Post, courier, e-mail - the saga to serve papers on Prince Andrew

Post, courier, e-mail - the saga to serve papers on Prince Andrew

9/18/2021 12:59:00 PM

Post, courier, e-mail - the saga to serve papers on Prince Andrew

What has been going on for weeks in Virginia Giuffre's attempt to sue Prince Andrew - and will the case ever actually begin?

Prince Andrew, The Duke of York, pictured in 2020For weeks, lawyers acting for a woman who alleges she was sexually abused by Prince Andrew have been trying to alert him to their plans.It has been a drawn-out process involving email auto-replies and courier receipts.

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To serve a member of the Royal Family once meant to do one's duty for Queen and country.But a month-long chase by US lawyers to find Prince Andrew and in the legalese, serve him with allegations of abuse, has brought a whole new meaning to the phrase.

This is what you need to know - and why we're nowhere yet near learning the truth in this case.Virginia Giuffre is suing Prince Andrew for damages, alleging that she was sexually abused by him when she was controlled by the super-rich sex offender, Jeffrey Epstein. He killed himself in 2019.

Epstein was once a friend of Prince Andrew - and the ninth-in-line to the throne has consistently denied the allegation and says he can't even remember meeting Ms Giuffre.But it's for a court in New York to decide whether her allegations are true - assuming the case ever gets going.

If you sue someone for damages, you must first "serve" the case on the person you are intending to sue.That means you make sure the documents containing your allegations reach their hands - or at the very least get to a lawyer working for them.

That rule is at the heart of justice in the US and the UK: a judge must be sure that the defendant knows what they are being accused of.image source,Reutersimage captionVirginia Giuffre and her lawyer, David Boies - one of the best known attorneys in the US

So, Judge Lewis Kaplan in New York, who is in charge of the Virginia Giuffre case, won't even consider her claims until he is sure that Prince Andrew has received the allegations in proper legal form and has had time to respond.And that's where we've currently been stuck - until now - as publicly available documents in the United States show.

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On Thursday, 26 August, Cesar Sepulveda, a corporate investigator, turned up at the gates of Windsor Great Park.Ms Giuffre's lawyers employed Mr Sepulveda to take the legal papers to the Duke of York's home.When he arrived on an unseasonably grey August morning, he had a fruitless wait.

He handed over his business card and despite conversations with police officers standing guard, no officials working for the Prince could be found.The next day he returned and, in his court statement, he recounts that this time a police officer told him the documents could be left at the gate to be forwarded on to "the legal team."

Fast forward to 13 September and David Boies, Virginia Giuffre's lawyer, joins a teleconference in a New York courtroom.His sole objective was to convince Judge Kaplan that the prince had now been served and the case should proceed.Legal documents show the lengths that Mr Boies' and his firm had gone to.

The chase had in fact begun weeks before Mr Sepulveda's Windsor visit.Documents were emailed to any British lawyer the Giuffre team could find who had represented the Prince in the past. They sent the requests by courier - and showed the delivery receipts to the US court.

One receipt read: "Hi. Your package was delivered Wed 08/18/2021 at 8.28am. Delivered to Royal Lodge at Windsor... Received by A POLICE OFFICER."Nobody replied.Ms Giuffre's team also showed the court a photo of them posting the documents by Royal Mail directly to the prince.

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Prince Pizza, is just hiding behind his royal privilege, if this was you or me, we would have served with these legal papers, he should grow a pair of balls, & defend himself in court, and prove he is innocent How about Anne Sacoolas? While I don’t care for Andrew, I do care for a little more reciprocal behaviour and respect from the USA

Why would she sign a paper and take money off Epstein she’s probably run out and needs more she doesn’t want a conviction she wants compensation that says a lot His US lawyer, Andrew Brettler has also defended Bryan Singer who has been accused of sexually assaulting minors, comedian Chris D’Elia, who was accused of soliciting child pornography from a 17-year-old girl, and Danny Masterson who will stand trial on three counts of rape.

