New Yorkers call out NYPD and Mayor Eric Adams in the wake of Brooklyn shooting

4/15/2022 9:45:00 PM

New Yorkers call out NYPD and Mayor Eric Adams in the wake of Brooklyn shooting

New Yorkers call out NYPD and Mayor Eric Adams in the wake of Brooklyn shooting

New Yorkers online were swift in calling out the NYPD’s ballooning budget while contrasting it with how long it took to arrest the suspected Brooklyn shooter

2018 audit report , of the six recommendations only “two were implemented, two were partially implemented, and two were not implemented”.By 20:14, Wed, Apr 13, 2022 | UPDATED: 20:17, Wed, Apr 13, 2022 Link copied Brooklyn Beckham and Nicola Peltz get married in Miami Sign up for for the latest news from the world of showbiz SUBSCRIBE Invalid email We use your sign-up to provide content in ways you've consented to and to improve our understanding of you.collection, Kardashian went full Y2K trashy-chic with a Christina Aguilera Dirrty -style lace-up crotch and rips that ran all the way from the waistline to the pants’ attached heels.April 14, 2022 - 09:00 BST Hanna Fillingham John Travolta has paid an emotional tribute to his late son Jett on what would have been his birthday.

“I am actually angry.It’s bulls*** for @NYCMayor to double down on cop theater when he knew or should’ve known the cameras weren’t working.You can unsubscribe at any time.Look at this s***,” the Twitter user wrote..In the 2019 follow-up audit, two of the recommendations that were partially implemented relate to repairing defective surveillance cameras and maintenance schedules for said devices.To demonstrate her love of the finest things, the newly wed 27-year-old is sporting a glamorous new accessory on her ring finger - and showing off its sparkles in footage published to her Instagram Stories.For instance, the report states a recommendation to “Ensure defective cameras are repaired timely”, but the MTA was only partially able to implement the recommendation." John's daughter Ella was one of the first to comment on the post, writing:"Happy Birthday Jetty, we love you so much," while many fans followed lead to show their support.

The agency did not “set a standard time frame for camera repairs”, it wrote “We sampled 24 of 525 trouble tickets that took longer than five days to close, of which 10 were for defective cameras (5 of which took between 43 and 323 days to repair),” it continued.Name-checking her dream team on Instagram, she posted a photo of the three clutching huge bouquets of flowers and described them as her"queens".“We note that the total elapsed time between the first visit to assess the condition and subsequent visits to do the repair accounted for most of the time, ranging from 40 to 217 days.” A measure that was not implemented from the 2018 audit was to “focus resources on meeting preventive maintenance targets”."I am so lucky to have you girls by my side.The report notes that the agency failed to meet this recommendation, and that “EMD continues to miss preventive maintenance scheduled for its CCTV system”.“For example, from April 13, 2018 to April 30, 2019, EMD Radio and Security System technicians missed scheduled preventive maintenance almost 52 percent of the time (missing 586 of 1,136 scheduled preventive maintenance visits) for 216 CCTV cameras at four stations,” the report reads.READ NOW: Brooklyn Beckham's wife Nicola Peltz has showed off a sparkly new diamond ring since the wedding (Image: INSTAGRAM) Brooklyn Beckham shared a touching photo of the moment he proposed to Nicola Peltz (Image: INSTAGRAM).Hope your enjoying it with your Mom," one wrote, while another commented:"Take comfort in knowing he is with his mom.

MTA Communications Director Tim Minton said in a statement that, as is routine following a major incident of this nature, the agency is “reviewing its protocols regarding safety measures to ensure best practices are deployed and that transit managers are doing all they can do to assist the NYPD in protecting riders”.“NYC Transit cameras assist in dozens of investigations every day, as happened following the terrible Brooklyn subway shooting this week, providing investigators with leads that remove guns and wanted criminals from city streets and subways,” said Mr Minton in the statement.Outside of the complaints circulating online regarding the defective surveillance cameras, there were others who took the manhunt for the Brooklyn shooter as an opportunity to criticise the force’s Strategic Response Group, a counter-terrorism unit, which, as many pointed out, was deployed to a homeless encampment to evacuate tents on Wednesday while Mr James remained at large.“The subway shooter has not been found, but where is NYPD’s anti-terror unit? At a homeless encampment with a few tents,” wrote Joshua Potash.Kristin Richardson Jordan, a councilwoman of New York City Council’s District 9, emphasised how measures such as these, despite having access to “military equipment, facial recognition technology, robot dogs, drones, and 36,000 cops” are still failing to protect New Yorkers.View this post on Instagram A post shared by John Travolta (@johntravolta) John Travolta shared a heartfelt tribute to his late son Jett on his birthday He was also on the autistic spectrum.

“We must invest in real public safety, for once and for all,” the councilwoman wrote on Twitter.“The truth is the NYPD’s job isn’t to fight crime.Their job is to wage war against poor people who can’t afford a $2.75 subway fare, it’s to harass immigrant street vendors trying to make ends meet, and it’s to terrorize the unhoused and the activists defending them.” Mayor Adams, who banked his mayoral campaign on public safety and announced an ambitious plan for tackling the city’s crime in his first few weeks of assuming the office, was also sharply criticised online for what some saw as dated policies that only provided a perception of safety but failed to deliver on that promise." John and his children have been incredibly strong following the heartache in their lives.

“In his first month, Mayor Adams added 1,000 new NYPD officers to the subway system bringing the total to 3,500 cops who failed to stop yesterday’s subway shooting in Sunset Park.Investing in more police isn’t making us safer.Abolition is creative and we must move towards it,” wrote Ms Jordan.“Eric Adams is asking for more cops to “protect” the city.The massive NYPD military he already controls couldn’t stop the attack because they are inadequate and antiquated, not because there aren’t enough of them,” wrote author and activist Frederick Joseph.I want to help him evolve because he has his whole life ahead of him.


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