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Populism on the Left and Right is poisoning economic discourse

Populism on the Left and Right is poisoning economic discourse | @MrRBourne


Populism on the Left and Right is poisoning economic discourse | MrRBourne

In a 1964 US Supreme Court case, Justice Potter Stewart famously realised the difficulty of defining hard-core pornography.

Economic populism is similarly hard to define. Yet there is plenty of it around in the US and, whether it be Democrat presidential candidates Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders on the Left or President Donald Trump and Fox News host Tucker Carlson on the Right, we should know it when we see or hear it. The stakes mean it’s too important not to.

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MrRBourne Seriously, The Telegraph publishes this after so many faked stories they've put out recently? See bogus Brexit no-deal referendum from last week published here. MrRBourne DBChirpy in USA there really is not any economic discourse. Yes both side appeal to their followers about elite disregarding them. In this case it’s the truth. But ordinary people have no power over the elite since Citizens United

MrRBourne Disingenuous conservative opinion CitationsPod inexplicable Republican best friend.

Tory arch-Remainers will soon find they have no place left in their partyA split is imminent, but the likes of Philip Hammond are unable to see that they’ll be on the losing side AllisterHeath He's chosen the hill he will die on, let hope it's quick and permanent AllisterHeath & it's new leader/PM will have no majority 😏 AllisterHeath Is this all part of Boris Johnson's 'Unite the Country' strategy? Smacks more of a purge of dissidents...

Jade Goody fans left 'uncomfortable' as Channel 4 airs Shilpa Shetty race row in tragic documentaryJADE Goody fans were left “uncomfortable” as Channel 4 aired the Big Brother Shilpa Shetty race row in the second part of their tragic documentary. Emotional viewers broke down as they … Yip jade is correct about karma But why are they uncomfortable. She treated shilpa dreadfully u can’t whitewash that out of it. Yes Jade was fun etc but she had a nasty streak as well. The documentary is about her life surely that’s warts and all Undeniable fact - if Jade Goody hadn't developed cancer and died, she'd be a public hate figure. She was another one of society's entitled nobodies who was given too much air time - nothing more.

Mum left 'crying & sweating' baby inside ‘70C’ car for 18 MINUTESA MUM-OF-FOUR has been arrested after leaving her baby in a blazing hot car while she shopped with her other three children. Holli Platt, 39, says she got “distracted” by her excited ch… Damn foolishness there are no excuses your pathetic .

Katherine Ryan left audience stunned with joke about Cheryl dying of malariaKATHERINE Ryan has blown her chances of ever being pals with Cheryl Tweedy. The comic stunned a TV audience this week with a joke about the star almost dying of malaria. Cheryl was treated for the … Katherine Ryan is about funny as rabies in Battersea dogs home. Malaria is NO joke!👎😠 She about as funny as cramp 👎🏻

EastEnders spoilers: Mick Carter left for dead by Stuart after refusing reconciliation?EASTENDERS landlord Mick Carter has been experiencing ill health of late but is yet to get himself checked out. Could it now be too late after he collapsed following a confrontation with Stuart Highway?

Mother 'left baby in back of car because she forgot he existed'Karlee Mae Spear, 21, told officers she would only have remembered to get the baby out of her car had her elder four year-old child been in the car at the same time

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