People are reporting Nigel Farage to the police for 'breaking 14 day quarantine' to go to the pub

People are reporting Nigel Farage to the police for 'breaking 14 day quarantine' to go to the pub

7/4/2020 5:09:00 PM

People are reporting Nigel Farage to the police for 'breaking 14 day quarantine' to go to the pub

Nigel Farage is being accused of breaking a mandatory 14 day coronavirus quarantine after his recent trip to the US... to go to the pub. On 20 June, the Brexit Party leader posted a photo of himself

Nigel Farage is being accused of breaking a mandatory 14 day coronavirus quarantine after his recent trip to the US... to go to the pub.On 20 June, the Brexit Party leader posted a photo of himself in the US before his scheduled attendance at president Donald Trump’s campaign rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

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He tweeted:Farage’s presence in the US came about despite a ban from the US for UK visitors.He was allowed to travel due to it reportedly being in the “national interest”. In fact, a Democratic member of the US House of Representatives launched an investigation into Farage’s “troubling” entry into the country.

According toPolitico, Bennie Thompson said:The decision of the Trump Administration to admit Mr Farage to the United States... at a time when most travel from the United Kingdom to the U.S. has been suspended raises numerous troubling questions, as does the claim that such travel was in the national interest

As soon as people land back in the UK, there exists a 14 day quarantine period in case they present with symptoms.Failure to do so can result in, as the UK Government website warns:In England, if you do not self-isolate, you can be fined £1,000.Farage reportedly attended the rally on 20 June and even if he flew back straight after it was finished, he has not completed a

full14 days of self-quarantine as of today's (4 July) date. If he flew back on 21 June, the quarantine should expire at midnight tonight.Nevertheless, Farage posted a photo of himself holding a pint to celebrate the reopening of pubs today:As a result, hundreds of people responded to the tweet to accuse the Brexit Party leader of breaking the 14 day quarantine rule:

While some tagged authorities in the tweet to bring it to their attention:It’s not the first timeFarage has been reportedto the police for allegedly breaking rules.He travelled the 100 mile trip from his home in Kent to Pett Level in East Sussex during lockdown at the start of May to make a film about migrants.

Besides the film being branded “racist” and “xenophobic” on social media, people were angry he broke lockdown rules for non-essential travel or exercise.According to the suggestion of a representative for Farage, he tried to claim he was a key worker.

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The representative said inThe Mirror:Nigel was working as a broadcaster. His interviews taken as part of the report were later used on LBC Radio.Regarding this latest alleged rule-break,indy100reached out to Nigel Farage for comment. If he responds, we'll let you know.

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Nigel_Farage why are you even in the pub anyway when you could be on the South Coast moaning about boats full of immigrants Illegal migrant. People are devastated there hasn't been chaos from the pubs open and this is all they have to complain about 😂😂 It's what he would have wanted: British people being held accountable to British laws.

Oh goodie. Bang him up Wait until you hear about Brexit! And the police are telling them to get a sodding life. I just don't understand why? He is universally popular because of his light cheery personality. Why bother ? He couldn’t stay 14 days without a drink 🥃, that says all about the culture!! He probably drives when he is drunk too !

So theirs a lot of sad little stasi wannabes out their who are so scared of living their own sad little lives their will try to destroy others life's and freedoms. Just pathetic grow up and get a life of your own. Le connard par excellence. Qu'on le vire et qu'on en parle plus. Le mec nous donne la nausée et il pue

You get what you want, don't you? People reporting like vulgar informers. Excellent Go Nigel More oxygen for the froggy one. Expect he didn’t break quarantine guidelines Good Good They should report him for being a sexless weirdo Prison is the best place for this traitor, he’s up to his nuts in Putin $$ And being a wanker.

I hope the Barman gobbed in his pint Crazy how people have no life Do people think he’s stupid enough to make that mistake? Jail him 👍🇬🇧😷 Bullying is always ugly & the media who support this are ugly too !!! Did he check his eyesight by driving there? Anyone going to report on prince andrew and the other pedo's? Tony Blair names on the list.

Imagine being so monumentally assblasted by brexit that you would snitch on someone going for a pint. 2016 mentally destroyed many sad, fragile bedwetters What do we have to do to get this bloke arrested? The hate is real ... Yea why aren’t they warning him to self isolate after coming back from a red zone country

And I hope the police rightly tell them to fuck off or charge them with wasting police time. Not “people”,left wingers and twats like Ed Davey are and members of the paramilitary wing of the remainer group perhaps. Lock. Him. Up. Well, fine him £1000 anyway... Great report someone to the police for not breaking the law, what next report the statues for being pulled down by terrorists?

