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Outrage over dead horse photo shows a lack of perspective | Letters

Outrage over dead horse photo shows a lack of perspective | Letters

3/6/2021 1:29:00 AM

Outrage over dead horse photo shows a lack of perspective | Letters

Letters: Anthony Hartnett and Kenneth R Jarrett on the controversy surrounding a picture of trainer Gordon Elliott sitting astride a dead horse

A few days earlier another report featured a harrowing photo of 11-year-old Sadia Ibrahim dying from starvation in Yemen (War and famine could wipe out the next generation of Yemenis, 1 March). How sad it is that the controversial photo of Elliott probably generated far more outrage in the popular consciousness. Anthony Hartnett Bishopstown, Cork, Ireland

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• The anger stirred up by the media over a horse trainer sitting on a dead horse pales into insignificance when one counts the number of horses euthanised on the race track because they’ve probably been too frequently raced. Racehorses and their jockeys risk their lives every day of the week for the benefit of the gambling industry and the rich and famous. Kenneth R Jarrett Bournville, Birmingham

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Its a complete smokescreen of faux emotion to cover up the abuse of these animals when alive. “Oh we treat them so well....” bolllllox and then just whip them to death on a race track for no discernible benefit to the animal. Every person who supports this sport should be ashamed Why is it outrageous? People eat them, we make glue from them. Is it even offensive?

Perspective is key quite right. So should your paper and all other papers ask the questions of uk and us governments? Make those people accountable for their involvement in the horrors in Yemen? ЦИНКУЙ ПУТИНА ` When people look at you, are they able to see JESUS? 사람들이 당신 안에서 예수님을 발견할 수 있나요? GrandFridayVigil 회개와_거룩함 메시아께서_오신다 주님의_길을_예비하라 _

It’s because American loves glorifying sins.