Newspaper headlines: 'Deadly chaos' amid 'Tory rebels' virus revolt'

Newspaper headlines: 'Deadly chaos' amid 'Tory rebels' virus revolt'

9/29/2020 2:18:00 AM

Newspaper headlines: 'Deadly chaos' amid 'Tory rebels' virus revolt'

Many of Tuesday's papers lead on pressure on ministers to give MPs a say over Covid-19 restrictions.

image captionThe prime minister is coming up against a "Red Wall revolt" with 16 million Britons now under what it calls "draconian restrictions" aimed at curbing the spread of coronavirus, says the Daily Mail. The paper points out that restrictions introduced in the north east of England will make it "illegal to go for a drink with a member of another household" despite drinking establishments staying open. It says the health secretary has faced a "backlash" from Tory MPs.

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image caption"Deadly chaos" is the Daily Mirror's choice of phrase to sum up the handling of the pandemic. It reports that local lockdowns are "a muddle of utterly confusing laws and guidelines" as the virus "spreads among us" - which it illustrates with a photograph of people in the street after venues closed in Bristol.

image captionThe i newspaper also says the measures have fuelled a "Tory rebellion". It reports that there is a "scramble" among ministers to head off a revolt as backbenchers "demand parliamentary veto over further lockdown measures".

image captionThe prime minister is accused by his own MPs of "ruling by decree", according to the Times. It reports that as many as 80 Tory MPs are "prepared to back an amendment... that would give parliament the final say" on new restrictions. But it points out that Health Secretary Matt Hancock has insisted there is no alternative to the measures.

image captionBut the Daily Express says ministers came "close to placating Tory dissent" on Monday night with what it calls a "peace deal" to "head off rebels' virus revolt".image captionThe Guardian leads with the announcement that a test that can accurately diagnose coronavirus in 15 to 30 minutes is "about to be rolled out across the world" and will be sold to low- and middle-income countries for $5 (£3.90) each. The paper says the test "will allow mass screening of health workers, who are dying in disproportionate numbers in low-income countries". It isn't clear whether the UK intends to buy any, it adds.

image captionThe Metro's front page, with the headline "Carry on Campus", reports that students living under lockdowns are "stranded" in halls of residence and "reportedly running out of food and toilet paper". Three students look into the camera through a gate at Manchester Metropolitan University in a photograph accompanying the lead story.

image captionThe Daily Telegraph reports that elderly people could face "weeks" of delays before they can get the flu jab. It blames "surging demand caused by coronavirus" for shortages of the vaccine - despite, it points out, the government promising that the elderly would be "at the front of the queue". The chair of the Commons science committee tells the paper that suppressing flu would help fight coronavirus by "reducing the number of people with Covid-like symptoms who would need to isolate and be tested".

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image captionThe Financial Times leads with the news that HSBC shares rose by more than 10 per cent on Monday after China's Ping An Asset Management - its largest shareholder - raised its holding. It comes as the lender "has become increasingly entangled in ill feeling between China, the UK and the US". An HSBC insider tells the paper that Ping An's decision was "likely to be linked to financial rather than political considerations.

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We need Mps to rebel there is no need to keep making new laws to criminalize the general public. We have become a dictatorship in just six months. BorisJohnson is a cucking funt Leeds Uni chained up a fire escape until the Fire Service intervened. I've also heard of a church locking the fire escape with people inside to 'comply with covid regulations'. I doubt these are isolated incidents; only a matter of time before a tragedy happens.

It’s time we took back control from Rupert Murdoch and the Barclay Brothers. Any reports down at Dover or just blasting us with covid as usual for last 6 months

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Tory councillors in revolt over plans to accelerate housebuildingIn survey across Conservative heartlands six out of 10 believe reforms will make planning less democratic Guessing those councilors have homes. Oh I wouldn't worry too much. Bit of another faux drama by the Grauniad and a handful of the usual Nimbys: but the reality is Boris is fulfilling another of his manifesto pledges - getting things done. 😀😃 They’re pretty revolting. The Tories and the “homes” which as slapdash as war housing that’d have to be rebuilt in 50 years except that the mortgages will still be running.

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Labour likely to back Tory rebels over power to impose new Covid measuresParty says it could back Brady amendment requiring MPs’ approval for new lockdown Labour couldn't back the 2.30 at Newbury. Personne ne peut m'employer! Labour have to know that! Are Uni students in digs, or prisoners 'living' in units designed by the same architects as designed UK prisons upgraded to hostages? As re C-19, all kids of 12+ are adults why is face to face teaching in schools OK but not at Universities even for 17-18yr olds? Consistency?

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