President Joe Biden comes into 'close contact' with Covid-carrying White House staffer

12/21/2021 4:52:00 AM

President Joe Biden comes into 'close contact' with Covid-carrying White House staffer

President Joe Biden comes into 'close contact' with Covid-carrying White House staffer

PRESIDENT JOE BIDEN has come into 'close contact' with a Covid-carrying White House staffer while onboard Air Force One, his White House press secretary has said.

(Image: Getty) White House press secretary Jen Psaki (Image: Getty) "This staff member did not begin to experience symptoms until Sunday, and was tested on Monday.Hits 'keep coming': Hospitals struggle as COVID beds fill Saturday’s release of the Biden administration’s ledger of accomplishments comes as the White House is facing a brutal wave of negative press centred around the issues of inaction on the president’s legislative agenda as well as reports of a growing divide between the staff in Ms Harris’s office and others in the administration.Jesse Jackson (left) with Simon Woolley, principal of Homerton College, Cambridge, before being sworn in as an honorary fellow last week.Military dispatched to North East as Storm Arwen power cuts continue According to Ms Shuttleworth, the areas most likely to experience snow on the 25th are the Midlands, northern England and Scotland.

" Ms Psaki added:"Others on Air Force One who were in close contact with this staff member are being contacted and will be advised to get tested per CDC guidance."The President is tested on a regular basis.Mr Manchin’s continued opposition to the bill in it’s current state has delayed its passage for months and thrown key Democratic priorities like the Child Tax Credit, expanding Medicaid and providing universal pre-k at risk."As part of that regular testing, the President received an antigen test Sunday, and tested negative.00 GMT Last modified on Sun 19 Dec 2021 14.READ MORE: 46th President Joe Biden (Image: Getty) "This morning, after being notified of the staffer’s positive test, the President received a PCR test and tested negative.Shocking images of massive crowds of migrants erecting makeshift tent cities in Texas dominated news programs earlier this year.He will be tested again on Wednesday.” A white Christmas was in fact also seen for 6 per cent of weather stations in 2020, but “only 4 per cent of [weather] stations reported any snow lying on the ground.

"As CDC guidance does not require fully vaccinated people to quarantine after an exposure, the President will continue with his daily schedule.A recent poll from the Economist/YouGov showed the administration facing a devastating drop in approval among the youngest demographic of voters, those under 30, among whom Mr Biden for his job performance drop by 50 percentage points since the same poll was taken in January.Jackson told the Guardian: “Women and people of colour are still facing the shadow of white male supremacy both here and in the US." But Biden, who turned 79 back in November, became the oldest candidate to be elected to the Oval Office when he defeated Donald Trump, 75, by 306 electoral college votes to 232 in 2020.The 46th President is also said to be fully inoculated and has received his booster dose.DON'T credited with boosting the numbers of ethnic minorities employed in key sectors, but UK law would outlaw the British equivalent, which is called positive discrimination.

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