The high and mighty certainly get preferential treatment British public: prince Andrew groomed and trafficked poor little 17 year old White girl for sex. Also British public: begum was 15, groomed and trafficked for sex....'she knew what she was doing'. About time he faced up to his past. Stop running away

Doesn’t make him look guilty at all. As someone who lives in York why is he still called the Duke of York? Can we take that back now? Phew ! What a web of complications and twists. Thanks for a great explanation I understood now what the too and fro is all about! In short if you are a royal you can not be prosecuted easily if at all!

Civil case and the complainant has already been paid $5M prohibiting her from further accusations.

High Court confirms Virginia Giuffre's lawsuit against Prince Andrew will be servedThe first hearing for Giuffre's lawsuit was held in New York on Monday

Serve them via the Pizza Express..? Tell the yanks he has diplomatic immunity it works both ways Weird bunch on here defending him 😳😳 Ohhhhh, what ironies.....A company owned by his mum is prevented from giving him important info that could help him move to a big house, also owned by his mum......e.g. HMP Wormwood Scrubs

Have they not heard of ABC Couriers - 'We deliver, the undeliverable'. Men hey, tch. The Saga? I don’t think the over 50’s are his problem. Yes, if she was an underage girl and there is a photo of me with her AND her 'enabler' I would remember that! Send Anne Sacoolas over with the papers then. annesacoolas

Hang on a second. If I get a parking fine it is deemed 'served' if it is posted to me. Why should he be any different?

High Court confirms Virginia Giuffre's lawsuit against Prince Andrew will be servedThe first hearing for Giuffre's lawsuit was held in New York on Monday

Andrew has a 'hunted' look. They all think they are above the law when it comes to them. They have to go. Could Royal Mail sub-contract the work to the SAS or US Navy Seals?.....they have a habit of getting the job done Is it really appropriate for to report on alleged sex offenders given their track record for covering them up and still has a statue of a paedophile on the front of their building?

He says he cannot remember Virginia Giuffre, is that because there was so many of these young girls? Will there be a fair trial? Will there be an original photo? For a man with nothing to hide he’s doing a lot of hiding. Reprehensible. Hope they laminated them, or they'll be getting very soggy...

Prince Andrew given a week to challenge high court decision in sex assault caseLawyers for Duke of York expected to contest High Court’s decision in effort to forestall start of lawsuit 27gaza No sweat!

Diplomatic immunity shouldn't apply for nonces Not since Madeleine McCann has someone been so good at disappearing Guilty as Hell . The Queen and the Royal Household are provaricating the commencement of his prison sentence. Just send the papers round with a sixth former, they'll be served in seconds.

Prince Andrew 'now worried' after High Court decision and 'not usual blasé self'Prince Andrew has had a 'mood shift' as the High Court is to serve sex case papers, with a source telling the Mirror 'there’s tension in the air and he's not so blasé now' He needs to just write the damned cheque and be done with it. Randy Andy should not be worried. The British royal family has a proud and uncontroversial history of locking family members in the castle for their own good. Sweaty nonce

Prince Andrew 'worried' after court decision and 'not his usual blasé self'PRINCE Andrew is finally “worried” about the bombshell sex assault case against him – after feeling confident the allegation would be dropped, it is claimed. The Duke of York is s… Remember the woman from the US and she killed a child driving in UK and went back to the US. US refused for her to come here for trial ? I believe is the case Why should Andrew go ? Unless we do an exchanges ?

Prince Andrew could delay sex abuse lawsuit legal papers by staying in ScotlandPrince Andrew could delay being served with sex assault lawsuit papers filed by alleged rape victim Virginia Giuffre as he is staying in Balmoral, Scotland, as the High Court of England & Wales has no jurisdiction there He’s a coward & if he stays in Scotland it’s as good as pleading guilty. One way or the other u gonna go down man it's just a matter of time 😖😵🥴 He is waiting for the original photo to be presented.