Money, Inflation, Economics

Money, Inflation

People in the UK: how is your household affected by rising costs?

People in the UK: are there things that have suddenly become unaffordable for you?

9/18/2021 12:26:00 PM

People in the UK: are there things that have suddenly become unaffordable for you?

We’re keen to hear how people across the UK experience the impact of rising consumer prices

Photograph: John Stillwell/PAFile photo dated 6/2/2017 of a woman holding coins and a purse containing notes.Photograph: John Stillwell/PAWed 15 Sep 2021 14.14 BSTLast modified on Thu 16 Sep 2021 15.51 BSTUK inflationhas hit the highest figure in nearly a decade

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, having jumped to 3.2% in August, from 2% in July, the highest rate since March 2012.We’d like to hear how people in the UK are experiencing rising costs for food and drink, energy bills, transport, restaurants and hotels. Are you struggling to afford some things now that you could previously?

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Budget 2021 live: Rishi Sunak unveils spending plans for 'new age of optimism' - BBC News

The chancellor is announcing his plans in the Commons as he faces pressure to help people with rising prices.

While the poor count their pennies to make ends meet the rich bankers get tax reliefs to make them even more richer, Tory logic, Mr Sunak. Great question. The rising costs are causing me to spend more money, resulting in me having less money than I had before the costs had risen. There are also some things that I used to buy that I don't buy anymore, due to the afore-mentioned rising costs of said things. Thanks.

Lol... Hahaha Gr8 Joke Tbh Left with No more Household's or Nothing hence Living in d Streets Along with my Family... The Brexit dividend. Project fear they said. With its cheap products made by slaves, “Communist” China is in control of inflation worldwide. With its dumping, China will soon steal all our good jobs and force you into slavery. If China does not reinvent communism soon, we will all wish to die quickly of a virus.

Things are more expensive. Ask a stupid question get a stupid answer Thank Geoffreypreud you for mentoring me and showing me the right and wrong, to support me in every manner possible, always made sure we get the best ROI. Be careful what you vote for. I don’t seem to be able to wallow so often in a bath of champagne communism like AyoCaesar, really not happy. Also my ability to take part in solidarity protests with W⚓️s like Owen Jones will not be subsidised by my employer, it is sooooo unfair!!

Just make something up,but make sure you blame it on Brexit

Meghan and Harry tipped NOT to return to UK for Lilibet’s Christening over ‘tensions’MEGHAN MARKLE and Prince Harry may not 'be inspired' to return to the UK for Lilibet's christening over family 'tensions', claimed a relationship expert in an interview with Well that's made the day better...

Well here on the Caymen Islands we don't really worry! I dont worry about that. Conerted to bitcoinstandard and prices keep going down fast. Year on year over the last 10 years, it s amazing Insurance, house and life cancelled to pay for rising costs of fuel and food Is that a question or a mockery? Pine nuts

Gas Self respect I think if I was British I would put freedom of speech, liberty and movement as quite expensive now. Probably unaffordable. Post furlough stagflation is looming Who'd have thunk it. No doubt BoZo will blame that on Labour too even though the English National Party have been in power 11 years

Have you seen the price of meat ...can no longer afford to keep my pet tiger!!!

Gas price surge blamed for UK fertiliser factory shutdownsAn American firm has revealed a halt to production at two UK factories because of the surge in the cost of gas that is threatening a wider impact across the economy in the months to come

I'm not from/in the UK, but buying stuff from the UK has become so expensive I've stopped doing it. Paid £7 for a hot chocolate and a bottle of water the other day so, that. Yes, Kettle crisps, the balsamic vinegar and sea salt ones... they used to be £1 a bag and now, within weeks they are £2. I'd move but I got no where to go :(

Living A house The 40year old single malt from Bowmore distillery is a bit pricey for every day drinking now. Well, well. Holidays around the country are pretty expensive right now even if you're booking for next year. Other than that it's business as usual. The Guardian Newspaper. I can’t spend the time reading this ‘campaigning journalism’ that seeks to make the news and not report it. It’s a disgusting attack on the free press and it’s important role in society. You are among the worst offenders in undermining truth in society.

The price of Hyper-Cars is now affordably high.

Emma Raducanu arrives back in the UK after winning the US OpenRaducanu was pictured outside her house after travelling back from New York. Action is always louder than words. One needs to show with action how good you are.

Weed is pricey nowadays.

Fears for UK recovery as record energy prices shut fertiliser plantsSteelmakers warn of unprofitability and an extra half a million homes face falling into fuel poverty .... and I thought that the Wind and Solar renewable power systems would come rushing to save the day. Although, I suppose they cannot when they are inherently unreliable. So we need more fossil fuels, not less apparently! ...and as a result there's a shortage of CO2 So now there's too much CO2 up there, and not enough down here?! Who knew... You really couldn't make this up!

Gender disparity in UK radio report shows minor improvements on 2020All-female acts make up 20% of the top 50 British artists played, an increase of just 1% from the previous year

Rupert Murdoch’s News UK to launch new TV channelRupert Murdoch’s News UK is set to launch a new current affairs TV channel in Britain. Ergh just what the world doesn't need, more murdoch 🐂💩 news peddling his agenda Is this where Piers Morgan Is going, I hope so. Pandemic_Crisis exposed that Billionaires, Elite Families, are 2nd Enemy of Humanity after Devil and his Demons. They want to destroy natural life and create an artificial life through 5G Internet Services. They're blasting people's powers to put them in a Digital_Colonization.