Neolithic Britons travelled across country for national feasts 4,500 years ago, new research claims

3/13/2019 9:28 PM

Findings suggest prehistoric tribes may have established cultural and political bonds – and an early national identity – long before previously believed

Findings suggest prehistoric tribes may have established cultural and political bonds – and an early national identity – long before previously believed Three of the cremated cranial fragments used in the study Up until now, it has always been assumed that it was not possible to carry out place-of-origin tests on burned bones – but recent research at Oxford University by Belgian scientist, Dr...

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Did they not also travel with cattle to Orkney - Ness of Brodgar? NicoletteErasms Nothing new about a free lunch.

Martin Lewis Money Saving Expert: How to claim back HUNDREDS in council taxMARTIN LEWIS Money Saving Expert gave council tax advice to Britons today. He revealed on Good Morning Briton there's over £230,000,000 to reclaim.

Ancient Britons travelled hundreds of miles to stone circle feastsNeolithic people transported pigs from all corners of UK to gatherings in south of England, research suggests I recon it was football There was the «Stone Ring» Pub... stevenmorris20 the HebCelt festival and hanging out at Callanish goes back a long long way

OUTRAGE at Russia’s new law to JAIL people who ‘disrespect’ country amid censorship claimsRUSSIA can now jail people for 15 days for ‘disrespecting’ the government including president, Vladimir Putin.

R Kelly faces new sex abuse allegations amid claims he slept with 13-year-oldShe alleges they first had sex in a hotel in 2001, before sleeping together in a recording studio weeks later. She claims she visited Kelly at his Atlanta home over the next four years, and he gave her a sexually transmitted infection when she was 17.

Damage and disruption across country as 70mph winds cause havocThe latest weather forecast says the cold and windy conditions will continue into next week

90 per cent of Britons can’t answer geography questions for 10-year-olds - can you?

Passport SHOCK as Britons WON'T be given blue ‘Brexit’ passports this yearBREXIT will see UK passports changing colour from burgundy to blue - but the Home Office has now revealed Britons cannot be guaranteed these new post-Brexit passports this year. Buy a cover from the shop, it's literally that easy.

Michael Jackson's songs pulled from radio stations across world after doc claimsDOZENS of radio stations across the world have pulled Michael Jackson’s songs after explosive child sex abuse claims in a new Channel 4 documentary. The Billie Jean singer faces claims that h… They’ll still play in cars and clubs. Protest playing will spike, like the Nike-Kaepernick effect. Good. Good to see the ignorant bigots are alive and well.

Dad-of-four rejected for life insurance due to depression despite recovering years agoDAD-OF-FOUR Jonathan Halstead has slammed insurance firm LV=for “utterly disgusting discrimination” after the company rejected him for life insurance. He was told his insurance applica…

Great(ish) Britain: UK is more satisfied with life than five years agoPeople from the five nations placed themselves at 7.5 out of 10 on a life satisfaction scale for 2017, the most recent set of figures available. The UK scored 6.7, while the US got 6.9. Considering what I see on the news every day, I would say that that chart is a bunch of crap. Why don't you spread the statistical data for crimes and murders for public awareness?