NI Civil Service will 'do what we can', says Jayne Brady

11/28/2022 9:22:00 PM

The head of the civil service says elected representatives not civil servants should be making decisions.

With no executive in place, civil servants are running Northern Ireland. Head of the NI Civil Service jaynecbrady says politicians should be in charge, but in their absence she'll do what she can. Read more:

The head of the civil service says elected representatives not civil servants should be making decisions.

, the nine government departments in Northern Ireland are now controlled by senior officials known as permanent secretaries.National data shows 71.Bradford City 3-1 in their most recent outing at Valley Parade on November 19.By.

Jayne Brady is having to make the best of a bad situation.But if she is frustrated at the scale of what she and senior civil servants are dealing with, for now, she is putting on a brave face and giving little away.7 per cent before the pandemic.Among the many things that remain unanswered is how far advanced any discussions around cuts are, and nor were there any guarantees of the pay rise for health workers."We have been able to work on things, and really work on our structure, what we do, and our strengths.That, Dr Brady said, will all be subject to negotiation and it's clear some things will have to give.I typically start work between 7am and 8am, and my inbox is already pinging with emails from contacts and editors in the same zone.As for whether we can expect to hear from her and permanent secretaries more often that was a topic she seemed uncomfortable addressing.

Civil servants do not enjoy the limelight but many people will now look to her for leadership in the absence of politicians, especially when it's her team that are making the big calls.My son works evening and weekend shifts in a supermarket, usually not coming home until 10pm.Advertisement "We were unlucky with the numbers we had, but you see now when we have got numbers back and we are able to work on the training ground on certain stuff, it really does make a difference to our performance.'The middle of a crisis' Media caption, Who are the civil servants running Northern Ireland New legislation to extend the time period for parties to return to power-sharing government The bill also gives permanent secretaries greater decision-making powers, though Ms Brady said it should be politicians, not civil servants, who are in charge."The right position for Northern Ireland is to have those that are democratically elected and accountable.Advertisement Hide Ad A second motion at the conference called for the withdrawal of the ‘extended hours’ contract, which came into force last month." Ms Brady warned they are "in the middle of a crisis" and dealing with a "very difficult financial position at the moment".They are on a run of eight matches without a win, and having claimed three points since beating Crewe Alexandra 3-0 on October 14..30pm and 8pm.

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jaynecbrady GetBackAtIt MarkCarruthers7 jaynecbrady This is not right, civil servants are non elected, they have no mandate to be running anything, this practice needs to stop jaynecbrady Government is only effective and efficient if elected politicians and experienced civil servants work together. In the face of significant challenges, it’s not fair to leave the NI Civil Service in an almost impossible position.

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