Pay rise for Aldi lorry drivers amid shortage

Pay rise for Aldi lorry drivers amid shortage

8/1/2021 5:39:00 PM

Pay rise for Aldi lorry drivers amid shortage

The supermarket is the latest to offer incentives for drivers after disruption to supply chains.

Getty ImagesAldi has increased its wages for lorry drivers amid a chronic shortage of drivers across the industry.The supermarket chain confirmed the rise following similar incentives by grocers to attract HGV drivers.The lack of drivers has caused disruption and delays in various supply chains, which has led to product shortages in some industries.

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Tesco has offered drivers a£1,000 joining bonus for candidates who join before 30 September.Morrisons has said it is setting up schemes to train staff to become lorry drivers.Aldi did not add further information on its pay rise for lorry drivers, but its careers website states wages are between £14.15 and £15.34 per hour for day shifts, and £16.98 and £18.41 per hour for night shifts.

The Times reportedthat Aldi is understood to have pushed through a wage rise to maintain its position as the highest payer in the industry, and to prevent its drivers from being poached by other firms.The Road Haulage Association (RHA) has estimated there is a shortage of 100,000 HGV drivers across the UK.

The industry body has said "historic" shortages in drivers have been exacerbated by changes to rules following Brexit and the coronavirus pandemic, with some 30,000 HGV driving tests not taking place last year due to restrictions.image source

Getty ImagesDrivers being told to self-isolate after being notified by the NHS Covid-19 app has also contributed to the problem.The lack of drivers has led to supermarkets suffering shortages of particular brands. Dairy giant Arla, which supplies milk to all major UK supermarkets,

As well as increasing wages, some businesses have taken different approaches to tackling the scarcity, with wholesale food and catering supplier JJ Foodservice launching a recruitment campaign to encourage more women to become HGV drivers.The RHA has previously called on ministers to put HGV drivers on the

Home Office Shortage Occupation List.and for short-term visas for to be offered for drivers from overseas to work in the UK.In response to HGV driver shortages, the government recently granted a temporary extension of lorry drivers' working hours.

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Lies yep folks here it comes not like some folk do not deserve it but the virus is a great tool aka has its advantage pay rises for some, more time off for others & opportunities for the monopolies in different sectors to milk, no punt intended the consumer, again?!? 👀💭🤔🤷‍♂️😷 Drivers did not leave because of the wages they left because of the shit management

Is this a positive result from Brexit? Low wages being risen due to higher demand for workers? Cheers Brexit!BrexitCarnage Inflation We spent 5 years telling Europeans that we hated them and wanted them to leave. Now a lot have left. Including a lot of truck truckers. The slight majority must be very pleased with themselves.

HGV ‘musical chair’ driver poaching could ultimately be the name of the game now! The law of supply and demand is biting hard! It’s everyone for themselves while this critical shortage lasts! But that suggests cheap foreign labour was why poorly paid; and took the majority of the jobs. Funny how Gov happy for this to happen. Guess its the preference the Gov give them. As need to consider them first; else why travel from Eastern Europe for jobs. unless work assured.

A genuine question a 44 tonne lorry is filled with groceries. The lorry driver gets paid £1 per hour more than he has been. It takes 10 hours to deliver the lorry load of groceries = an extra £10 on drivers wages . This is not going to add much to the cost of groceries. There’s still the same number of drivers. Won’t be any more deliveries. Cost will be passed on to shoppers.

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Company I work for part time, have just given us 7% plus £500 bonus, and promised more later in year. My pay has gone from £10.75 p/hour to over £15 p/h since April this year. It begins ! The cost of living is rapidly rising and we’ll now see where all the east Europeans, who’ve now gone home, slotted into our society. Where will there be other shortages of staff ? The NHS , building trade , care workers, cleaners.

Or as it’s otherwise known: Bribery.

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