One Nation directs preferences to Labor in five seats targeting ‘left-leaning Liberals’

4/28/2022 1:25:00 PM

One Nation directs preferences to Labor in five seats targeting ‘left-leaning Liberals’

One Nation directs preferences to Labor in five seats targeting ‘left-leaning Liberals’

Pauline Hanson says move is in retaliation for Liberals’ decision to preference Jacqui Lambie Network in Tasmania

Thu 28 Apr 2022 10.A Yorkshire pudding obsessed bloke eats one every day and claims he can devour 20 in one go.Antalya: a stunning destination for fans of the great outdoors The contenders for the best new place to work are The Post Building in Bloomsbury, which has become home to McKinsey and Nationwide, The Hickman in Whitechapel Road, where Four Communications is based, the “co-working” Scale Space in White City, whose tenants include Imperial College London, and 80 Charlotte Street, the London office of Arup.Mum Marilyn with her babies in 2021 IMAGE: Rabbit Residence Rescue Submitted for publication in the Hertfordshire Mercury Five half-wild rabbits are looking for a home of their own as they celebrate their first birthday at Rabbit Residence Rescue, near Royston, Hertfordshire.

17 BST Last modified on Thu 28 Apr 2022 11.24 BST One Nation has divided its support between the major parties on how-to-vote cards, directing supporters to preference Labor in at least five seats while helping the Coalition in the north seat of Leichhardt and Braddon in Tasmania.His preferred brand is Aunt Bessie’s, with the puddings setting him back around £25 a month for 200.The One Nation leader, Pauline Hanson, revealed the plan on Thursday, against select moderate MPs for the Liberals’ decision to preference the minor party behind the Jacqui Lambie Network in Tasmania.Battersea power station has been shortlisted in the best mixed use scheme and best heritage or culture project categories.But One Nation will benefit from Liberal-National Senate preferences in Queensland, where the major party has advised its supporters to put Hanson second.The dad-of-two from Middlesbrough told Yorkshire Live: "They just taste so nice.A furious Lambie rejected any suggestions her party had done a deal with the Liberals, although it is unclear how she will direct her voters in the key northern Tasmanian marginals of Bass and Braddon.Lux and Winona are always up to mischief IMAGE: Rabbit Residence Rescue Lux and Winona are looking for a home together while Shay is looking for a “husbun” of her own to be bonded with.

Read more Hanson confirmed she will preference against the Liberal MP Bridget Archer, who holds Bass on 0."I’ve loved them ever since I was a child, although I was rationed to three on my roast.The shortlisted contenders in each category are: Best New Place to Live Park Central West and East Woodberry Down Phase 2.4%, but in favour of the Liberal MP Gavin Pearce in Braddon, on 3.1%.He said: "There's always a pack of 10, at least, bought for me, and then I get the leftovers.Others on Hanson’s hit list include the Liberals Tim Wilson in Goldstein (Victoria), Trent Zimmerman in North Sydney, James Stevens in Sturt (SA) and the independent Helen Haines in Indi (Victoria), four seats in which did not field candidates at the 2019 election.Hanson told Sky News on Thursday she was “shocked and disgusted” with the Liberal party for supporting the Lambie network “without even debating and negotiating” with Lambie and also criticised the decision to preference Derryn Hinch’s Justice Party ahead of One Nation in Victoria." Jake, who works at Timpsons, consumes a total of 200 Yorkshire puddings every month, equating to 10,000 calories.Shay enjoying some grass (left), Sean and Gregory are a friendly pair of brothers (middle and right) IMAGE: Rabbit Residence Rescue Lea Facey, Rabbit Residence Rescue’s manager said:"Domestic pet rabbits and European wild rabbits are the same species, which is how they can crossbreed.

Hanson said she would “balance out” assistance for Labor by helping the Nationals in other seats, but failed to name any, explaining that she was “exhausted” and couldn’t remember them.“I am doing Scott Morrison’s job for him – of getting rid of left-leaning Liberals destroying the conservative party,” she said.He was recently left shocked after posting a video of himself, his daughter and his mother-in-law on their family TikTok account @littlejaffas.Sign up to receive an email with the top stories from Guardian Australia every morning Sign up to receive the top stories from Guardian Australia every morning.Despite reports on Wednesday suggesting One Nation could tip the scales against the Liberal MP Warren Entsch in Leichhardt, he was omitted from the list of moderates.Many people thought it was hilarious to see Jake's pile compared to the smaller plates across the table, with the video also winning him praise from fans who say he is living their dream.But One Nation will also help Labor in Longman by suggesting voters put the Liberal MP, Terry Young, last.They do not have the skills to live as wild rabbits and will not survive long, easily being picked up by predators or suffering from exposure.

Ross Taylor, the One Nation candidate in Longman, told Guardian Australia the decision to put Labor sixth ahead of the Greens and LNP was “his call – and it’s done”.".Lambie accused One Nation of “standing for nothing” and offering “insincere” support for Labor in some seats.“For all her talk about sticking up for freedom, Pauline’s spat the dummy because she wants to control what the Liberal party puts on its how-to-vote cards,” Lambie said in a statement.“Tasmanian voters decide their own preferences.Queenslanders like One Nation don’t get to decide for anybody here.All of the rabbits have been spayed/neutered, vaccinated and vet checked.

” Earlier on Thursday, Morrison said preferences would be decided by “different arrangements in different states and territories” but acknowledged Hanson’s anger about Tasmania.“I know that there’s a view about what’s occurring in Tasmania, but you know what, that’s just all politics.” Read more Morrison later told Sky News the “[Liberal] party organisation” was responsible for preferences.Other beneficiaries of Liberal Senate preferences include the Liberal Democrats and United Australia party in New South Wales, the UAP in Victoria, Bob Day in South Australia and the Australian Christians in Western Australia.Labor is committed to put One Nation last or near-last around the country.

Paul Williams, a political scientist at Griffith University, said One Nation preferences were “enormously” important in Queensland as it could win up to a third of the primary vote in some regional seats, including Flynn, another Labor target.Williams said in Longman, One Nation preferences were “very significant” as it was the “lowest-hanging fruit” in Queensland, on a margin of 3.3%.But Williams warned that One Nation voters were “among the least disciplined in their preference distributions”.“It speaks to the whole ethos of One Nation to stick two fingers up to authority, to stick it up elites, they are not even going to listen to their own party … They tend to spray preferences everywhere.

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