Northern Irish civil servant paid £10,000 after claiming offence over walking past Queen's portraits

A senior Northern Ireland civil servant was paid £10,000 in compensation because he was offended at having to walk past portraits of the Queen


A senior Northern Ireland civil servant was paid £10,000 in compensation because he was offended at having to walk past portraits of the Queen

A senior Northern Ireland civil servant was paid £10,000 in compensation because he was offended at having to walk past portraits of the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh, it has emerged.

His complaints led to the portraits being removed at his request, and replaced by a picture of the Queen meeting Martin McGuinness, the former deputy first minister of Northern Ireland and ex-IRA leader.

Lee Hegarty, who is currently in charge of the Northern Irish Parades Commission, claimed that under human rights laws it was unfair to him to have to work in a place where he was offended by such portraits.

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Really. Then why the feck did the snowflake join the civil service ? OK. Well I demand compensation for being hung out to dry, trying to help with the housing shortage.... But wait... it was a Baroness wot dunnit to the spineless twat..... so that doesn't count & I don't exist... All under the carpet now eh..?!

If they're that bothered by the Queen, why are they working for HM Government? Obviously not offended of the 10000 portraits of her on the banknotes. Good for him. I would have just vomited at walking past pics of that freeloading old lizard.. Hahahahaha madness!! Only in Northern Ireland - It's 'another planet'.

That's like a vegan working at a butchers and being offended by the smell of the meat. No way I believe this. Awesome. Now we have a legal precident. I'm really offended at seeing Jezzers face on the newspaper so look out telegraph I'm coming for you. Accepting offers around £5k TimPendry Proof, if it were needed, that Northern Ireland is a failed state, reliant on foreign subsidies and humanitarian aid (benefits).

Civil servant 'offended' at walking past portrait of Queen paid £10,000 in compensationOfficial reportedly claimed paintings contravened his human rights Do you want a list of what I'm offended by? But she prefers 10,000 mini portraits instead! This is a joke right? If some pompous flunkey feels offended tell them to go and work somewhere else. How is it cases like this get so far? Anyone with a modicum of common sense would surely dismiss this as nonsense.

That is an expensive photograph and they paid a guy that did not even click it. Rather pathetic really. What is the world coming to money hungry idiots in power. Disgraceful. That could have paid for the 856th servant to muck out the corgi litter tray for four months he didn’t have to.... he could of just fucked right off.

It sounds like Hegarty had been hanging out of the back of Theresa Villiers to me 🥴 it’s the only way it makes sense ☝️ follow the money what a bloody square! She’s your monarch, show some respect Time to give up. If we really are pandering to these loons, then there really is no point any more. Just hand everything over to the EU to control and call it a day.

He’s a 💩 Isn’t this the sort of example that sets a lot of ordinary folks against human rights legislation.

Leaks, plots and death threats: the unhappy lot of UK civil servantsToxic attacks on civil servants are a sad reflection of our febrile, Brexit-poisoned times 💵 I think too many Civil Servants took Yes, Minister as an instruction manual rather than a comedy. Their jobs are to quietly get things done, not intervene according to their political preference. As the Bible says.......Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. The UK civil servants needs to be honest about some of the extremely dangerous seeds they have sown....!

I wonder is he/ she offended of the Queen's head on the bank notes they are paid. This will be taxpayers money then. System sounds pretty corrupt DID I NOT JUST TWEET THAT THE BRITS HAVE NO SELF RESPECT? I used to work in the court service. It was a great privilege. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇬🇧. Get it back crazy, should have been offered 5p.

I despair of our world Roll on a United Ireland. A subject of the Crown being offended at portraits of the Sovereign. Oh dear, dear. Sounds like sedition to me! Wtf is wrong with this world

Sex predator admits killing retired civil servant just weeks before he murdered barmaid with broken bottleA SEX predator who murdered a barmaid today admitted killing a retired civil servant in her home just weeks earlier. Catherine Burke, 55, was found bound and gagged at her £700k north London home a… Horrendous. And the death penalty isn’t right because....

Barking Walk past this person you deserve £10.000 What madness is this? FFS MrRatRig Release him from his duties with immediate effect Sooner the better Scotland and Northern Ireland. Become independent. It will save us a lot of money. Just fed up with them. what an f'ing joke ! Whoever awarded him that needs their head examined.

He received £10,000 , and was promoted to the position of secretary and accounting officer of the Parades Commission ! Feeling offended certainly pays off! Wow how bloody dumb is that 10g in your pocket why not every other bastard seems to be doing it 🤔🤐🤐🤪🤪🤪🤪

Northern Ireland civil service chief warns of Brexit threat to societyDavid Sterling’s comments come as report says 40,000 jobs are at risk in region Yawn Here it is the parasite workers resembles to the country while the state does not recover healed from the probe like there are plants attached to the know it tree please look for food to such this state of the running

Absolutely disgusted by this. If he was offended by a portrait of the Queen then how can he be a civil servant. Such is Northern Irish politics. I am offended by this do I qualify for £10k? So why work for HM Government then? We can get compo for being offended now? Brilliant. That’s just complete nonsense and quite embarrassing to read actually.

What a cheek I could think of some people’s pictures I wouldn’t want to walk past and get paid compensation for? Couldn’t you ? What does he use for money We will now wait for complaints from his subordinates about bullying and intolerance. Wow. Hard work, if you can get it. Hah hah. Of course, there's a lot of history there, more than I can begin to understand or comprehend.

Aresholez all round it sounds like BLAENAUFFESTNOW “Northern island civil servant fleeces own sheep for a second hand Audi”

'We feel more valued': Northern Irish activists hail same-sex marriage voteAfter stunning result in House of Commons, proponents say region is more than ready for change Same sex.? Most of the European population are aged. Now same sex, what about the new generation if won't born. Why these people destroying their nation with the help of law?

Doormat Britain. It is little wonder they take the piss. Gosh, big baby!!!! TelePolitics Viva Born to be Free Ireland ❤️❤️❤️❤️ That is awful he should have found another way Bet he didn't object to the Queens face being on all the bank notes though! 🙄🤨 How incredibly stupid. Now we pay people who are 'offended'? I'm offended at that. Where's my money?!!!!

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