your piece is meant as a hit job ordered by all the insecure conservative men. I contribute $$ to GuardianAus when I read a valuable article but this story is disappointing. AOC should be allowed to get a hair cut without the 3rd decree. How about a follow up on IvankaTrump's hair care? Better yet, do your job & focus on actual news. journalismmatters

Staring the obvious here.....she looks a million times better than Jeff Sessions. jeffsessions AOC I do not like her but neither do I like the hypocrisy where women are both judged for their appearance and the money they use for it. This is a sexist headline. Boo. .... well compared to Boris Johnson...

Well, compared to Trump... Unmatched slow news day. HOLD THE PRESS Fun facts She also: Have shoes on her feet buy and eat food (some times even pizza) wear clothing, strange ain't it? Sleep in an bed, sometimes with her boyfriend. Take showers and get this USE SOAP, omg. ride in cars to an from work. what do she think she is 😠

Being for the people doesn't mean you have to look like you don't take care of yourself. The people who have issues with this, are the same ones that don't have a problem with trump spending millions to golf. Ffs.. I wonder how much those criticising her spend on cigars, cigarettes, whisky and wine.... and maybe a bit of cocaine?

(Sigh) Weak story. Is that it? She had her hair done? Honestly, you lot need to fucking stop it. Many pointed out that £300 is a good deal for a trim, core I must not get out enough I'm concerned with some aspects of her politics, but remain generally pleased with her performance in Congress. This is a petty attack by enemies desperate to discredit her wherever they can, and simply not news. $300 for a woman's visit to a stylist is just not Marie Antoinette

This is the sort of story one might expect to see in The Sun. Do better. Guardian elevating the standard of journalism everyday! Oh dear . Were you trying to find something for the unpaid interns to write about? Also not tbat expensive for a haircut! This is sexist reporting. How is this an actual news worthy story ? Come on you can do better than this tabloid style gossip.

I think she's dangerously stupid, but I'll never care how much she pays for a haircut and colour ffs her head is still on send her back lol do you not know how much base level salon services are. For the love of all the is holy. Most of trumps cabinet owns yachts. What the fuck are you doing. Today of all days this is not a story.

So this did it lol She paid a completely reasonable sum for someone who's in the public eye all the damn time. In fact. And it's really funny that she tipped 20%, of course the right would try to contort that into a smear. There are more important issues to be focused on rather than AOC and how much her hair cut cost.

This is very huffpost of you guardian. Maybe a parallel article about how much Trump spends on orange foundation and hairspray? For a newspaper that's based in Washington, they clearly have no idea of the prices. Are you kidding me? I don’t even live in DC and the going rate in my area for hair is $200... (which is why I can’t get my hair done). I can see $300 as completely legit in DC. Let’s talk about a fucking $3M car.

$52 tip is what got me! They have nothing else to attack her for so they are going after her hair ... It's actually funny to see it happen. Sounds like a snip.... I bet you Cortez couldn't afford it while on her previous job. Professional barrel scraping from guardian. No surprises I spent £240 on my daughter's hair cut at the start of summer, then another £200 getting it back into an acceptable condition for school. I think she got a good deal 😀

And now that money is in the hair-world system, going to both the business and the people it employs, allowing them to spend money on whatever they want. Who's keeping track except our whole foundational system that is built off this Click... Click... Click... Guardian, let’s leave articles regarding the price of a US female politician’s haircut to the tabloids

I mean, Jared and Ivanka have made $82million out of this presidency but go off She’s great Guardian running this brain rot is pathetic. Why do this? Which editor thought it was news worthy? Shame. 'The Guardian will engage with the most critical issues of our time' Also The Guardian: 'Are highlights socialist enough?'

Oh Guardian why shoot yourself in the foot? Everything is wrong with everything to somebody... In other news: Rand Paul drives on roads. You didn’t finish the headline. Price of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s hair salon visit sparks cutting remarks from assholes. There, FITY Guardian, you’re better than this

There targeting her about her hair costs? when Trump has just left there Kurds to be invaded and killed? The world has gone Mad well he has! Did she even make her first millionaire as being a congresswoman Disappointed to see you reporting on this...this isn’t news it’s gossip Judas my haircut used to cost $40 now it’s $100 - and this doesn’t include tip or color. This isn’t news.

Shame on you for reporting this! I can use that $5 a month better than you seem to. Cutting my support. Hey , don't be a 🤡 journalism 🙄 Her money, no one’s business. This is not news. Please do better. look hard hitting news...LOL. I wanted to add in the journalist who write this piece but I'm concerned I would be too nasty; honestly is this what we're writing about. Just write about love island instead what's the difference

This is a story? wth Being charged $300 for a visit to the hairdresser is the fault of the Patriarchy anyway, obvs. Why are you reporting this? No really why? Yeah, she is a Cleopatra you can get it So has a right to take care of her physical health and appearance any btw it's her money. You don’t need to write this. You can just continue reporting news. FYI

🙄 I often think 'I should start paying for journalism from the Guardian, it's important to support...then this sort of story drops and I put the wallet away. Slow news day. 🖕🖕🖕 $300 for a cut, color plus tip is the norm in any major city across the US. Unless you live in middle of nowhere like Witchita, KS your cut and color is prob $65

I thought you were meant to be serious journalists writing proper stories ? This kind of story is cheap and crass Pathetic. Wonder how much Trump spends on dye and hairspray annually. Guardian - you are my paper - stop behaving like the Sun. Oh, good grief! with her position as a congresswoman i think she deserves the hair treatment she represent the people she ought to look classy and beautiful she is the face of New York's 14th congressional district

Oh dear. Is this really news. you're becoming a tabloid with the detritus you're churning out these days. What happened to journalism? It’s not a good look on you AOC when your hair cut is $300 you’re making $175,000 and you’re complaining about income inequality... Just accept the fact you’re a capitalist 😎MeghanMcCain ChrisCuomo HuntsmanAbby joerogan AbbyMartin Entrepreneur

At least she pays her bill. presidential this is news in th UK because......... Who gives a rat’s ass if she spends more or less on her coiffure—focus on reporting that’s critical, not a politician’s hairdresser expenditures. She says one thing and does another, it's called a politician. The Washington Times is a Trumo supporting rag, I'm shocked you're promoting their stories.

FYI The $300 is most probably for a hair straightening treatment...which is the going price in NYC A lot of air, she has, and still a lot less her foes spend while having daily meals... Hell, that haircut is cheap compared w/ the mistresses some of those Congressmen have to keep up. They should try working as hard as AOC.

WTFTheGuardian Bet you’re proud of that pun, proud like a toddler is proud of making its own turd How much did flotus’s boob job cost Scraping the barrel springs to mind for those that are criticising her. I think she is just brilliant. This is really news? Come on Guardian stay away from these type of stories.

A bartender of the people.

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