Good To all, do you not think the police have enough to do? What about all the other quarantine breakers, I cannot hear you complaining about them! So illegal raves and parties are OK? Hahahaha. Lies from scum news. Let’s all get pissed and forget this shit never happened But Nigel_Farage and others of his ilk like Cummings are way above the law, it only the low class that that get picked on by the police.

How long are rats required to quarantine for? bane_baldy Ok cool - so we don’t have to quarantine then? Cool He is a Brexiteer. Covid restrictions do not apply to him. He will get a way with this. Won’t he? Let’s hope not! (Its a way to get his name in the papers and add to the conspiracy theorists that Covid is over exaggerated. )

Good!! I'm glad to hear the News next week's, Farage positively infected Covid-19, The bugger seriously critically ill. The same idiots at the large protest recently Shitrag story from a shitrag paper After the pub Not their Laws, our Laws. Sad left wing Arab owned cesspit ! What about these so called block parties?

He's been tested and it's negative so get back into your (apparent) independent box This is a class war! Is anyone surprised, really. It’s just another example of hypocrisy. Good. Great use of police time. Well done everyone! What a mug Look at him!! 😷What a smile 🤮 Ok Boris do the right thing order His arrest! oneruleforthem BorisHasFailed nigelfarage arrestnigelfarage

Let me help you 'people who dont care about the facts.... 'are reporting... etc...etc... When's the retraction to Nigel_Farage independent ? fakenews wankers that you are? **typo alert** Sad pathetic people who don't have any friends or life are reporting Nigel Farage to the police for 'breaking 14 day quarantine' to go to the pub !

The other side of the story, some of you will not be interested Slow news day for the FakeNews media! So when did people join the Stasi and Gestapo Slow news day? Hard to find someone to jab? 'That's a nice Non story you have there' Bye bye ScumMedia Farage, Cummings, S Johnson, all ,, special,,, people. An indulgent smile, a sigh, a shrug. No no ,you can't do it, who do you think you are. 👺

He's only there because he can't see Caution!!!! This idiot is even dumber than he appears to be!! Could he have had a reason why? Grow up 🤣 Predictable 👇🏼 I’m sure the police have got more serious crimes to investigate like murder, stabbings & terrorism The same rules that apply to everyone else don’t apply to people like him and Dominic Cummings.

For heavens sake hasn't he disappeared yet. Awe, the fascist(Russian) Indy, being wrong, yet again. He was ONLY at the Tulsa rally that has famously infected Hermain Cain (hospitalized) and Kim Guillofoye (Trump Jr girlfriend) that he was probably palling around need to worry! 😬🇺🇸 Nothing will be done, as usual

Does anyone know what border force staff said to him on arrival If nothing said to him or advised he should do something what’s there to report, people need to get a grip JasnaBadzak Hasn’t he been back over 14 days? Didn’t he test negative to the virus in the past 2 weeks? Yes he has & yes he did. Shouldn't even be allowed back into the country, coming from a COVID hotspot for non-essential travel.

So he should be if those are rules Puh c people hahaha carolecadwalla Time to set an example.

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People who actually went to the pub at 6am are being mercilessly mockedThere are certain things in life that will always be true: Italians will always make the best pasta, Finland will be the best at most things and America, well, their president will always be the most Good 😂 I think that's the problem - people being 'mercilessly mocked' for exercising their rights. This finger-pointing culture stinks and leads to the darkest of places. To al those pointing the finger - it will be your turn all too soon, and you'll wonder how we got here. from my experience the sort of people who hang out at pubs at 6am are the ones with questionable hygiene

UK coronavirus live: Boris Johnson leads Downing Street briefing; official death toll rises by 137Government publishes list of 59 countries whose travellers won’t have to quarantine in England; official UK death toll rises by 137; English pubs can open from 6am on Saturday Lowest rise on a Friday for 15 weeks incidentally, just in case you missed that..... But it is all over now isn't it? cancel the briefing! The streets are full of people and tomorrow the pubs and shops will be too. It is now down to luck, lifestyle (and hygiene, a bit). a quater of the total Danish death toll. BorisHasFailedUK so tremendously. And now you will start to bring your coronavirus here.. Isolate the UK EuropeanUnion .Don't allow them in here..

One in ten 'will never return to the pub after coronavirus pandemic'Only 4 per cent of people planning to go for a drink when pubs reopen in England on Saturday, survey finds Teetotalers? It was their round. I'd like to speak to all 10 people polled, please.