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No need to cut beef to tackle climate crisis, say farmers

No need to cut beef to tackle climate crisis, say farmers


No need to cut beef to tackle climate crisis, say farmers

NFU says growing fuel for power stations and capturing CO2 can slash emissions

Minette Batters, the president of the NFU, said making the sector climate neutral would be tough but an ambitious plan was necessary or society would not forgive farmers. She said farmers understood better than most that climate change was the biggest challenge of our time.

“We don’t plan to make any cuts,” Batters said. “We think we can do it without changing levels of production.” People are increasingly choosing to eat less meat and Batters said: “Everybody’s diet is up to individuals to choose, but there are other parts of the world that are hungry for high-quality meat.”

A quarter of farming’s emissions can be cut by raising animals and growing crops more efficiently, according to the NFU. Its plans highlight feed additives to cut methane in animals, gene editing to improve crops and livestock, and controlled-release fertilisers.

“It seems the NFU is still not prepared to contemplate significant land use change in Britain, despite the CCC recommending this as being vital,” he said, noting that some progressive farmers are starting to pioneer a new approach to managing the land.

The NFU report does not assess whether payments to farms – currently £3bn a year under the EU subsidy regime – would need to rise or fall in order to make agriculture climate neutral. Batters said it was vital for the government to introduce the right policies so farmers were given incentives to deal with emissions, and have long-term funding in place.

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Laughable. Yes sir..of course They are correct ...50% of the greenhouse gases come from fossil fuel energy. Renewables including nukes could fix. Cocaine isn’t addictive or bad for you, say Columbian drug dealers... Visions of farmer Giles chewing on an ear of corn whilst inspersing his comments with mad rants at imaginary crows spring to mind

All the people being angered by this, just think, if the population increases at the rate it is at the moment, we will need to eat rocks to get control of the climate. Increase in population = increase in resources = increase pollution. Very few wishing to tackle that barb. Is it wise to buy chemical beef out of Unilever plants instead of buying animal production from farmers ? What's next ? Plants to produce chemical bananas, tomatoes, fish ?

Climate change is not an industry problem, it is a people problem. We have to change, when we do, industry will change to cater to our needs. Well they would say that, wouldn't they? Livestock represents 14.5% of all anthropogenic GHG emissions, or about the same as total US emissions 'No need to give up smoking, says the tobacco industry'.

UK not 'recession ready', think tank warnsInterest rate cuts and quantitative easing would only provide quarter of support needed, report says Which is strange considering we're still waiting for the recession from the day after the Brexit vote... Remainer 'think tanks.' Fearmongering.

Well. No offence to the farmers. But they would say that, wouldn't they. What climate crisis? No need to cut cigarette smoking, say tobacco companies. I'd rather listen to climate change experts, why aren't you? 'No need to curb oil use to tackle climate change, say oil suppliers.' Weird...the oil and gas people say the same thing about oil and gas.

Let us not forget, cleaning up the environment is an apology from all of us to Mother Nature, God's gift. You don't half ass an apology. GlobalWarming ClimateChange climatestrike ClimateCrisis Keep your beefcake while eating it. Breed more unicorns to capture CO2. Digging for victory. VeraWag08059960 Of course they would say that

Just graze cattle properly that sorts out any emissions

Australian natural disasters minister David Littleproud: 'I don't know if climate change is manmade'Minister tells Guardian he is unsure of causes of crisis, saying he wants farmers to have tools to adapt to change Because climate itself is manmade🙄 🤨 Doh!

i feel like this is definitely the sort of thing farmers would say tho No need to cut coal use to tackle climate crisis, say mining companies They're hardly going to say anything different. 🙄 But it would help!! Of course farming associations come up with other solutions to protect their interests- these could be employed in addition to the reduction in meat consumption- we need ALL the help we can get to tackle the climate crisis!

People who sell beef say we should buy beef. I believe clams are more of a problem than cattle They would say that wouldn't they.

World 'gravely' unprepared for effects of climate crisis – reportTrillions of dollars needed to avoid ‘climate apartheid’ but this is less than cost of inaction Hyperbole much? Tô vendo que o mundo vai se acabar e não me avisaram ainda.😂😂😂😂😂 Nothing like promoting hysteria

This supermarket is testing a new technology that keeps fruit fresh three times longerNew coating could also cut the need for pesticides post-harvest ....a...freezer?doh what are they gonna do now, varnish it? That’s fucked. How about selling fruits that aren’t perfect?

Is Billie Eilish a devil worshipper? Hell, noThe video for the pop star’s new single has outraged many Christians. But it’s no sin to sing about the climate crisis Excusatio non petita... The counter part would be true sooner. Obviously.

Climate crisis is greatest ever threat to human rights, UN warnsRights chief Michelle Bachelet highlights climate’s role in civil wars, saying: ‘The world has never seen a threat to human rights of this scope’ Give it a fukin rest. Science Threats to human life invariably turn to threats to human rights as the few struggle to survive at the expense of the many. And abortion is their solution. There have already been 1.5 billion babies murdered. But that's not near enough!

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